50 things I’m Bad at

This might not be the post you’re expecting.
But it’s been floating around in my mind for a couple of years, so I guess it’s time to share.

I keep thinking about the perception we have of each others’ lives…and the pretty pictures we share on Instagram and our blogs…and the persona that we give off.
We always talk about comparing ourselves; and not comparing ourselves; and how damaging it can be.  I totally agree.  The post last week about Clara has kept me thinking
about it on a personal level, among my own peers.

The more we share our pretty lives, the more those age-old questions simmer in our minds,
“How does she do it all?”
“How does she find balance?”
“Why are her kids always so happy?

And we continue to compare our lives to a persona that may, or may not even be real.
It’s hard enough when we compare ourselves to others…but to compare ourselves to an image we’ve built up in our minds is crazy!

What a funny age we live in.

A time where we can share our lives with the world—and pick and choose what we want others to see.  In 10 years we’ll all be reading books about what we’ve done to ourselves.
Scratch that.
We can probably read books about it right now.


Here’s the thing—I love pretty pictures.

And I love taking pictures.  Naturally I want to share those with you, and look at your pretty images in return.  Because bright yellow walls, confetti, and happy kids always make me smile.  So please don’t stop sharing your pink flamingos.

But I always hope that through the color you see the real me as well—the Dana default.

I hope it comes across that I have crappy days where I realize that I never smiled.  Or moments when I make clay birds that melt in minutes before my tired eyes.  I really try to share the real, everyday moments with you too.  Because like you, I am a mom, woman, girl, and sister, who sometimes yells at her kids and then apologizes to them later.
And I know you know that.

So where am I going with this?


Well rather than talking about how to do it all, since we all know that no one is…doing what we perceive they might be, right?
And rather than sharing thoughts on how to balance creative time with home life, because I have no idea.

I thought I’d share 50 things that I’m bad at.

Well they’re not all bad things, but rather oddities, insecurities, bad habits, and things I’m no good it–things that help break down the yellow curtain of colorful backdrops and polka dots and show you the same old t-shirt and shorts I wear every day.


So now when you see pictures of a clean house, your mind won’t create unrealistic happenings beyond.  Instead you’ll know that I cooked spaghetti and frozen peas for the 3rd night in a row (if I even cooked).

So here you go…

50 Oddities, Bad Habits, and Things I’m No Good At

1.  I’m horrible at sports. Like really bad.  Don’t ever pick me for your team—unless it’s dancing.  Anything else, go to the next person.

2.  I’m late to everything.

3.  I talk too fast—my dad never understands me.

4.  I don’t like avocados.  I really, really WANT to like them. Believe me; I’ve tried.  I’ve tried guacamole 20 different ways (before you try to tell me that I need this one special recipe that will make me love it).  I just think they’re “eh”.

5.  I eat more ice cream than I should.

6.  I drink more diet coke than I should.

7.  I stay up later than I should….and often fall asleep on the couch.


8.  I don’t like pets.  Any kind of pets.  Unless they’re humans, and you call them children.

9.  I suck at making cake pops (but you already knew that).

10.  I use the word “suck”.

11.  I’m really good at getting the laundry into the machine.  I’m really bad at folding it (which is probably on everyone’s list).


12.  I can’t do Taco Tongue.

13.  And I can’t rolllllll my tongue.

14.  My kids have cereal for dinner once (or twice?) a week.

15.  My kids have Little Caesars pizza once a week (for any meal).

16.  I need to eat more healthy.


17.  I have knobby knees.

18.  I wish my nose was cute as button.

19.  I don’t like chick flick movies.

20. I need to be more sentimental—my husband is first to remember birthdays and our anniversary.

21.  I’m bad at email.

22.  I eat more hamburgers than I should.

23. I once asked a doctor friend if we could simply eat brownies and cake for every meal and then load up on multi vitamins and water? And she started hyperventilating at the notion.  Of course I was joking, only sort of.

24.   I need to be more organized.

25.  I need to be more patient.

26.  I HATE the snow and being cold.  My “worst scenario nightmare ” would be being stranded in the snow with a short-sleeved t-shirt on….or in icy waters in the middle of the ocean.  Okay, most people would hate that.  But truly, I would rather be starving for two days than sit in a frigid office building, trying to work on a computer.

27.  I do not like doing painting projects with my kids.  That’s what school is for.

28.  I don’t love shopping—in the window shopping sense. I just want to get in and out. Efficiency.

29.  I dated a guy once who faulted me for trying to be “efficient” on our date and it has stuck with me. Now, I try harder to enjoy the moment and the adventure that we’re in, rather than efficiently organizing the outing.  It’s hard for me; ask my husband.  But I try.

30.  I have a weird scar tissue thing on my leg that people look at out of the corner of their eye.

31.  I need to improve my posture.

32.  I need to go running more often.


33.  I once asked my mom what county we lived in—that was in high school. And we were living in Orange County.  No explanations my friends.

