Twinkles’ doll clothes

About a year ago I found this pretty gold makeup/toiletries bag while thrift shopping.  It was so sparkly and looked like a mini suitcase (with a mirror inside).  I had to buy it.  I thought it would make the perfect special Christmas gift for Lucy!  So I stashed it away in the closet all year, thinking of a special something to tuck inside.

Then on the last day of school before Christmas break Lucy came home with a present from her teacher….a cute little bear she named Twinkles (courtesy of IKEA).
Now, Lucy’s never been into dolls.  She’s definitely a small figurines kind of girl.  So I thought the bear was adorable but didn’t think she’d actually play with it.

Then for the next 2 days she toted that thing around the house, grabbing scraps of fabric and taping it around the bear’s body to create dresses, tying ribbons around her waist etc.  It was really cute to see the ensembles she came up with.

And then it all clicked.  I needed to sew clothes for Twinkles!  And I needed to wrap them all up in the pretty gold suitcase!  Perfecto.  So for the last 3 nights leading up to Christmas, I waited til she went to bed, grabbed her bear (which was sleeping next to her in bed) and started sewing.

First a little dress with….yep…1/4 inch bias tape.  There’s always a need for bias tape.

Then I thought jammies were in order.  I love how little fabric it takes to make doll clothes.

She’d probably need some blankets and a pillow…

And soon I’d drafted a small collection of patterns so I could make the same items over and over with variations.  I had so much fun!  And I loved sewing freely, without taking photos along the way (something I haven’t done in a while). I couldn’t wait for Lucy to go to bed each night so I could get sewing again.

I stuck with simple clothing construction.  Like basic pants (with tons of room in the bum for a bear tail), a simple skirt, an oversized bow, and a basic shirt with velcro in the back. Then I added puffed sleeves and made a tiny pair a shoes.

Shoes!  I was so happy when these worked out.  They’re one of my favorite items in the bunch.

I gave her a pair of polka dot skinnies,

and a gray heart sweatshirt with raw hems and puffed shoulders.

I could have sewn all week but I could tell Casey already thought I was crazy.  So I finished the wardrobe with my favorite outfit.   It started as a satin skirt, then I decided to add little shoulder straps, and a feather hair accessory, and…well, it totally looked like a teddy (no pun intended).  I had my doubts.

But then I tried it on and loved it!  A little evening wear for Twinkles.

It simply ties together in the back like an apron.  Easy for tiny fingers to put on.

Then I pulled out the gold suitcase, loaded it up and tied a big green bow on top.  When Lucy spied it under the tree Christmas morning, she walked straight over to see who it was for and let out a little gasp, “Owen, it’s for me.”

She opened it up to find Twinkles and her new clothes!

Then she couldn’t wait to share the news with her class.  She even took her to school today dressed in the pink satin dress….and reported back this afternoon that now all the kids would like bear clothes.  Hmmm.  Noted.

Who knew this round of doll clothes sewing would be so fun?  I think it was the secret surprise of it all that made it extra special.  I should pretend I’m a sewing elf every few months.  I know Lucy wouldn’t mind.

  1. That is amazing! My favorite is the polka dot skinnies with the heart shirt.

  2. 2) Cheyenne

    Ok now my question is…did you sew these clothes on your machine? Or by hand? I always feel so clumsy when sewing tiny things on the machine! Super adorable!! My almost 7 year old would loooove this!

  3. That is so delightful – she is one lucky girl. I can’t imagine how fiddly it is sewing tiny clothes…

  4. These are amazing! My daughter would flip for this (she’s also way more into stuffed animals than dolls). Any chance you might share the patterns?
    Thanks so much for sharing, Dana!

  5. 5) Marilyn

    What a special gift! I love all of the outfits! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

  6. Have mercy, that’s adorable! And that’s why I must learn to sew!! I’ve had my machine for years, but it intimidates the heck out of me. ME! The woman who has been to war, TWICE! haha. Someday….soon. Great job!

    • 7) Carolyn B

      Thank you for your service! Sewing will be a breeze! Clearly you can do anything you set your mind to.♡

  7. 8) Rachel

    The clothes are all so cute! I started sewing doll clothes for my daughter’s dolls (and bunny) for Christmas, but I didn’t get them done, so I put them off for her birthday, which is next week. Thanks for all the great ideas to pull from! I defiantly want to try shoes.

