Valentine’s Day

Happy February 14th~
It’s been one of those run-around-like-a-chicken kind of days but it’s been filled with hearts and sweet things and yummy treats. I’m already craving salsa to balance it out.

Last night we made Carrot cupcakes for our friends.
And this morning we made mini cupcakes for the kids’ school party (using my mom’s low-fat cake mix trick)
Lucy helped me color the flags (toothpicks and return address labels)
And both kids patiently resisted eating any.
Lucy wore heart leggings (Target).
I put on my raspberry leather boots (bought at Aldo, Dec 2009)
And we packed up the Valentine’s and headed to school. Last week Lucy made these funny heart faces out the cheap jewels and art supplies. So we added stick bodies and pipe cleaner arms.
Now each kid will get little gift pouches and funny heart puppets.
My kitchen is a disaster.
But my husband already dropped these off at the house. So springy and fresh.
And I have these for him.
(I had to sample one)
And for no good reason, last week I bought red lipstick. I’ve been searching for the perfect red shade (not hotpink-red not orange-red. Just red. And this is it. The lipstick is Palladio brand, color “Pure Red”–bought it at Sally’s Beauty Supply). Not sure it’s me, but I guess today is the day to wear it.
What’s happening at your house today? Are you having a red dinner?
BOY month starts TOMORROW!
no more pink……

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