34.  I once took my grandma’s cake, turned it upside down, and watched it splat onto the street, as we were walking into her birthday party….because I thought that if I could flip it around fast enough, centrifugal force would keep it in the pan (which we had just learned about in Physics class…and which actually does the opposite of what I expected).  My mom was totally annoyed; my brothers were devastated and started licking bits from the ground.  I promise I’m brighter than it sounds.  I did graduate from a reputable university.

35.  I drive too fast (back to the impatient and efficiency thing).

36.  I love reading US Weekly.

37.  My kids watch movies in the car.

38.  I had braces on my teeth twice, and wore a headgear both times.
Do people still do that??


39.  I don’t like gray skies.

40.  I sometimes look at my friends successes and feel like I’m not creating enough patterns, or posting often enough on the blog.  And then I remember that I’m going at my own pace and living life like they are.

41.  I hate mushrooms—the kind you eat, and the kind growing in my yard.

42.  I need to read more books.

43.  I can’t watch TV without doing something else.

44.  I’m antsy.

45.  I don’t like riddles and crossword puzzles.

46.  I didn’t really like one of our children for the first 4 months of life, and I hate to admit that, but it’s truly how I felt.  Motherhood can be hard.  It’s not always cute smoochy kisses in a square.

47.  I know very little about makeup.


48.  I probably know more lyrics to rap songs, than favorite scriptures and quotes.

49.  We have a very loose schedule and eat dinner at a different time each night—-mostly because of my creative antics.  I’m always amazed at my friends who have organized meal plans for the week and are on top of their grocery shopping.  I am not.

50.  It takes me a while to adapt when the schedule changes from what I had in mind.  This is a big one I’m trying to work on, especially because it drives my husband crazy.

And that, is just a little of what makes me, me.

Wow.  I really had no idea how therapeutic it would be to type that all out. It’s really interesting to see patterns among the list.
I guess what I need to work on most is letting go, enjoying the moment, eating less treats, and taking time to slow down….and reminding myself that you might have a list of 50 things you’re working on too.

We’re all in this together.
Have a great weekend friends!


  1. 1) Karen Dodgson

    thank you, I loved reading this! It made me think of an old school friends remark when we met up again recently ‘you have such a perfect life, I’m so envious, and you’re always smiling’…..she’d gleaned this from Facebook when in fact I’d recently taken early retirement after suffering a nervous breakdown. Of course, nobody in Facebook land knew this, because we only post the good stuff, don’t we? I, too, love looking at happy pictures. They make me happy, but that shouldn’t define our own perceptions of the real life behind the scenes.

  2. I am so with you on the avocado thing — people say it’s name with such anticipated reverence, but I don’t think it tastes like anything and I can’t stand that mushy, fatty texture. Keep it real, sister! 🙂

  3. i hate chick flicks too! i’d love to hear what movies you DO like.

  4. 5) amanda

    I love this post, we all have things that we are very talented with and things that we are not, and that is okay. I am right there with you about kids painting at home.

  5. 6) WES

    I just found your site the other day after a friend posted your yarn+glue=lamp video 🙂 Loved the list and some of them made me think YES! Especially the mushroom thing they are so gross.

    I am doing my best to remember blogs and FB are really the highlight reels of people’s lives and not their daily life. I do love posts like this that remind us of that. On similar post (sadly I cannot remember the blog that did it) showed that those perfectly posed, clean pictures were just an illusion and did a wide shot of the rest of the room that was yep messy like every day life. Only the tiny area for the picture was ‘perfect’. That image stuck with me and helps me enjoy the beautiful photos but I feel less pressure to live like that.

  6. I loved this post. My friends alway joke that I have some sort of time travel device to get all my creative stuff done and take the kids to fun stuff daily although they have no delusions about my house ever being clean. Thanks for making me feel a little more normal

    • 8) Dana

      haha. I wish I had a time travel device! Or that I was a vampire and never had to sleep. Of course I don’t want to drink blood….but you know what I mean.

  7. 9) Diane

    I read on a blog that “we compare our insides to other people’s outsides” (a quote from the blogger’s mother) and I try to remember that when happy shiny social media posts and advertising start to get to me and make me forget that my life is actually pretty happy and fortunate (knock on wood!). Stepping away from Pinterest and staying out of malls has helped me be grateful for what I have. Thank you for your honesty!

    • 10) Dana

      That’s a fantastic quote. Thanks for sharing!

  8. 11) Jennie

    I love this! Probably about 80% of your list could be my list. Thanks for being real. 🙂 And as a born-and-raised Texan myself, I totally get the whole being cold thing. God knew what He was doing when He put me in the South! 😀

    • 12) Dana

      hahaha. YES. I was so happy to find the South. Even California was
      too cold for my blood 🙂

  9. Dana! If you lived next door (or down the block), we’d get together (or not, because I’m bad at picking up the phone to call people and I’d rather get in the car and drive over, which is so rude, so I never do either, which is even worse) and I’d tell you that I wish my photos were as perfectly exposed as yours, and you’d tell me that you wish you could understand centrifugal force like me and we’d secretly snigger and think, “If only she knew”.

