5-Minute Bird Feeders

On our first day of Spring Break last week Lucy declared, “let’s make bird feeders!”
The skeptic in me sort of said, “okay” but honestly wondered if birds would even peck off those things.
The second day of Spring Break Lucy said again, “Mom, remember we need to make those pine cone bird feeders?”

Then she told me “I know exactly how to make them.  You get a pine cone, put peanut butter on it, roll it in birdseed and hang it on your tree.  It’s so easy!”

So I stopped being a boring mom and put her in charge of the project!  Thankfully we still had pine cones from this project.  Then we went to the store, grabbed a few simple things, and started making.  And it was actually really fun, and really fast, and Lucy was totally happy.  Do you remember doing these as a kid?  Lucy even shared the project with her class on Monday when they went back to school.

In just a few minutes we had 5 bird feeders.

And our own hungry birds (that peanut butter is so tempting).

So we made human feeders

And headed out to hang up our goods.

They really look cute in the branches, almost like little Easter Eggs hanging from our spring tree.

Lucy was quite pleased (while I still wondered if any birds were going to feast).  Each morning, Owen and Lucy woke up early to check on the feeders and we noticed that seeds had disappeared.  So something was happening.

Maybe the birds and bees like our trees afterall.  Now I just need to catch an actual bird in action.  Oh, just believe, right?  It doesn’t get better than butterflies and blossoms on a 70 degree morning.

Thanks for the fun idea Lucy!  I should put you in charge of more projects.

For more simple bird feeder ideas, do a google image search on “DIY Bird Feeder” and you’ll find all sorts of cool tricks, like…..

This brilliant wooden spoon-perch idea from Spoonful (used to be Disney Family Fun)
• If you don’t have pinecones, use twig balls like Katie from Skunkboy Creatures
• You know all those Target dishes you can’t resist buying?  Look how Erin’s Creative Energy used them.

p.s. Lucy’s cute crocheted bows are by Cali Katrina.  We love them.

Happy Bird feeding!

  1. These look great and I remember making that kind when I was little. (And suet balls too — does anyone remember those?) Ours always turn into squirrel feeders! I remember my middle kid making a beautiful feeder out of plywood at a kid’s gardening workshop. She was so, so proud. It had some built-in squirrel repelling features — and they *chewed* through the plywood. Crazy!

  2. I’m so glad to read that I’m not the only crafty mom who’s a little reluctant to start these kinds of crafty projects with the kids! Crafting in my own time, on my terms is great, but with two kids who have their own ideas and their own standards of ‘succes’… that’s a whole different ballgame! But these pinecone-thingies sound failproof enough, I might give them a try!

  3. 3) Julie R.

    I LOVE Lucy’s outfit. Especially her skirt! Is that just a paper bag skirt, with pockets, and ruching with elastic thread at the top instead of elastic? Do you have a tutorial for that? I’d love to make one for myself!

    • 4) Dana

      I didn’t make the dress…it’s from Target! But I’ve always wanted to share a tutorial for the concept. Maybe one of these days… 🙂
      And yea, there’s just elastic thread sewn around the waist.

  4. Oh wow! I remember making those in nursery school thirty years ago!! I guess bird tastes haven’t changed–they still dig the PB and seed combo 🙂

  5. I remember making those when I was 3 years old in preschool!

    Does Lucy always look so adorably dressed? I love her dress and tights!

    • 7) Dana

      aw. thanks! She just happened to be wearing a stripey dress and leggings that day. Putting the bow on was her idea 🙂

  6. Oh Dana,

    So cute. The birdfeeders AND the kids. And how many times have I been the boring mom and said no to my girls’ enthusiasm? Lots. Now I think I must do the peanut-butter birdseed idea, too, even if we don’t have pinecones in the house. The girls need something to give them hope that summer will come someday. Because 70 degrees? Butterflies? Blossoms? I’m so jealous. We’re 24 degrees today and covered in snow. Why do I not live in the Bahamas?

    • 9) Dana

      haha. right? why don’t i live in the bahamas too?
      And yea, I’m trying to be better about not squashing their ideas, even if I wonder how well they’ll work.
      It’s all about the magic and creation.
      Glad you can relate LiEr 🙂

  7. 10) jet

    lovely idea’s to make. I live in the middle of the centre of an historical city.
    The birds must still found us.LOL
    Perhaps this is helping a tiny bit.
    thank you for the tute and the sharing;-D

  8. 11) Dolores McCune

    Did you sew Lucy’s outfit? Super cute!!

    • 12) Dana

      No, it’s a dress from Target…like 2 years ago. But still fits!

  9. 13) Hitcat

    These are so fun to make, Dana.

    If your readers have a child with peanut/tree nut allergies, they can use Crisco (or another brand) instead of peanut butter! (Just for the birds, of course — no slapping that stuff on a Ritz!)

    Also, check your birdseed… they may list tree nuts or peanuts as ingredients.

  10. So fun…I always say we’ll do this and of course haven’t : /

    • What a great idea. I am going to make them with my kiddos.

  11. 16) Petra

    Just lovely. We have huge crows and magpies here and not many small birds 🙁 I wonder what to use for a GIANT bird-feeder??!!

  12. 17) Ellie

    Your daughter looks just like Kiernan Shipka from Mad Men.

  13. 18) Shanda

    I recently made these with my Cub Scout troop. Remember to hang them by a branch that the bird can sit on and feast.

  14. Oh! Paige would love making these, I totally have to do this. And haha, I can’t believe Lucy can still wear that dress! We finally gave Paige’s away.

  15. P.s. actually that dress/concept is making an appearance in a certain secret project. 😉 I’m thrilled to see that other people are liking it!

    P.p.s. your pictures have been looking extra super beautiful lately! Did you get a new lens?? Ok I’m done commenting now. 🙂

  16. 21) Cindy

    I love these bird feeders! I’m totally adding these to my Pinterest board on DIY Bird Feeders to Make with Kids!

  17. 23) Sara

    Did the birds use them? I made these with my kids, we had fun making them, but the birds had no interest in them at all.

    I love Lucy’s dress as well and thought you made it.

  18. adorable. your kids are super cute Dana.

  19. We are supposed to be making these same kind of bird feeders for scouts….I doubt ours are going to look as tidy…..

  20. 26) Naomi

    I have fond memories of bringing home HUGE pinecones from my great aunt’s cabin in the Sierras and making bird feeders!

  21. 27) Terence

    Fungal contamination and subsequent production of aflatoxin can occur in peanut butter , might kill those bird

  22. 28) Lisa

    Maybe sunflower seed butter can work instead of peanut butter for kids with allergies?

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