Runway Rundown: You Can Totally Wear that Again!

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Okay, last night was all about…..refashioning! Although I did laugh at one point when the guest judge Cynthia Rowley complimented a dress by saying, I love what you did, it’s as if you up-cycled the dress. Um, isn’t that what they were all doing? Yes, yes the were. So….

After last week’s crazy drama, this episode was a nice stroll in the park. Nothing shocking (or truly inspiring) but just pleasant and fun. Each designer was given an old Bride’s maid dress (along with the Bride’s maid herself) and they had to refashion the dress into something current and fresh. They were only allowed to purchase 2 yards of fabric from Mood and really had to work with what they were given and their client’s expectations. I was so happy that some of them got away from making another dress and did some unexpected ensembles.

The designers also had a surprise public exhibition before the official runway, where they showed their creations to people-off-the-street in a gallery type of setting. Totally reminded me of Work of Art. It was cool to get a general public reaction. I’d like to be there! Each designer stood next to their model and talked-up their garment. If a person liked it, they threw a button in the designer’s jar. Some jars were clanking away. Poor Michael D. only had….one.

My Favorites…..
LEFT: Mondo’s transformation was amazing. He started with a ghastly floor length, glossy satin dress. Of course the real surprise was a strange layer of white satin that laced up the back. What a glorious look on Mondo’s face when he saw that unique twist. But he turned the whole thing around into a very modern look. He used the dull back side of the satin and mixed it up with black. I HATE her hair but wonder if the model pushed for it. Like the judges all said…very Jersey Shore.
MIDDLE: Two weeks in a row for Casanova! I love the jeweled color combo of his outfit. And the pants are perfect. I guess a Puerto Rican knows how to make things painted-on tight.
RIGHT: I actually liked Gretchen’s outfit. It was very her and not really something I’d choose for myself. But it was perfect on the model’s body shape. And it looked very fashion-forward. You would never guess that came from an old party dress.

And aside from how boring Ivy usually is, I thought this yellow top was lovely:
The pants I can take or leave. They weren’t as polished as Casanova’s blue pair. But the back of that shirt is just lovely and feminine.

THE JUDGES Favorites….
LEFT: Michael C. really turned his boring dress around into something interesting. I can see why the judges liked it but the asymmetrical hem length was way too short for me and I didn’t like the side pocket at all. I think it’s unflattering on her body. And while I do like the lace on top, I don’t like how the sleeves V down, when you see it from the front. I know I’m being nit-picky. But hey, he was the winner…and now has immunity!
RIGHT: Christopher, how I love you. He seems to be the underrated, quiet boy of the season. I’m sure we’ll see more of him as designers get the boot.
Okay, his dress. At the last minute, his first model (and dress) backed out so he was left with a most unfortunate dress, in color and fabric print. I can’t say that I liked the dress because that fabric is just so….bleh. But in fairness to him, looking past that, the model looks great and is totally owning the dress. I LOVE the styling. Making her hair big and fierce was the perfect move. And she stomped the crap out of that thing on the runway. I almost forgot she wasn’t a real model!

PEEEEEEEAAAAAACHHHHH! It was so time for you to go. This is probably the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen. It’s far worse than the dress she was originally given to work with! Even a cheapy strip mall store like “Fashion Focus” or “Fashion Bug” wouldn’t carry this hideous get-up. I am rarely a fan of halter tops. It’s a fine line between fashion and trashy with those. And what is this fabric print she chose??? And what are those weird green flaps???
Michael Kors sums it up nicely:
The top is….a holly hobby halter, there’s nothing sexy about it. And I don’t think that the avocado dinner napkins tucked in at her hips are doing anything for you. I mean she’s young and cool and you’re trying to make her look like she’s at the church Bring-a-Pot dinner.
She’s like a secretary from 1987 on the bottom. It’s the taste level I’m worried about.”

A-MEN. Although I think Michael needs to mingle with the common folk a little more to know that it’s called a POT-LUCK dinner, not Bring-a-Pot. But that only adds to the humor.

Peach, you brought great morale to the group. But you never wowed me and I still kind of wonder how you got on the show. Is that rude to say? Probably. But seriously!

Okay, next up….Valerie. What happened??? You’re normally so cool/edgy. This was totally, weird.
I couldn’t agree more with the judges about how huge it makes her boobs look. The back is a bit spiderman and overall, it just makes the model looks heftier than she really is. Just really, strange, all of it. I’m glad Valerie didn’t go home though. I think that overall she has unique and interesting ideas.


* Now that we’ve seen what their models were wearing, how about what THEY themselves were wearing:
Peach: Pink sweater with mini sunglasses and 80’s ghetto blasters (which she seemed to wear two days in a row). I have nothing else to say on the matter.
Mondo: Tight t-shirt with embroidered flowers (fabulous contrast next to Peach’s sweater, while the two of them chatted).
Gretchen: a brazier as a shirt. This seems to be a trend with her. Her boobs are literally on the brink of falling out.
Andy: Love the new mohawk!

* Okay, Michael C. Everyone hates him. Well….it’s more that they don’t respect his creative mind. I’m sure there’s more going on in the workroom than we pick up on. The other designers have a better assessment of his skills than we do. But, he has made 3 dresses this season that I’ve liked. So, I won’t slam his skill set yet.
BUT….I will say that he’s ANNOYING!! Who walks into a run full of designers who did NOT win the challenge and says things like, “the judges liked so many things about my dress I just can’t remember them all.”
Ugh. Show a little class and respect for others.
Casanova called him “humble” at one point, and I could not disagree more. Grow up little Mikey.

* Gretchen. I’m glad to see that things are smoothing out a bit with her. Or at least the editors are toning down the footage they share with us. And it was really nice to see that she and Tim both took the higher road and kept to business instead of talking about his smack down from last week. But did anyone notice this quote? “Sometimes in life moments happen in order for you to be reflective and a scar can turn into an open wound if you don’t let it heal.”
HUH? A scar? Into a wound?

* Tim Time. Oh there were so many fabulous moments of Tim laughing! He has this almost awkward, heh heh heh chuckle that’s infectious. I just love it!

And here’s how he critiqued the designers in the workroom:
– You’ve turned this monstrosity into a really cute dress.
– This is getting as far away from fashion as one can get. It’s looking more like clothes.
– Frankly, it looks like a clubbing outfit to me….but look at me!….(heh heh heh heh)
Ivy: she likes to show off her upper torso, her shoulders, her back, and her legs.
Tim: well that’s pretty much everything. You should make her a thong and call it a day.

And if you need a little more Tim, here’s a 2 minute Under the Gunn with Tim and Peach:

You can also find great Tim Banter on his Facebook page HERE.

That’s a Runway Wrap!
What are your thoughts…..?

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