    Ah, we’re hard on ourselves, aren’t we? Here’s the thing: you’re real. Always have been. And I like you because you are, even though we’ve never met in person. And I can tell you are, even in your gorgeous photos and happy, beautiful projects. And sometimes the things we don’t put on our blogs, or the time we aren’t even on our blogs say how real we are. Like I’ve noticed you blog less frequently than you used to, and I’ve thought, “Good for you, Dana. You’re being busy like a real person.”


    Now go hug those young ‘uns and have a glorious weekend!

    • 14) Dana

      Oh my gosh I love this comment so much. You always have the most perfect insight and things to say.
      Thanks LiEr 🙂

      Thanks for noticing that I’ve blogging less too….haha. Because I agree with you, I guess it means that we’re just living life instead.
      Please teach me more about centrifugal force :)….

  10. 15) Emily C.

    Thanks for sharing! I’m really inspired to make my own list (although it might be more than 50 long!).

    I’m the opposite of you on the dinner thing, though – we eat at almost the exact same time every night. It’s a bit of an issue, though, because I get all stressed out about dinner being done ‘on time’ (a self-imposed time). I’m working on it. We’ve had several late dinners in the past few months, and we’ve all survived.

    • 16) Dana

      Too funny! And fantastic! I love that we are all different that way.
      I’m glad your family survived your late dinner this month 🙂 Love that.

  11. lovely post Dana! I blog too and I completely understand where you are coming from! I love Diane’s quote above–“we compare our insides to other’s outsides.” I finished a blog post yesterday…and I love the finished product….but I didn’t make it to the gym, my kids got left overs for dinner, my house is trashed, and I am so behind on organizing the family’s life for of this weekend. Oh yes, and I also eat too much ice cream. Thanks for the lovely reminder to make sure people see the whole picture!

    • 18) Dana

      Love the list of things that didn’t happen while you worked on your blog post.
      That sounds like our house…while I worked on this post yesterday 🙂

  12. 19) Katy

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve always thought of you in a real sense and this just made me like you more! We all definitely have our faults or quirks that people don’t see or that we attempt to hide, but what we forget to realize that they are the things that bond us with others! Thanks again for sharing!

  13. Thank you, Dana! Yes! I especially relate to the no pet deal and hating the cold and I totally suck at dinner! I’d rather eat out- I don’t have to cook it or clean it! Cereal is a staple at our house, too. 🙂

    • 21) Dana

      We need to meet up for dinner one night! 🙂
      Haha. Yes, I would eat out every night it was socially, financially, and physically possible.

  14. 23) Kristie

    Love this post. I have a list longer than you of things I am not good at or don’t like. But it is nice to know that there are others out there who seem to have it all together who struggle just as much as me!

  15. 24) Anne M.

    AMEN to many of the things you posted! Yep, we all have our quirks. By the way, what’s the recipe for those delicious looking cookie bars picture you posted near the end?

  16. 26) Lise

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post! I try to remind myself that the personae I see on blogs and Instagram are only part of the picture, but some days I start to feel like I am not up to scratch. Then I remind myself that I am 1) comparing myself to someone else, and I should never do that and 2) that ‘person’ probably doesn’t really exist – it is only part of a person. I agree that social media has the potential to be damaging, but it is also a great way to get new ideas and see what other like minded people are doing. Keep on keeping it real, my friend!

  17. 27) Sarah

    #27!!! Crafting with my kids is hard for me, even though they love to do it. But painting with them? Nope. No way. Not gonna happen.

    Thanks for your post – what a good reminder – we all have a tendency to only share the good and fun and happy and tuck away all that other stuff that we don’t want anyone to know about or comment on. Thanks for sharing!

  18. 28) Adela

    I love that you shared this list. The only thing I don’t understand is how #48 is a bad thing. I kinda feel like that was more of a humble brag, Dana. It’s actually pretty awesome!

    • 29) Dana

      haha. Maybe I should expand on that more…I know more lyrics to rap songs, than favorite quotes and scriptures (and things that seem more worth of brain storage)

  19. 30) Rani Self

    I loved this post! I definitely am with you on some of them but others (like avocados) make me scratch my head (heeheehee).

  20. 31) Jody

    Whew! I thought you were perfect! (You’re still darn close!)

  21. BEST. POST. EVER. As much as I love seeing pretty pictures, I almost love knowing the real person behind a blog even more!! And I also have major issues with doing everything too fast and too much of it at the same time 😉 bravo for admitting your imperfections!

  22. 34) Felicity

    We share a lot of these. One of the kids things for sure. It’s getting better though. Motherhood can really throw you through a loop sometimes.

  23. 35) Erika

    I love you even more, in the girly blog reading way.

  24. 36) Becky

    Thank you Dana for being real. I know cyberland can be fake land,because everyone wants others to feel that life is good for me. BUT everyone should remember life is hard,we are all different,thanks to Gods creative hand in making us who we are. I have enjoyed your blog,probably found you on the competition blog where you won. Thanks for showing us your creativity. I have a rubber ball that I am planning on making the lamp, I have a friend who is using the diaper cover ups,and now I have a pattern,thanks to your generous,creative self. I think everyone who read your 50 things about you,sighed a sigh of relief. I am a grandmother of 4,soon to be 5,and I enjoy your blog. I can still learn! Enjoy your ice cream,at 2am!