  8. 9) Sandra

    This is adorable! You’re such a sweet and talented mom! I don’t have a little girl but I’m thinking of making my little man’s Snoopy some clothes…you’ve inspired me to give this a try =)

  9. Omigosh too cute. You’re such a good mama – what an awesome moment it must’ve been when you saw Lucy’s eyes light up as she opened it! So super rewarding and special. I helped Em sew a skirt for her elephant once but that’s about it…I bet she’d be thrilled if I did something like this. 🙂

  10. 11) Melissa M

    Love it! I can’t wait for my daughters who are 8 weeks and almost 3 to start playing dress up with bears..or dolls 🙂

  11. so cute! (there’s really no other word for it!) I just love the way that mom’s can create magic out of almost nothing! She must have been thrilled. 🙂

  12. Such a wonderful idea : ) Great work.

  13. 15) Charitie

    This is such an amazing gift, something she will remember for sure! You are so talented 🙂

  14. 16) Susan

    This is the CUTEST thing ever!!! It reminds me if the American girl bitty baby bear that has matching outfits with the baby doll 🙂

  15. 18) Aimee

    What a brilliant idea!!! My little blond, almost 7 year old daughter has a very special monkey and would be in heaven if I made her some clothes! I have a little over a month till her birthday….I should be able to come up with something! Thank you Dana!!!

  16. 19) Uta

    How cute! Lucky Lucy 🙂 Great Work!

  17. 20) MJ

    Best. Mom. Ever.

  18. Awww… those are the most adorable bear clothes ever!! What a wonderfully sweet momma you are! Now I’m >sew< inspired to dig through my fabric tub and see what I can create. I haven't sewn in a while and your posts always inspire me!!

  19. 22) Joy

    I want to be a bear!

  20. Wow, this is amazing! What a wonderful present!

  21. 24) Tara

    Those are adorable! Wow, I have a hard enough time sewing little clothes that fit my petite almost-two-year-old, I can’t imagine the skill it takes to make tiny little doll clothes!

    • 25) MIROS

      2 words, CROCHET HOOK for turning sleeves and pant legs.

      Now I’m wondering if there’s a doll tiny enough to fit into an Altoid’s tin with a tiny wardrobe….

  22. That’s too cute! She must have been so happy, I can imagine your excitement as she opened the suitcase, hehe 🙂

  23. 27) Saunja

    Those are super cute.

  24. 28) Darlene Lehman

    So Cute!!!!!!!

  25. 29) Kristin

    OMG! Those are so cute!!! My daughter and I tried to make a couple things for her bear from Build-a-Bear, but I need a few more lessons in how to construct patterns free-hand. Would love to have some pointers on how you measured to ensure there was enough room to handle the tail and level of stuffing……..

    You are an awesome mom and Lucy is very lucky to have you! (Owen and Clara are lucky too!) I have lots of fond memories of hand-made doll clothes from my mom and she will always remember how special you made her Christmas!

    • 30) kate

      I too am looking for tips and pointers as struggling with build a bear patterns to fit better ????

  26. 31) Sue

    Super cute. It’s post like this that make we wish for a girl. And what a thoughtful gift that was shared my mother/daughter and teacher.

    • 32) Sue

      By not my-sorry

  27. 33) Kelli D


  28. Love that Lucy is following in your design/ dressmaking footsteps. Am half way through creating a wardrobe of clothes for my daughter’s Christmas doll. Definitely gotta add some pants and pjs.

  29. 35) Gina

    That is A-MA-ZING!!! There is a certain little monkey named Sandy that roams around our house who needs some tiny clothes! Better get crackin’! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  30. 36) Lindsey

    This is one of the sweetest gifts I’ve ever seen. Great idea and awesome execution! I hope I have a daughter someday.

  31. 37) Melinda

    WOW! You are so talented! Great inspiration!!!

  32. Wow! Every little girl’s dream! I remember my aunty did a similar thing for my baby born one year, but the clothes you have made for Twinkles are just fantastic!

  33. 39) Allison

  34. 40) Sandi

    I am now jealous of a teddy bear’s wardrobe.


    That, Is. So. Stinking. CUTE!!!!

  36. 43) Chocolateforbreakfast

    As someone whose 6 year old daughter has recently jumped into the American Girl Doll world with two feet, I, too have been sewing little dolly clothes, and really loving the freedom! Such a great job, Dana!

  37. So cute!! My kids got their first American Girl dolls, and they want all the clothes in the catalog, but they’re so expensive! I will have to try this, you make it look (deceptively?) easy!! 🙂

  38. 45) Beatriz Jansen

    I loved all outfits! How talented you are!
    I wonder if I am capable to sew some outfits for Duda and Olivia, my daughter’s Baby Alive dolls. Do you have any tips for me?

  39. 46) Victoria

    Oh, you are such a lovely Mum! What a lucky girl.
    I have been reading your blog for several years now – you taught me how to sew kids clothes. My girls’ wardrobes are about 60% handmade, most of that from your tutorials. Thanks Dana!

  40. 47) Jill

    how precious! way to go, mama! I can just see her eyes light up!

  41. 48) caymanali

    wow, that is so creative and well done!

  42. 49) Dkb

    Very cute outfits. I made 5 skirts for stuffed animals over Christmas break and my husband thought I was totally insane!

  43. 51) Kate

    eek! I love it! These turned out fantastic!

  44. Oh, Dana! You are just too much! This is the cutest little gift ever!

  45. that is about the sweetest gift ever. well done!

