9 Pillowcases and 1 easy Tutorial

The deadline for Craft Hope Project 9: Pillowcases is just a couple weeks away. So I figured it was time to get sewing. Especially since some of the moms in Lucy’s preschool were grouping together to send a big package of Pillowcases to ConKerr Cancer. Even easier!
I cleaned out my fabric stash and bought a few new colorful prints (stuff I might not normally use but they seemed very kid friendly. It reminded me of the times as a kid when we gathered food from our cupboards for a homeless shelter and I immediately picked all the things I did not want sitting around our house, since they might end up on my own plate. You know….canned peas, lima beans. Who buys canned peas? Anyway. I’m sure like Lucy, a darling little girl will love hot pink flowers with an island print border to lay her head on).
So, with these colorful fabrics….I made pillowcases! Nine of them. And they were soooo easy. I mean, like the easiest thing you can ever sew. The perfect project for beginners and kids!
When I was done, I bagged them up and handed them off to another preschool mom who will contact our local ConKerr Cancer rep for shipping info.
Would you like to make some too? Seriously, they’re fun! Okay here’s what you do….

I referenced the ConKerr Cancer pattern but like many of you, I’m very visual. And pictures always make directions a little easier to follow.

So I created a very simple tutorial for making Pillowcases.
You’ll find all the info HERE (and in the TUTORIALS tab at the top):
So get together with your craft group, church friends, as a family, or by yourself and try it out! I think this is a project you will really love. Especially when you realize the small bit of sunshine it brings to each child with cancer.
Thank you Craft Hope. You make it so easy for us craft and give.

  1. I love this! The tutorial is great and I love that you’re doing it for a great cause. Keep up the great work!

  2. 2) Adrian

    Please, HOW MUCH FABRIC ❓❓do I buy for a king pillowcase, thank you.

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