    • 37) Dana

      Thank you so much Becky!
      And wow….I can’t believe you remember that little competition
      thing…that was so long ago!
      Thanks for following along over the years 🙂

  25. Thank you. I love your posts, and this one made me love YOU ! hat sounds weird, but you know what I mean. Thank you for being so real.

  26. 40) doris

    Reading this list made me miss you so much!! I think I knew almost all of them, except for the Orange County question (bwahahahahaha!) and the cake splat. And thanks for the reminder about the time you asked Annette about only eating junk food and taking vitamins to make up for it…dying laughing all over again….seriously so funny!!

    You know I can relate to so many of these–and it’s why I love you as much as I do. So, here’s to the daily 80+ oz intake of Diet Coke that keeps us going. Miss your face! NOW COME VISIT ME DAMMIT!!!!

  27. 41) Sara

    I still want to be you!

  28. 42) Heather D

    I love reading these very honest posts from my favorite bloggers. I see you ladies with your houses/children all perfectly put together and all I can see are the piles of laundry/dirty dishes/unfinished projects in my own house. I read somewhere that “comparison is the thief of joy” and that rings true for me! I’m going to make a conscious effort to live in the moment and be more thankful for my own life!

  29. I love this post! I am right there with you on the cereal for dinner/rap lyrics/painting with kids/folding laundry fronts (to name a few). Whenever a friend wonders to me how I “do it all” (laugh-snort), I invite them to drop by my house unannounced and witness us in our natural element. Likely in pj’s, dishes piled in the sink, mountains of unfinished projects. It is a glamorous life! 😉

    I think you are so great, 50 quirks and all.

  30. Oh, honey, no wonder I like you so much!! I share a lot of these–along with the bummed-out feelings that come when you learn that our efficiency sometimes hurts people’s feelings, which I didn’t know about for 30 years and am still working on. The pretty stuff is so much funner to see than the clothes on the floor and the dishes in the sink and that weird smell in the basement. I love that we all can see that you’re amazingly NORMAL while also being awesomely AWESOME.

  31. This is such a great post! I used to compare myself to others online ALL the time but I have gotten so much better. My husband is a big fan of doing what you love and are good at and leaving the rest to someone else. 🙂 I tend to agree especially when it comes to cooking. ;P

  32. 46) Carrie

    I just recently discovered your site, and love seeing this post. It is good to see what is real about people. It isn’t negative, just real and what makes us, us. Thank you for sharing.

  33. 47) April

    Love this post! Thank you for sharing. As soon as my kids were old enough to make some foods, I started the “fend for yourself night.” So very often my kids would say to me, ” hey mom, is it fend for yourself night?” They are now 19 and 20 years old and they are are still alive. 🙂

    • Oh my, we are definitely introducing the “fend for yourself night”. Even kids of three can help themselves to things in the fridge! Or get their older brothers to fend for them. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for this. Now maybe I’ll be able to dig my blog and sewing machine back out

  34. I love this so much, and totally want to share my list on my blog now! We are so similar, girl, it’s funny!
    I’m horrible at sports (except dancing).
    I don’t like pets. At all.
    I put laundry in, but don’t even mess with folding (I tell my kids to just stuff it in their drawers).
    Painting projects are most definitely for school.
    I love US and People mags while watching TV (can’t do just ONE thing!)
    I don’t read or do crossword puzzles.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  35. 50) Hennahands

    I love that you listed all the things you are not so great at. But please, do me a favor and list 50 things you are good at. Even if you don’t blog about it, you need that reminder. I feel that as women and mothers we are often the hardest on ourselves. MY goal, for the rest of my life, is to see and point out the miniscule and glaringly positive things about people. Ostensibly because I am a Type A person who tends to see flaws first and I am trying to change that.

  36. 51) Connie

    Whew, it’s not just me!

  37. I would have never guessed #48 about you…rap? I laughed so hard! I feel like I just got to know you even better!

    Thanks for this post! I feel like I’ve been struggling as a new blogger with trying to create the image of perfection. It’s nice to see this side of someone I admire 🙂

  38. 53) Betsy H

    I also had an issue with the liking kids thing. I’m still working on it. Depression sucks ;). that said: *I* should probably make a list of 50 things I AM good at. like I said: depression sucks ;-P. It might not be a bad idea to make a list of each… and see that as long as the stuff you’re good at is more important to you than the stuff you’re bad at, you’re doin alright 🙂

  39. I’ve always wondered how some bloggers do it all and now I know they’re real people like anyone else. And I share some of the same things you shared too. thanks for sharing a great post; it now gives me extra motivation to keep my blog going too (even though I’m busy all the time with office work too).

  40. 56) Stephanie

    Thank you for this. Especially #46. I’ve gone through that with two of my kids and it’s the worst feeling. It’s so great to know I’m not alone.

  41. 57) Jessica

    One of the best most honest posts I’ve read! I love your blog!