  46. 54) Shantel

    I LOVE IT! It is perfect (0:

  47. 55) Lila

    Dana you are amazing! My 5 (almost 6) year old read the post with me & has now requested a wardrobe for the bear that comes with Bitty Baby! Looks like I have some birthday sewing to do, thanks for the great inspiration.

  48. Oh, my gosh, I can’t stand how cute all these outfits are! Twinkles was ok without the clothes, but super adorable in each of them! I wish I had an ounce of your talent. I’ve been wanting to make doll clothes for my daughter, but am daunted by the task of figuring it out.

  49. Wow. I’m so impressed. Those outfits turned out so adorably! My son actually has a doll (I know-my husband hates it but my son loves it), and I attempted making pjs for the doll for Christmas. I failed miserably. Sewing tiny little clothes was SO hard, especially the sleeves. I would love to know how you did it! Thanks for sharing!

  50. 58) Rachel

    so incredibly sweet! mrs. m came to show me her bear today! so precious!

  51. 59) jamie

    If I went and got a bear, could you be my mom please? Or my daughter’s fairy godmother? Because seriously, these are awesome!

  52. 60) Linda

    So very, very cute. Did you end up making clothes for all the other bears at Lucie’s school!

  53. 61) Teri

    What a sweet gift! You must be a great mom.

  54. Dana, this is so stinking cute! I love carefree sewing, and sometimes just doing whatever without the fear of how it’s going to turn out makes us do fantastic work, which is exactly what you did here!

  55. Wow that is so cute, I bet she really really loved it! I love the fact that you were totally a sewing elf, making clothes each night after she went to bed. It reminds me of the shoemaker and the elves 🙂 I have a 6 year old sister who LOVES barbies (I actually really love them too, I like to collect them) so I made her a little carrying case filled with barbie clothes. I wish I had written a whole post about it, but there are pictures here (

    I do have a question for you though…when you use bias tape to make the blankets, or anything probably, how do you finish the edge of the bias tape? Do you sew the two ends of the bias tape together and then sew it on the garment/item or do you fold down one end so that you don’t see the raw edge? Does that make sense? I have wondered that for a long time and can’t find the answer anywhere!

  56. 64) Anna

    Wow! So cute. What a thoughtful gift! My daughter has the same bear from Ikea and loves it. Never once did I think about sewing fun outfits for it though. Duh :). Any chance you’ll be sharing your patterns? Thanks for inspiring me!

  57. Totally the best mom! My mom just told me over Christmas that during her childhood one of her best memories is waking up in the morning once or twice to a new outfit for her doll sewn by her mom. I should really get on the ball and sew some clothes for my daughter’s stuffed animals. Thanks for the inspiration as always! 🙂

  58. Stop it – you’re killing me. This is just too adorable for words! Oh, I’m so in love with every bit of it. The jammies! The pillow and blanket! Those shoes!! Oh and that puffed sleeve grey sweater – seriously, I want one of those, haha. You rock my socks, Dana – this is awesome!

  59. super, super cute! i think i would enjoy playing dress up with this little wardrobe. she must have loved it 🙂

  60. 68) Mary Claire

    Wow! So cool!! What little girl wouldn’t love this? This is so, so special! This inspires me to sew some clothes for my daughters knock off American girl doll. Maybe I’ll have to do this for her birthday this spring!! Thanks for sharing. This is great inspiration!!!

  61. 69) Breanne

    I LOVE THIS!!! My daughter has a Build-a-bear and their clothes are so overpriced! Last year I used leftover skirt fabric to make a dress for it, so she matches the bear. (Even made one for her cousin’s bear) But now I see all the possibilities! I just wish I had a drawer full of eclectic fabric. Maybe I just need to shop the remnants at JoAnn’s!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  62. 70) jodie

    Awesome work Dana, love the fact that first you gave Lucy an op shop bag and second made stuff to go in it, and that Lucy loved it! just goes to show you don’t have to spend lots of money on plastic for kids to be happy!

  63. 71) Jenny

    Dana, this is incredible. She must have been floored.

  64. This post just touched my heart. You are an awesome mom! I want to make my kids doll clothes some day, just like my mom did. I’m sure Lucy was absolutely thrilled!

  65. 73) sarah heat

    you are a really nice mom!

  66. Very cute, but I think my favourite part of this post was how much fun you obviously had doing this! I should make some more doll clothes, I haven’t done it since Nicole was little (she is Lucy’s age) and I just found some of my old stuff back when I was decluttering toys… I remember I really enjoyed making it and she was so excited about it! That is really the best part of sewing, as a mom… making with your own hands something your kid is super excited about and thinks you are just magical. And the joy and anticipation in making it, knowing how happy they will be!

  67. So cute Dana! My grandma taught my twin sister and I how to sew doll clothes by hand when we were just a couple years older than Lucy. That’s probably why I enjoy working with a needle and thread more than an actual sewing machine! I ended up on a felt food making kick over Christmas break. It’s hard to stop when you’re having fun!

