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Thank you guys for the great comments yesterday on your labor stories/experiences.  Women’s bodies are amazing and you’re right….every situation, every body, every baby is so different from the next.  And our husbands think we’re “complicated”.  Whatever.

Congrats also to those of you in the same boat!…about to give birth in the very near future.  Baby love is in the air!  Are you nesting too?  Over at Delia Creates, she’s sharing a series this month called NESTING and today I get to be part of it.Come on over for design ideas to mix up your baby’s wardrobe….

  1. Oh my gosh! That cute orange romper gave me and idea! What about using the 90 minute shirt pattern to make one?! I bet they would be SO cute! Imagine the possibilities! 🙂

  2. I’m pre-nesting. 🙂 I’m 20 weeks today, so I’ve got another 20 to get my projects done. I’m heading to Jo-Ann’s today to get the supplies for our latest’s coming home outfit. The only thing is we’re waiting to find out what this one is until it’s born, so I have two complete sets to make!

    For a girl, I’ll be making a matching bonnet, the Made Diaper Cover and Simple Skirt, soft baby shoes, a bias-tape edged flannel receiving blanket, and I’ll be trimming a store-bought side-snap shirt with matching bias tape.

    For a boy, it will be the same except I’m making a tie-top beanie hat instead of a bonnet and just a diaper cover.

    I’m also looking to load up on some fat quarters to make more Simple Skirts and some pillowcase dresses for our current youngest. And I may snag a Simplicity Bias Tape maker while I’m there because I’ve become addicted to using bias tape on hems lately.

    And I need to reorg the closets, plant the garden, start planning out the freezer meals I want to have made during the last month…

    Yes, I’m nesting already!

  3. 3) Karin

    Good luck, Dana! With my first, my water broke and there was nothing after that for about 28 hours. Sooooo frustrating!!

    Love the new website, but it won’t show up on my iPhone. 🙁

  4. OMG!!! I love the onesies! I want a little girl now so I can put her in them….so darn cute! Where did you find those?

  5. 5) Babs

    I’m virtual nesting on Pinterest. Baby is breech and makes actually doing things very painful. She’s a tap dancer, enough said? I might try to sew something in the next 6 weeks. Or I might just pray she flips her body around in the increasingly tight space so I can breath for a day or two before she gets here.

  6. How wonderful. So glad you are doing well and feeling great. I just had twins 5 months ago…they are my 4th and 5th and I was still confused about it all! Congratulations!!

  7. 8) Andrea

    … did you ever finish knitting that baby blanket? I keep checking back, but don’t think I’ve seen any updates on it in awhile, I’d love to see it!

  8. I love the cute shoes .. esp the whale/shell one … CUTE!!! Congrats on the extension of your family!!!

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