  42. This is wonderful Dana! Made me like you even more, such and endearing list 🙂

  43. Love this post and we’ve all been there. Just be you and be happy about who you are :). I’m single now, over 50, live on my own (with my pets) and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been but it’s taken me a while to realise I have to be happy with myself and my quirks first and if others aren’t …well that’s their problem and they can deal with it….and I don’t need them for friends. As my mum says no one is perfect because “perfect” has a different meaning to everyone.

  44. 60) Ann-Marie

    I love reading your blog and thank you for this post! I do build the bloggers I follow up in my head thinking about how ‘perfect’ you all are and wonder how you have time for it all. Thank you this made me smile.

  45. 61) sorahart

    This is a hilarious post. I felt like I could have been reading the list about myself. Thanks for keeping it real. 🙂

  46. 62) Collette

    This might be one of the kindest posts I’ve ever seen. It’s really lovely of you to be so vulnerable and give people a peek into other, less seen aspects of your life. A glimpse of your “inside” if you will. (I love that quote about comparing our insides to others outsides.)

    I’ve always felt from your blog that you’re a kind person but I felt that this post really illustrated your kindness because, from my perspective, you put yourself out there for the purpose of making other people feel better about themselves. Pretty great stuff, Dana. (And now I’m making myself cry a little–or you are!)

    • 63) Angie

      Well said, Collette. It truly is a kind act to be vulnerable in such a way, in hopes of encouraging others. Lovely, Dana.

  47. 64) deeanna

    Your comment on saying suck made me laugh because I told my son just 15 minutes ago that suck wasn’t a nice word…when all along I know he says it because I do! Aww, being human! I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  48. 65) Amy

    Totally with you on the avocado thing. I never met anyone that hated them so I always kept my opinion to myself. They are gross healthy or not. Also not a pet fan, even if I have the perfect set up for a dog, with a heated dog house and large kennel, I will never have a dog. Thanks for keeping it real. I love your blog.

  49. 66) Carrie

    Thanks so much for this, I loved it! I’m totally with you on chick flicks and ice cream 🙂
    This reminded me of a fabulous post over at designformankind.com that she called “the Apple Slice”. It’s really worth a few minutes to read her thoughts on this. Seems like a lot of us are pondering on this topic more and more which is great I think.

    Hope you have a happy weekend with extra ice cream, since it’s a holiday, right?!

  50. 67) Lynne Tilley

    I’m 57 and I say YAY, YAY and YAY. From my experience, know that you are normal as can be! We live in a world where we see only the “good” stuff on these blogs and wonder how that can be. But we are all flawed, all the same in some way or other, and you, my dear, are doing JUST FINE. Yay! Good for you for sharing all that. You made my day 🙂

  51. 68) Savanna

    i didn’t like one of my children for the first 8 months of her life but she is such a doll now and I couldn’t imagine life without her. But those first 8 months were hard.

  52. It is funny, but I never think people are perfect, or they have these perfect lives. I just enjoy coming here to look at how pretty you can make things. Really the world needs more pretty. You are a pretty maker. LOL
    Thank you for sharing this, though. It is easy to relate to. We all have things we need to work on!

  53. 70) Jamie

    I smiled the whole time I read this, so funny. love your list…i think I’ll do my own…and try out that lampshade project, which looks awesome

  54. 71) kim

    Our lists could be the same! Rap lyrics, late for everything, efficient, impatient, drives too fast, laundry, can’t remember important sentimental things, the suck word (and other words…), PETS! But not the ice cream…it gives me a bad tummy…REALLY bad.

    It’s funny, though, because I think one of the reasons I’m so attracted to your blog (and others who do amazing things) is that I can see that it’s possible to be so cool…even if it’s not really possible for me right now. But it makes me think about all of the things I do that other people tell me are amazing, which seem like nothing to me. I think that’s super cool.

  55. Hi!

    Never commented on your blog before, but have been reading it for years!!

    This was a brilliant post!


  56. Oh, Dana, I love this. I’m a long time reader, and I’ve noticed your bright, happy pictures, because I love those too. But now I see all these other things you do that I’m bad at too.. and it’s breath of fresh air. I had a hard day today, and I so appreciate your honesty and vulnerability in this post.

  57. 74) Amanda

    Thankyou for being so honest with #46.
    I don’t like to admit it but I felt the same way.

  58. 75) Eileen

    Thank you for your honesty and sharing with us that we don’t have to be perfect.

  59. 76) laurie

    thanks for sharing this! it’s not easy to “put yourself out there” so just wanted to say I appreciated your honesty. not that you’re not honest in your other posts, but it was refreshing to see a different/ “imperfect” side of you!

  60. Your creative posts are a constant source of inspiration to me, and your blog is one of my very favourites. I am so thankful that you are courageous enough to share your beautiful imperfect life, and all of your wonderful work with us.

  61. 78) Anissa

    Wonderful post. As for #46….it happens. There is a quote I read once when my oldest was very young (about 24 years ago) that I have never forgotten. “There have been times when I have loved each of my children best. But if I am the type of mother I hope I am, they will never know when.” Hugs from a mom of 3.

  62. I think this might be one of my favorite blog posts ever. I think we’re kindred spirits, even though I’ve never met you. Also, I wear that same outfit every day too. I’m not as creative visually as you. That’s why I follow your blog! But I’m a musician, so that makes me creative in other ways.