  68. Dude, all I have to say is I’m glad Grace isn’t sitting on my lap looking at your post like she usually is when I look at blogs—all that tiny sewing! You are a nice mom—Gracie’s bear is going to stay humiliatingly naked.

  69. Fantastic! Looks like at least half the fun was had by you 😛

  70. 78) Sarah K.

    You are AMAZING! My daughter has asked for doll clothes, but I don’t know where to start. Maybe once I get the hang of my new machine…. Super, super cute duds. Well done, mama!

  71. ahhhhh….you are the best mommy! I hope Natalie is into dolls so I can do this for her one day! Oh how I love this. The secret sewing, the full, detailed wardrobe, the great thrift find. Just awesome.

  72. Fantastic. I’m keeping a small teddy for Rita’s birthday and I expect to sew little clothes too.
    Thanks for those great ideas! You always inspires me a lot

  73. these are all so, so cute! I think Twinkles has the most awesome bear wardrobe of the world, now… no wonder Lucy was thrilled!

  74. wow….wish i was your little girl!!

  75. This is SO ADORABLE! Oh my goodness. I love that they’re not just basics, they’re stuff I would totally wear! LOVE the little paws in her pockets in that first dress ^_^ cutest!

  76. 86) Becky T

    Oh what a delight! As I scrolled through the pictures, I was saying, “I remember that bias tape. I’ve seen those polka dots.” How cool is it that you saved all those remnants of clothes you made for Lucy so she and Twinkles are definitely sisters with the same sewing-mama. I half expected to see a satin blue/pink formal princess dress!

    Love it!

  77. 87) Adva

    SO CUTE! My dauther has the same bear, she used to sleep with it at night when she was 1 y/o. it was the only think that made her go to sleep 🙂
    i’ll love to try sewing those outfits… can you share the patterns???

  78. ES PRECIOSO todo marabilloso trabajo -todo lo que toca lo convierte en oro.Felicidades
    por tener esas manos

  79. 89) Elizabeth

    Adorable! I’ve been trying to figure out how to make clothes for my daughter’s favorite baby doll. I don’t know how to sew clothes though so have been having some difficulty. Any chance you’re thinking of sharing the patterns?!?!

  80. 90) Landen

    These are darling! Way to go!

  81. I am SO drawn to Twinkles’ clothes! Incredibly cute and I love the fact that it was a secret surprise. Love this post!

  82. 93) Jennifer

    The clothes are adorable! My little girl would love these things for her babies (I have only made diapers for all of them). What are the chances you will be sharing your patterns with those of us who are pattern making idiots? You rock!

  83. 94) Julie H.

    Holy cuteness! She is so lucky to have such a creative, talented and thoughtful mom. I love every single piece and they just got cuter and cuter as you went along. What a perfect idea for that case!

  84. I LOVE this!!! SO great. I would have loved this when I was a kid.


  85. 96) Heather Z

    That is just a wonderful gift!! I have a five year old blonde cutie myself and I know something like that would just delight her to no end. LOVE the idea!!

  86. 97) Marie

    Serious Mom points on that one! Fabulous idea and execution!!

  87. “She’ll probably need some blankets and a pillow…” …and chances are, if you make tiny Teddy Bear clothes she’ll want to go back to school to show everyone. That line reminded me of the Laura Numeroff circle story books. Totally adorable. I loved reading about how excited you were to make them for Lucy.

  88. 100) KRRMOM

    My 3 year old recently adopted a Ty bear from her daycare class. We ended up arranging a trade one our dolls from home for the bear because she was so enamored with it. I also have the same “suitcase” from a cosmetic promotion at Christmas a couple of years ago. I couldn’t throw it away but wasn’t sure what to do with it – so store my hair rollers in it. NOW – this is a FANTASTIC idea!!!

    • 101) Amber

      What brand is that cosmetic “suitcase”? I need one so bad!

  89. 102) Penny


  90. 103) Julie

    No surprises here…just the cutest EVER!!! keep ’em coming, Dana! Thanks for sharing 😉

  91. 104) Valeria

    Dana, ok. No words for the cuteness of it. CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! So adorable! Now, will you please share the patterns with us, the less-talented ones? 🙂

    Pretty please? 🙂

  92. I am not even going to lie – this is true love, like for real. Sewing an entire wardrobe for your daughter’s teddy bear? Mom of the Year award! You are on fire!

  93. 106) bleu

    That is so cute!!!

  94. Oh my word, Dana… that is the cutest thing I have seen in forever!!!! I just sat here giggling at every picture wishing I was 6 again 🙂 You are amazing.

  95. 108) Carol

    Your daughter will never forget this. Some thirty years ago, when my daughter was about 7, we had no money for Christmas and I made her a doll and a full wardrobe of clothing to go with it. She is the mother of three now and still has fond memories of that special gift; she says it was the best Christmas present she ever received. She is saving it to pass along to her daughter when the time is right. Thank you for this post; it brought back many wonderful memories!

