10 months old

If anyone’s keeping track, Clara actually turned 11 months old this week, not 10.
I’m behind!
And here’s Clara’s behind.
(she loves playing peek-a-boo on my bed).

But here’s a report of the past month.
We. love. Clara.

She is such a sweet thing!   And an overall happy baby.  She’s become a total mama’s girl (which I love and hate).  She gives me cute cuddles and rests her head on my shoulder but also does the other typical baby stuff: tugs on my leg while I’m doing dishes and fixing dinner, and gets a worried look on her face when I hand her to anyone else.

Except for her sister, she loves Lucy.  And Owen.  And just giggles when they’re around.

Clara loves to swing, loves to crawl, loves to stand for a few seconds at a time, and cruises all over the furniture.

She’s graduated to the big bath.  I can only imagine how much she’s going to love the pool this summer.

But mostly she loves to have fun.  It’s the best when a baby is old enough to be teased and their personality peeks out!

My favorite is to crawl on the floor with her, pretending to chase her, and she laughs and laughs.  Every mom wants to feel like they’re the funniest person, right?

And yep. She’s started grabbing for my lens.
Can’t blame her.

Here’s the 10 month comparison:

(her hands in that last pic remind me of Stefan from SNL).

Happy 10 months Clara doll.

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  1. 1) Vianely

    Está más hermosa cada día! Dios la bendiga!

  2. ohhhh she’s adorable!!! I love her smile!!

  3. 3) Darlene Lehman

    What a sweetheart!! Like a beautiful flower, slowly opening up and blossoming over time. It is fun to see the changes along the way.

  4. Can’t believe how much she has changed already! She’s the cutest.

  5. She is such a pretty baby! I can just imagine those cute giggles. Happy 10 months to Clara!

  6. 6) Ginger

    Still the cutest baby ever! I had the same experience with my third–mamas girl. She is sill at nearly 2 pretty attached but not in a bad way. Loves to snuggle with me. Loves her older siblings. How lucky the little ones are that have older siblings!

  7. Hi Dana! I ABSOLUTELY.LOVE.CLARA! My son is 10 mths and I have always felt a special connection to her since they are close in age and go through the same developmental milestones together!!! I swear your baby girl looks very similar to my baby boy! She’s absolutely perfect! What a fun age…I can’t wait to grow my family – you guys make it look like sooooo much fun.

  8. so cute! I remember when my twins were that age. so cuddly. i’m pretty sure we have the same bed/headboard.


  9. Love her sweet little face! Reminds me of Ingrid. They’re about the same age!

  10. she’s too sweet! I love it when they get that age, everything seems so much more fun! 🙂

  11. 11) Stargirl

    Yummy cuddly squishy baby! She is the most darling baby. Also, I voted for you in the top 25 creative mommy bloggers contest!

  12. She really is just so so cute! I love her hair and her big grins and her chubbiness. She’s a doll!

  13. She is a doll. My husband would probably veto your blog if he knew how much these pics almost make me want to have another baby! We’ll see, maybe in a few years we’ll decide one more kiddo.

  14. 16) claudia

    little bitty baby chicklet bottom teeth peeking out too I see!
    super cute.

  15. 18) LucyL

    Super cute! Every month I think, oh she is so cute, and every next month she is cuter and cuter. Adorable =)

  16. Oh I adore her! Her beauty belongs in a magazine. Natalie loves the bath too. If she is crabby, I can count on a bath to cheer her up.

  17. I loved all those progression pictures right next to each other – very nice

  18. 21) Mary

    She’s still so cute. Love her hair. My almost 5 month daughter had quite a bit of dark brown hair when she was born, but in the last month has lost a lot of it on top of her head. I hope it comes back thicker.

  19. 22) kellie

    awesome! love these clara posts! my girl will be one this week and it’s been so fun to watch clara ‘grow up with’ her.

  20. 24) Martine

    She is ever so cute ! What a happy little girl.But I think all your children are such happy kids . Love the pictures.
    Greetings from Belgium, from Gent , Martine,mother of two sons(22 and 20 years old)

  21. 25) Jenny

    My youngest turns 11 months tomorrow… Seems like I blinked and we went from an 11 week old to an 11 month old!
    Beautiful kiddos, patterns, and insight. I received a sewing machine for Christmas and happened upon your blog while searching for pant pattern to start with. Needless to say, I made my first pair of PJ’s this weekend and your tutorial was FANTASTIC! Thank you! I look forward to more patterns and tutorials from your blog.

  22. You caught on camera a face that looks exactly like when my little guy gives belly laughs! I need to try to get a pic like that 🙂 Clara is adorable, and thanks for the great photos!

  23. What a baby doll! She is just precious!

  24. Soooooo cute!!! Even my five-year-old is enjoying these — “Ohh, little wrinkled-up feet! Awww!!” I can’t believe she’s almost one though! Where did the year go??

  25. She is about the cutest thing under the sun. I love your photos, too, they’re amazing! My younger daughter is turning one tomorrow (ack!) and she does the same pulling my pants etc. stuff. But she gives kisses now and it’s so cute!

  26. Dana, thanks for sharing pics of darling Clara! Your Clara’s each month pics always leapt my heart with all joy and happiness! You know the details and capture ’em beautifully.

    P.S. Love that pick-a-boo pic from bath tub. Very naughty gal! 🙂 Sending my kisses to Clara {and your all children} from Australia! 🙂

  27. What a sweetie! I love how simple you have kept your monthly photo project. Everything is just a clean slate and the focus is on that sweet little face of hers!

  28. She is seriously SO CUTE and always so happy! I want one. 🙂

  29. she’s pure sweetness! i know exactly what you mean about the love/hate regarding her being a mama’s girl. I’m thrilled my new adopted daughter has attached to me, but a bit challenging when trying to get things done.

  30. 36) Kate

    oooh I absolutely love the photo of her peeking over the bath! That is so gorgeous… you’re a very lucky lady. All your children are so cute!

  31. 37) Renske

    She is just sooooo cute! Can’t believe she’s still in one piece, you should think you would cuddle her to pieces! 😉 Really enjoy your posts about Clara, my first child, a boy, is just a few days younger then she is, so much comparissons.

  32. 38) Maggie

    Lovely lovely baby!

    I saw your name on a list for the best creative mom (something) contest. Now I can’t remember the name, but I voted for you! You should put a link on your website!

    Keep the good work. Love your blog!

  33. 39) Kim P.

    What a sweet little baby!! You have the quintessential “cute baby girl”. She is just a doll 🙂

  34. 40) Alicia

    Her hair is so precious! Everything about her is 🙂

  35. She’s so sweet. My baby Cora LOVES looking at pictures of baby Clara.

  36. 42) Emily

    I just love her! I have a little guy that is 1 month behind exactly. Stefan made me laugh out loud!!

  37. Oh I love this baby! She is So sweet <3 You're doing an awesome job mama!

  38. 44) Kimberly R

    cutest. baby,ever! and i love the Stefan reference – LOL

  39. The picture of Clara peeking out of the tub made me laugh out loud!
    She has such a darling smile. What a fun age!

  40. 46) Becky T

    You’re not using a flash are you? Most babies shy away with the flash constantly going off. I notice you take most photos in bright room or natural light with a white background. What’s your settings on your camera? I’d love to practice with this.

  41. She is adorable and I love that you call her Clara Doll… so sweet! I wish I did a monthly comparison of my baby boy Cash! He’s 2 now and I so miss when he was Clara’s age!

  42. She is ADORABLE Dana~!!!! Can’t wait until I have one of my very own one day haha 🙂

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