  63. 80) kay

    You’re Human… YAY!!! I’m so happy! Great post Dana…keeping it real x

  64. Hi Dana
    I follow you since… I don’t know, perhaps two years ago when I started to sew.
    Congratulations. I thing that all of we know you just want to show your work in an efficient an attractive way. But today… I think that today I have confirmed why you are one of the two only blogs I visit every single week. All you show is true indeed.
    Thank you very much for such an intensive honesty exercise.

    Oh! and sorry, obviously I’m not a native proficiency!! hahahaha
    I’m from Barcelona -even now I live 300km to the south, in Valencia-. I’m a graphic designer.
    You have a house here to balance all my entries in your blog!

  65. 82) Sarah

    Thank you. My favorite is number 27. Because that goldfish self portrait post you had awhile back totally put me to shame. But! While we may not be painting this summer, I have now been challenged to goldfish. 🙂

  66. 83) Connie

    Holy crap Dana!!! I thought you were perfect…..almost a modern day Donna Reed. Just KIDDING! Great post…I love reading your blog.

  67. 84) Ashli

    I think you and I might be the same person. Other than the fact that I love mushrooms and avocados I can relate to just about every single one of these…

  68. Loved this Dana! We share lots of similar weaknesses 🙂 thanks for doing posts like this.

  69. 86) Jodi F.

    Thanks for such a wonderful, honest post! We are all just doing the best we can, darn it!

  70. 87) Tonya

    I taught myself to sew when I was a small girl and I love your blog and videos. They are great and thanks for sharing your skills and techniques with the rest of us! I also appreciate this post and the vulnerability it took to share it!

  71. 88) Kimberly Tucker

    If this blog post had a “like” button I’d have pounded it!

  72. 89) Megan Chatterton

    Agree with everything in the previous 86 posts. Hot darn you are one likeable lady. It’s weird to say this but sometimes when I’m having a rough old time with the kidlets I channel your warmth and sunshininess and it’s hard to resist! x love from sydney, aus

  73. I loved this post and can totally relate – I eat too much ice cream too! And I adored the lovely photos you included.

  74. 91) tukimu

    dana! I met you in 2009! since that time I check your page almost everyday ! so I know you! I really like you as a friend. I am really glad to know you, I am really happy to know your world.
    thank u for every word…
    just a follower…

  75. 92) Tiffany

    Thank you so much for this post! Funny how being humble and real can make others love and appreciate you even more 🙂 I admire you greatly and
    I’ve learned so much from you and your blog!

  76. Awesome post!! Love you even more now that I know we are so similar in things we suck at!! Oh and I wear Target boyfriend tees every day, too. High five. You and your kids and your blog are adorable no matter what.

  77. 94) Jodi Gerardis

    Oh wow Dana, we live on the opposite side of the world from each other and we are SOOO similar!!! We would get on like a house on fire. I would love to be able to sit down and write a list like this… It would be interesting to see what we would have the same. 🙂 I love reading your Blog, it makes me smile all the time.

  78. What a great idea and a great list. Adore you!

  79. 96) margareta

    such a nice writing. great confession. not everyone can do that. all i see i my friend love to show off in her or his facebook try to make a good opinion in her or his friend’s mind but basically we all know that. love you dana

  80. 97) Lindsey

    The really funny thing about this post was that just as I was loading the webpage I was thinking about how perfect you life always looks in your pictures. Then I took time to remind myself that your life is probably not always as perfect as it would appear and that your children probably really do actually fight and sometimes you probably even have toys on the floor…and then your blog loaded and I laughed. Perfect timing.

  81. Okay, my favorite post ever. I really think we could be besties. I adore your house, I love to sew and many of the things I am not good at are on your list. Great post!

  82. 99) Rachel Adair

    I love reading your blog because it, like you, seem so approachable and real. This is just another one to add to the pile of why it is so wonderful to see a new blog post pop up from you in my email. Many of your top 50 could be on my list and I think if I started a list I may not be able to stop. I have an on going battle with OCD problems, and while raising 3 kids (who are willfully going every direction except the one you want), and leading a crafty life (which is interesting because of the OCD) it all comes together in some way or fashion. I have made a point to just STOP and watch moments that just strike me as momentous. They are not going to end up in history books or be made into a movie, but to me they are precious and timeless. Our kids grow up and I don’t want to be in such a rush to get to where ever we are going to not see my kids laughing about some silly thing they saw or heard, or see my oldest walking up to school hand in hand because they want to! I want to be a witness to the amazing people they are becoming. Thank you so much for just being you! 🙂

  83. Hi Dana – i just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog. I stumbled upon it when you were pregnant with Clara, I was pregnant with my Gymmer (“Jim-Mer”). I replied in one of your posts post birth and said how similar I thought they were and we made a connection. You inspired me to get out my old high school graduation gift from my sister and sew a few things … I only made it through one – I’m a perfectionist and it was so discouraging that it didn’t come out like yours so I avoided it. But I still kept coming back and back and back to read more about Clara…that perfect little baby. I am for sure that her and Gymmer are supposed to meet.