  96. You are the best mom EVER. This is so super cute!

  97. 111) evie1203

    Stunning!!!! I love idea! and items are extra cute!!! You are sooo gifted!!!!

  98. That is awesome. Love them all. I need to do the same for my daughter’s doll she got for Christmas. Your the best!

  99. You’re amazing. Three nights and you made all that! My hero.

  100. 114) Lauralee

    I totally love that LUCY was making her own bear clothes too! The beginnings of a great little seamstress – jus liker her talented mama – I think! I love the bear clothes…. makes me feel totally inadequate for all of the sewing that I DIDN’T get done before Christmas. lol.

  101. 116) Jan Murry

    Just adorable – my GD’s would love them!

  102. 117) Terri

    WOW, this post is unbelievable! Just the sweetest gift for Lucy. Words cannot describe it all…every bit of it, just the cutest ever!!!!

  103. 119) neisha

    oh my word, how cute!! you’re a great mom 🙂

  104. You are KILLING ME with these clothes!! We did vintage Barbie, and M had that same “It’s for me!” reaction–just reading you write about it brought tears to my eyes. And the skinnies!! You’re awesome.

    Also, my fave line of this whole post is when you wrote, “I could have sewn all week but I could tell Casey already thought I was crazy.” Um, how many times have we lived *that* scenario over the past five years, huh? 🙂

  105. 121) Jenny

    You. Are. So. Cute!!!!! I love this because I totally do this kind of thing too. You are my new best kindred spirit. Xoxo!

  106. 122) Jen Trujillo

    OMGsh!!!! This is the cutes thing EVER!! I wonder what fabric is the one with red flowers….love it….great job…

  107. Oh you’re a sewing genius! Those moment are when grown-up Lucy will remember and love you FOREVER! You are such a great mother!

  108. 124) Claudia

    Beyond loving, so dear!
    The shoes, oh my! And what joy and wonder Lucy was gifted!
    Carry on Dana! ❤

  109. This is so stinkin adorable. It brings me back to my childhood. I loved doing things like that for my dolls. ( started sewing at age 7) LOVE it…!!!

  110. Oh! So cute! Our Olivia-pig needs a fresh red jumper and new outfits too!

  111. 127) gracehepburn

    You are the best mom ever! haha That would’ve been my favorite gift ever when I was Lucy’s age! I love sewing baby clothes and shoes but those sure are TINY! Good Job, not always easy 🙂

  112. those are truly amazing. you are truly amazing. my daughter would’ve gone nuts for something like this under the tree! 🙂

  113. 129) Louise Marie

    OMG! The whole story was absolutely incredible, from saving the little suitcase thru your daughter sharing the whole kit and kaboodle at school. When i was in elementary school (i am now 62), my grandmother made a prairie style outfit for my beautiful Barbie. We were studying life on the prairie from about a hundred years before. My grandmother was so sweet to do that. She used my mom’s treadle sewing machine as well as her lovely hands. i have never forgotten her generosity and creativity. How much she must have loved me to do that. Barbies were brand new on the scene of toys at that time. When i took her to school dressed in her dotted swiss dress with matching whole slip, purse, and bouquet of flowers, all the little girls oohed and aahed! i was so very proud. MY grandmother did that! i know how pleased your daughter was that day at school.
    i have an itty bitty bear from American Girl for my 2 yr old granddaughter. i would like to sew some clothes for this bear. i would be more than happy to pay for the patterns that you made. But, you know what? If my grandmother and you made the clothes from scratch, i should be able to do the same! Don’t you think?
    You are absolutely the bee’s knees. i just adore you. Keep on sharing.

  114. 130) Diane

    Holy crap Dana. Lucy is one lucky girl. What a great gift. Scrap the quiet book. I’m thinking I need to start this project now to give to my Lucy in five years!

  115. 131) Valerie Nelson

    ADORABLE!!!! LOVE the little shoes! So creative 🙂

  116. what a magical little (in size, not time I’m sure 🙂 ) project!

  117. 133) Thessa

    How lovely!!!!!

  118. 134) Rita

    Pretty much the sweetest gift I’ve seen for a little girl! Wow, the bear clothes look great! I find it so difficult to sew tiny things like that on the machine!

  119. ADORABLE, I love this 🙂 And happy to hear you got to enjoy the liberating experience of free sewing (just knocking out the business, not worrying about documenting) — sometimes I think, after I’ve finished something, “Doh, I should have taken photos along the way….” But that satisfied-feeling (mixed in with the adrenaline of knocking out a project — and yours being *such* a cute/fancy one to boot!!) would have been *that* much more delayed, and who wants that 😉 Yea for you (and Lucy!) (and Twinkles)!

  120. 136) Rita (Lisbon, Portugal)

    Longtime follower, first comment. My favorite post. Loved it all, the idea, the end results and mostly the sheer love that all of this shows for your daughter. Thanks for making my day.

  121. 137) Ellen Barth

    What a wonderful gift to give your daughter! You are very creative and talented!

  122. 138) Boni B

    That is absolutely the cutest thing ever! Love the puff sleeves. So amazing!!!!

