30 days of BOY, buttons, links, and other random stuff

I know we’ve been teasing BOY month for a while, but guess what? It’s finally here!
Celebrate the BOY–an entire month dedicated to boy clothing ideas, boy crafts, and boy oh boy fun (sorry just had to)–will start on Tuesday 2/15.
We’ve got a packed line-up of Guests and ideas to share, both on MADE and on Made by Rae. Most days we’ll be posting two times a day, just to squeeze it all in. So make sure you stop by in the mornings and afternoons.

And we’d love you to Celebrate with us!
Here are a few ideas…..

* Make BOY stuff and share it on your blog. We all love boys. But let’s face it, there just aren’t enough BOY ideas in the blogosphere. Let’s change that!
* Add your BOY project/idea/photos to our Celebrate the BOY flickr pool. Rae and I will be doing roundups of your ideas periodically and would love to see what you’ve been making. Please only submit 1 or 2 photos of your project so it’s easier for everyone to thumb through the photo group.
* Post about Celebrate the BOY. Maybe everyone will get the BOY fever and join-in.
* Grab a button…..
You can use the rectangle image above, or these little legos below:

To add a button on your blog, copy the entire html code from the box below the button (make sure you scroll down to get the entire code!). Then, add an html widget to your blog and paste the code in there. Done!
Both buttons link back to the Celebrate the BOY archives page where I’ll be adding projects as we go along. If you’d like to see how we celebrated last year, click here for Rae and here for MADE.
Okay, we’ll talk more BOY stuff next week. Just a few other housekeeping/random items to share….

* Have you been following Prudent Baby’s Sewing Machine Double Down Contest? Submissions are now closed but it’s time for the judging….and I’ve been asked to be a judge along with some interesting sewing ladies. Monday, they’ll announce the top 10. Pop over!

* Two days ago….my camera broke.
Seriously felt like someone had cut off my arm. I mean, I felt like a piece of me was missing. The bad news….it was going to take 4-6 weeks to fix (because it had to be shipped to Canon). The good news….for $50 more than the repairs would cost, I was able to buy a used camera, exactly the same as mine and in better condition. SCORE! And huge relief. My old point and shoot was not going to cut it for BOY month. Thank you Precision Camera for saving my hide. If you live in Austin, it’s the best camera shop around.

* After buying my new (used) camera, Lucy thought we should go to the kids museum. So we did. And I found these adorable buttons in the gift shop by Jane Jenni:
Not sure what I’ll do with them…clothing buttons, fridge magnets, put them on a bag? But I had to buy a few. And I just noticed that she sells plates too! (found some on Amazon)

* Comparo. Check out this new iPhone app my brother tipped me off to. You take photos of two items and compare them side by side with each other…like two cars on a car lot, or your sofa and the fabric you want to buy, so you can show your husband later. You know, cheap useful apps.

* My Job Chart. I also found this cool site recently. You create free job charts for your kids by using what kids are familiar with….online technology. Kids can keep track of the jobs they’ve done, check in on new jobs they’re being asked to do, and eventually they can earn a reward from mom or dad. Watch the videos. Brilliant idea.

* Friday Night Lights is officially over, since we watched the season early on DirecTv. For those of you who still have the season to come on NBC, I’m jealous. I love those Dillon folk. Seriously, best show on tv. Real characters, uplifting, not all about football–just happens that the main character is a football coach, makes me love living in Texas, always leaves me wanting more show. If you’ve never seen it, start renting Season 1!
And speaking of TV…..

* I need me some Bravo reality shows…Top Chef, Work of Art, Project Runway! (I know, it’s now lifetime but it will always be Bravo-eque). I’m going through withdrawls.
update: one of you just told me that Top Chef is on! Blasted DVR, didn’t pick it up. I’m tuning in!

Okay, that was a long winded post.
Go BOYs!

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