    I read about Clara last week and your speech update and I was in tears….TEARS. I forwarded the link to my husband and said, “remember this little girl that I have always seen a little of Gymmer in … she’s learning through speech as well … ” … “God is so great”. People have always danced around this sensitive subject with us and although we understand our child, we recognize others don’t and that we need to seek help to help him outside our home. It has been such a struggle for so many reasons…but reading your post was assurance that we aren’t alone and many people have so many different things they deal with in life with themselves and their kids, and it’s ok. No one is perfect or supposed to be, except 1.

    Then i read today’s “perfect post” … professional mom’s have such a struggle with all of the things that you wrote about. I have learned all of the above. Different in every way, but all in the same vein, and again…it feels so great to know we aren’t alone in the struggle. And it’s about empowering each other to continue to live our lives in the moment, work hard, and play more.

    Thank you always for sharing – you do amazing things for all of us that read your blog, it goes beyond us and influences us to touch others.

  84. We’re a lot alike.
    Especially #43. The tv thing… It has actually caused like… really one of the only recurring arguments my husband and I have… He wants me to sit and WATCH the tv with him… but I cannot sit and stare at the talking box.


  85. 102) marlene fetrow

    I must say your post is Terrific!! My kids are grown and now we have grandkids–Hasn’t changed, still don’t like all that is involved with crafts, painting etc. as those
    “MEMORY MAKERS!” You have helped many of us realize how individual we all are and feel good about it. You are so right, after reading facebook each morning, its easy to forget these posts are ONLY the best of times,, and to be honest, we really don’t want to see the worst…just need to realize what our friends are sharing.
    Thank you, Marlene

  86. 103) sue

    This post makes me want to be friends with you.

  87. 104) Laura J.

    Best Cake Story EVER.

  88. 105) Janina Davila

    You know what….. You are still perfect because apparently you eat whatever you want and still have a pretty nice looking body…plus 3 kids…

  89. 106) Shelly Strosnyder

    Can I just say?…..LOVE this post. You are so right. Comparing our lives to anyone’s social persona or anyone’s anything, really, only serves to make us crazy. Great reminder to”Leggo my Ego!”

  90. 107) Judy

    this is such a great honest post. We are only human. 🙂

  91. 108) mindy t

    This has to be one of my favorite posts you have ever done!!

  92. 109) Ruth K

    Ack! Dana I love you! Thanks for being so real. Many years ago you posted about a baby hat project gone wrong because you sewed it with the stretch going the wrong way. I left a comment that I had done the exact same thing sewing a shirt for myself, and you took the time to email back. After reading on this list that you’re bad at keeping up with email, the fact that you wrote back means even more to me. Thanks for being you and thanks for sharing it on your blog.

  93. 111) Kelli

    This is why I keep coming back to your blog. You managed to put such a positive spin on real, messy life. I want to make my own list, just to own up to it! Thanks for reminding me that we don’t have to do it all.

  94. 112) Sally

    I hear you about avocado! I can’t stand it. In fact, I’m a strange creature, because I consider myself to be a bit of a foodie but the things on my ‘absolutely won’t eat’ list are the some of the most popular! Avocado, olives, garlic, coffee, smoked salmon, red meat, rocket, milk, cream, capers….

    Love your list Dana, I’m a big fan of owning up to things I’m no good at! X

  95. 113) Marilyn

    I love this post. It is so real.

  96. 114) Saunja

    That moment with the cake WAS pretty great.

  97. 115) Lizann

    I absolutely love this post! I follow you from time to time to see what amazing tutorials you have. I checked in to see your house being built. I love how crisp and bright all your photos are. Most of all I love it when people are able to admit their faults. I read all the time about how social media makes people depressed because all you see is the glitz and glory people post about. It’s refreshing to see that you are not perfect and you are A-ok with it. I myself am not yet a parent but have worked with hundreds of kids over the last 6yrs all from ages 6mo-12yrs. I love kids and my friends kids whom I sew quilts and outfits for. Keep on being yourself and sharing your life with us. We love you no matter what!

  98. 116) Stacey

    Oh, Dana! I’ve been wondering for quite some time how you do all you do and do it all so perfectly. Thanks for being real. Love you all the more for it!

  99. 117) auschick

    43. Right now. 😉

  100. 118) Wendy

    I enjoyed reading this posting so much! Thanks Dana!

  101. You know Dana – you could turn that list around and make it a list of strengths…all you did was make me like you more. I am pretty sure if we had lunch we would be great friends. Thanks for being “real” with us. My daughter and I are about to sit down and make your 20 minute skirt for one of her Young Woman’s projects for church. Thanks for making great tutorials that bring me and my daughter together!

  102. 120) Margie

    Yes!!! What a breath of fresh air. I was thinking just this week as I was berating myself for not sewing a lot lately — how does Dana do it all? Thank you for your honest post. You seem more human now and I like you more. Let’s just always keep it real and meet people where they are at.