  123. 139) variadee

    Ooh my goodness! How absolutely adorable. What a precious gift. That bear may be special for a long time. Wouldn’t be surprised. Good for you. So glad you turned into a sewing elf. So much fun to do spur of the moment goodies now and then. Happy for you and Lucy. Happy New Year.

  124. 140) Jen

    So cute, my oldest daughter is turning 5 at the end of February and she is getting an American Girl doll, I have a stack of patterns to make for her new doll. She is going to flip on her birthday!

  125. 141) Liz

    How adorable! Could you please share the patterns? Thanks!

  126. SO flippin cute! I have the suitcase, too! It’s the Estee Lauder christmas gift from last year! Although, I can’t part with it, because it holds all of my cosmetics! These look like they would fit AG dolls, too! Can’t wait to try! : )

  127. 143) Susan

    I don’t usually leave comments, but I thought I really must let you know what a superb job you have done! They are just so adorable. I am also going to make some clothes for my girl’s bear. Thanks for the insipration.

  128. 144) Kelly O

    You are sooooo clever!! I wish i had half your ‘cleverness’ (yep, i made that word up!)

  129. 145) Connie

    What fun for you and for Lucy too!! These are great and I am sure will become a very treasured gift and memory for Lucy!

  130. 146) Veronica

    You are SO amazing!! These are adorable.

  131. 148) Tiff

    Oh my gosh! Amazingly cute!

  132. Ridiculously cute! My Mom gave my 7 year old daughter that same gold suitcase and she uses it for doll clothes too. I am inspired to sew more doll clothes now!

  133. 150) Ruth D

    This is the cutest idea. I ooo’ed and ahhh’ed while reading and loving each of Twinkles outfits more and more until the piece d’irresistance! What an awesome collection. You are definitely Mommy of the Year material!

  134. AS ALWAYS GREAT PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!! Oh!!!!!!! Winnie surprisingly sweet and I would play around!!

  135. This takes me back to 1979 and early 80’s when I was sewing dolls’ clothes for my little girl (now not so little anymore , but who conjures up the most amazing stuff when you least expect it!) and I remember how good it felt to make all those little dresses and pants and jerseys and crochet shoes with embroidered flowers on the top. I will have to start again and make some for my granddaughter as she is getting to the age where dressing the dollies are tops! Thank you for the inspiration!

  136. Dana, you are killing me here!! This is all so super adorable, I could scream. This teddy now has a wardrobe that many would kill for. I love the details, those shoes, sigh. I also pinned the bear’s sweatshirt to make one like it for my daughter. For my daughter!! A shirt you made for a teddy! 🙂 Lol. But seriously, you rock. Keep it up.

    PS-So freeing to create without photos along the way, I agree!! It almost reminds you of why you started it all in the first place, though I’m glad you share with us along the way.

    Happy weekend!

  137. So cute! The little suitcase was just perfect for this bear!

  138. 155) Michelle

    Wonderful gift, Dana! My mom tells the story of the year her favorite doll traveled to the “doll hospital” for some repairs and came back Christmas morning with an entire wardrobe of new clothes, some of which matched outfits she wore. It was one of her favorite gifts of all times sewn by her own sewing elf mother. I’m sure your gift will be remembered just as fondly throughout her life!

  139. 156) Tara

    May you scan your pattern to computer under pdf format for sharing with us? My daughter loves loves loves this collection and want to have ones

  140. 157) Lis

    Seriously Dana, once again you are up for the Best Mom Ever award! Great job, and thanks for sharing it all with us.

  141. 158) Ashley

    You are AWESOME & a GREAT mom!

  142. Oh my goodness! You are the coolest mom ever!

  143. SO AMAZING! i’m in love! i found all my old dolls clothes my gran made when i was at home over xmas.


  144. 161) Betsy

    My 6 year old saw me looking at these adorable pictures and is begging for some bear clothes of her own. All of my kids have bears similar sized to this one, so I’m going to beg here . . . . . .

    Could you please please please scan and post the little patterns you made? I’m still learning to make and modify patterns and I have limited time (four kids six and under and another on the way!)

    Please please please please please?

    A small sized pattern to work off of would be a huge help!

  145. 162) Marion

    Such an amazing idea! Love it :)….my girl would really like home sewn clothes for her bear or dolls. Maybe in a few months when we move home to Austin, I’ll find more time for sewing again.

  146. 163) Ris


    I can’t tell you how happy this post made me. Such sweetness and love.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Made my day.


  147. 164) Amy F.

    As someone who owns a little doll clothes business, this post made my heart happy! So adorable! And I could just picture Lucy’s excited face when she saw the gold suitcase under the tree, and then the joy she must have had when she opened it! I honestly started tearing up over here. 🙂 Makes me realize I should probably take a break from sewing doll clothes for other people, and surprise my girls with a few new treasures, just because.

  148. So perfect! You are amazing. Stupendous! I have been in the doll-clothes mode too and I agree it is so much fun! I didn’t make the Christmas deadline however so I’m hoarding a few sweaters and working on the dolls and clothes for Valentine’s. Loved this post!

  149. Awesome! You had great idesa! I hope my newborn son also will like toys clothes 🙂

  150. Wow, Dana. Amazing. I find it hard to sew tiny clothes with a machine. Any tips?

  151. 168) Andrea

    lovely, lovely, lovely. just want to say that I love to follow your blog and this particular post is one of my favourites, this beautiful present is pure love materialized.<3<3<3
    All the best for you and your wonderful family! (:

  152. Absolutely ADORABLE. Lucy is a lucky girl! Can’t believe you whipped all that out in 3 days! Thank goodness for a healthy fabric/scrap stash, right?? I remember the Christmas my mom secretly made me a whole bunch of Barbie clothes and fancy gowns, and it was the best present EVER.

  153. 171) Nancy

    Your site is the only one I leave in my inbox when I’m swamped. I love to see what you are up to….fabulous sewing……and the bright colors brighten my day. Love your photography also. I too would love the patterns, even a rough draft, for the outfits to use/adapt for our AG doll. Thanks for the wonderful site.

  154. so adorable, as always! & you have definitely convinced me to make some clothes for my new daughter’s favorite bald baby, who’s currently wearing the Wallmart clothes it came with, so ugly, Lol!, but she loves him…or her…(haven’t decided what the doll should be, but I think little girl clothes will be more fun to sew. done!

  155. 173) Kaitlin

    This was such an adorable project!!! I have a 14 month old and I can’t wait to make stuffed animal clothes with her. You are such a great mom – such an inspiration on a gloomy Friday here in NY.

  156. 174) Katherine Landreneau

    So, so cute!
    Great job! Might be a market for bear clothes! So sew fun! Lol

  157. Dear Dana,
    These remind me so much of what my mother used to do for us, and still does for my daughter. She would look at clothes in the American Girl catalog and while she and dad splurged on the dolls themselves the idea of 30 dollars an outfit was out of the question… so she made them – all of Molly’s outfits including the raincoat and boots, outfits for my cousin’s dolls (Samantha, Addy, Kirsten), matching doll dresses to go with the outfits she made my sister and I and countless Bitty Baby ensembles including an entire Moses basket bedding set for my little sister that looked just as snazzy as the one on the glossy catalog pages .

    I still have the ones she made for me and my daughter plays with them now with her American Girl dolls and begs Nana for a new outfit now and then.

    You are making a treasured memory with your daughter… and I’m sure all the mom’s whose children came home begging for bear-clothes love you too! hee-hee! 😉

    American Mama in NE

  158. These are adorable! They are brilliant! No wonder she loved them so much! I love that you started three days before Christmas as well! Have an awesome year for 2013!

  159. Oh my word. Totally adorable! My 5 year old just flipped out when I showed her:). Officially pinning this for a birthday idea for that girl. What a great mama!!!

  160. 178) Felicia Foster

    Dana- you are awesome! I love love love these!! You are soooo talented! Just found your blog the other night and am hooked and inspired!

  161. 179) MelindaW

    I love your creativity and imagination!! You inspired me to make a dolly blanket to go with the pillows I recently for my granddaughter’s stuffed kitty Meow, Now Meow will be warm and cozy. Thanks for the boost!

  162. Adorable! I love the polka dot pants with the heart shirt. Worthy of a child size version.

  163. This is the cutest post I’ve ever seen. Honestly. I just found your blog and I’m IN LOVE! You are the most talented teddy bear clothes sewer I’ve ever seen! 😀

  164. 182) caymanali

    Dana is there anyway you would share your patterns? I was thinking it would be great since this little bear is so easy to find.

  165. 183) Valerie

    Dana, you are an amazing Mom! You get inspired by a suit case and a bear and out comes the most adorable and thoughtful gift for Lucy. She is one lucky girl! I love your ideas, thanks for sharing!

  166. 184) kellie

    wow. this is so fabulous!! what a great gift!

  167. 185) Susan

    Do you think these items would fit a 18 inch doll?

  168. 186) KerryQ

    So cute! This is the best dressed ber in town!

  169. 188) Hitcat

    Glancing, totally thought the title was, “Sewing a Wardrobe for Twinkies”
    Must’ve been pining for a good ol’ standby guilty treat…
    Very clever.

  170. OK, We have 2 of these bears. They have striped tummies though. Their names are “Bear” and “Spare Bear” and they also came from Ikea. I’m surprised that we don’t have more than 2 because one always ends up in the cart when we visit there.

    Anyway, I may have to make a pair of Bear shirts….is it weird to make bear duds for a boy’s toy?? I didn’t thinks so 🙂

  171. 190) Theresa

    Love your ideas. I made doll clothes for my granddaughters for Christmas. I had so much fun, remembering how my grandmother always gave us Barbie clothes.