  103. 121) Rawa

    And I hope you’ve also concluded, that nothing on your list is worth you worrying about it, or worth bringing you down..in any way
    God is great, life is good..just keep moving forward ❤️

  104. 122) Candace McKinney

    Ahhh, just made my day! I’m not the only one! 🙂

  105. This post totally resonates with me. In this day and age when we overshare, its easy to forget that people posting those photos and blog posts are humans just like us. I too hate mushrooms, avocados and pets!

  106. 124) Laura

    I don’t mind doing laundry, I like the smell of fresh clothes. That said, I taught my kids to do their own at about age 10? Lol.
    Sports, meh.
    Pets, I like someone else’s but we own a big hairy St. Bernard. (And get the mama cat and her kittens out of the garage!)
    No we are not perfect but we are still happy!
    (With you on crafting at all hours of the night and then sleeping on the sofa!)

  107. 125) liz Horton

    Thank you for this article and keeping it real! We are all human.

  108. 126) Elena

    This is so powerful!! Thank you for posting this! I have recently discovered the joy of sewing and your website has become an inspiration (and an amazing learning tool) – thank you for all of your tutorials and patterns!

    That said, thank you for also being real and demonstrating that it’s ok to have faults. Where there is up, there is down and where this is left, there is right – sometimes we forget that! Great post!!

  109. 127) Anita

    You are great! Love you for this!

  110. 128) Stacey

    Love the list. I regularly tell my 2 boys that having them is exactly like having a pet. It’s not that I am against getting a pet eventually, just not now (or for a few years or until they learn to pick up after themselves).

  111. 129) Heidi Lassila

    wow. Thank-you for sharing. I think we can all relate to a whole lot of that. And it really is a great reminder because so often, when I read an awesome blog like yours 🙂 I think, how does she do it all? I mean, I KNOW you don’t but it still seems like a pretty awesome life. But then I remember that I have a pretty awesome life myself and I sure as heck don’t get it all done.

  112. 130) MJ

    Two things – love your videos; love this post! Thanks!

  113. 131) Christie

    #36 is sooo not a bad thing – US Weekly and a glass of wine are what “mom’s time” is made of…

  114. 132) Jeanine mazoff

    Wonderful list…..so thoughtful and honest! It’s so hard to balance life that it’s nice to know that I’m not alone……I kept nodding in agreement as I read the list 🙂

  115. 133) Sabrina

    I have a weird scar tissue thing on my leg too! We’re best friends! (A la Seinfeld. Heehee) thanks for sharing. I had to stop reading blogs for a bit last year b/c the perceptions of perfection was hurting me. Happy to say I’m back, appreciating the pretty pictures. 🙂 have a great week!
    Xo, Sabrina

  116. 134) KKann

    Thank you for sharing – I`m gonna start my list at this very moment..

    Hugs from Norway

  117. 135) krissy

    Thank you for being so real!

    That was a wonderful post. You are totally a cross between me and my sister 🙂

  118. 136) jana

    This just made my day!!!! Thank you!

  119. 137) Rachael J


    It’s been lovely reading this and getting to know a bit more about you, maybe feels like we “know” you a little more,
    I enjoy crafts and have in fact made my first skirt using your video yesterday for my baby and it’s fab!!

    Reading this, one thing stood out for me. And that’s this “I drive too fast” I don’t know what you consider too fast but here’s some food for thought,
    Please don’t think I’m writing this for sympathy or anything, I just want people to understand where driving to fast can get you,

    My 9 year old son was crossing the street at a lights controlled school crossing at 3pm in the afternoon, a car doing only 7 mph over the speed limit failed to stop for the red light and in febuary 2013 my son lost his life,

    If he had been doing the speed limit we can be almost certain my son would have survived, and he probably wouldn’t have hit him,

    So the result of that drivers need to save himself 10 mins on way home from work, resulted in a 9 year old sons death, and a 19 year old driver in prison. 2 families in turmoil, please drive sensibly, NOTHING is worth a life even if your going to be even later for an important meeting. You could be saving a life every time you stick to the speed limits,

    Keep the videos comming!! Can’t wait to start making my new baby daughters clothes!!!

    Thank you

  120. 138) Tristan

    I love, love, LOVE this! I feel like I know you better, and man it is nice to know that I’m not the only one doing some of these things. It’s really hard to have time to be creative when you have obligations that get in the way 🙂 Constant struggle: have everything orderly and dinner ready… or be happy and be creative.

  121. 139) BK

    Thank you for sharing this Dana! I was just doing a little comparing myself as I scrolled through posts on your blog. I’m glad this one popped up before my mind got too far into sulky mode! But I did want to let you know that some of the stuff you talked about and see as weaknesses are probably some of your greatest strengths if looked at in a different light. Have you heard of the book It’s Just My Nature? It helped me to see some things about myself in a positive instead of a negative way and I love it! So I recommend it and say thanks again!

  122. 140) Anna

    Just found your blog and have been browsing through some of your old posts! I particularly love this one! You are awesome!! Awesome! Awesome!

  123. 141) Ang

    I like you soooo much more now!!!! Well, you know… as far as you can like someone you don’t know… blah blah blah.

    Have a great day! You are 50 points of wonderful!

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