  172. Dana you are one amazing Mum! Just beautiful, the time, effort and thought are inspiring xx

  173. 192) Erica

    I just found you today and I’m already like oh I’m making that and that and that and that ……..and then I found twinkles and her wardrobe! So adorable and beautiful! Just makes me smile!

  174. 193) Petra

    You know what the cutest thing is (apart from the clothes)? The photos! Twinkles actually looks “real”!!! 🙂

  175. What beautiful little clothes! It looks so cute together in that golden case. So adorable!

  176. This is such a beautiful, heartfelt gift that I am almost in tears. I’m sure Lucy will treasure this for years.

  177. I pinned this to pinterest a while ago. But thanks to yet another Pinterest Challenge, I finally got around to making my daughter’s doll some clothes. I’ll be sure to link back to this site.

  178. Thanks for the inspiration! I used your pattern drawing guidelines to make some overalls for a Corduroy bear for my son, and linked back to your site 🙂

  179. 198) Nora

    So cute. I got some of the bears. Haven’t had time to see if I can do clothes yet. Have you ever posted the patterns?? If so, I would love to have a copy. I think they would make cute gifts to give a big sister when a new baby comes along. Perhaps big brother if I made pants/ overalls.

  180. 199) Trina

    Hi.. These are the cutest clothes… 🙂
    But for the new sewer mum.. 😉 Ok this would be my first attempt.. 😉
    Do you have the patterns to these please.. 🙂
    My little girl is just getting into dolls and I would love to make her a little collection like this.. 🙂
    Thank you,

  181. 200) Trina

    Hi.. These are the cutest clothes… 🙂
    But for the new sewer mum.. 😉 Ok this would be my first attempt.. 😉
    Do you have the patterns to these please.. 🙂
    I don’t have any experience with patterns.. :S
    My little girl is just getting into dolls and I would love to make her a little collection like this.. 🙂
    Thank you,

  182. 201) Trina

    I wonder if you could put me in the right direction for some patterns like these.. 🙂

  183. 202) Juanita in OH

    ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!! This is such a wonderful and thoughtful gift. It reminded me that my mom sewed doll clothes for me so many years ago. TFS and bringing a great memory to mind for Mother’s Day reflecting. I hope you have a fantastic Mother’s Day.

  184. 204) kali

    Did you get pattern for the outline of the outfits if so where did you get them.
    Plus i think they’re so adorable and cute i bet it brought quite alot of joy to lucy.

  185. 205) Susan

    I know this post is old…but I just wanted to say: one year for Christmas (35 years ago!) I received a large box of hand-made Barbie clothes that my mother had made on the sly…best day ever!! I still clearly remember that morning. Your little one is a very lucky girl; I’m sure she will hold that memory with her forever, like I still do <3 .

  186. What a beautiful gift to give your little Lucy. Definitely a very precious memory for both of you. I make Keepsake Memory Bears and have only once made shirts from Polo/Golf shirts from a very dear Dad/Grandfather/Uncle who had passed on Christmas Day the year before. It was a very difficult task, but somehow, I made the pattern and then cut the collars off each shirt (there were 5) and attached them to my version of a primitive shirt. I was so pleased I took the extra time to make them for this woman so she could give them to her family that year for Christmas in memory of a very special man. I wonder if you have made any more and if you made some for Lucy’s friends. Thanks for sharing <3

  187. 207) Clumber spaniel

    LOVE the shoes how do you make them!!! i also LOVE the dress it would look soo cute on my little doggie how did you make it??!!

  188. Could you make a tutorial for the dress and pjs ,please!!!? I would be so happy, if you did! 😀

  189. 210) Stephanie

    I love this post and your ideas! We have the very same bear, but his name is Geraldo and he is usually dressed for a dip in the sea.

  190. A toiletry bag for a doll suitcase! What a great idea!! I’m going to be scouring our Dollar Stores for a similar item for some Peek A Boo Dolls I made for my granddaughters. Your bear and clothes are just adorable!! Thank you for the inspiration!

  191. 212) Carrie

    Do you have a pattern or instructions for the red satin dress? Id love to have a go
    At making this for my millies little doll. The doll is only 6 inches tall and very slim so i would to scale the pattern.

    • 213) Dana

      Sorry I don’t have patterns for these. I was sort of making it up as I went along. And if I shared a pattern…each person’s bear/stuff animal/toy would be slightly different, so I don’t think patterns would work well in this instance.

  192. 214) Lee

    I absolutely love these, would you be able to share the patterns with me please, I am very new to sewing and just agreed to make some teddy clothes for a charity.

    • 215) Dana

      Sorry I don’t have patterns for these. I was sort of making it up as I went along. And each person’s bear/stuff animal/toy would be slightly different, so I don’t think patterns would work well in this instance.

  193. 216) sabrina

    I love this Dana! you are very skilled and this project turned out so cute.

  194. 217) Emily

    So inspired by such a cute project! Ordered myself the same bear for my own rainy day sewing project. I have an old doll trunk I will totally use for this. Fun!

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