where ya been? (part 1)

This past winter, my husband and I traveled to Seattle. And when I found this shirt in a thrift store back home, I had grand visions of doing a 4-part series of dresses made from traveling T-shirts (from places I’ve visited). One day I’ll get to the rest of them. For now, welcome to Seattle!
Made from a man’s T-shirt, I used elastic thread in the top and around the waist (for a 70s vibe).
I made a casing on the inside of the dress and added a drawstring made from the shirt leftovers. It’s mostly for look rather than necessity (since the elastic thread keeps the waist gathered):
The top half of the dress is longer than I envisioned and bubbles out a bit too much. But with the placement of the Seattle logo and because I wanted to use the bottom of the T-shirt for my hem (since I’m lazy and didn’t want to make a new one) well……that’s why it turned out long. Some concepts work out and some are a work-in-progress. Next time we’ll get it right.
and this photo serves no purpose, other than….I love a little girl in a ponytail.
Thanks Seattle for a great visit!

We enjoyed your sights.
and fine eating establishments.

  1. 1) Karla

    This is so dang cute!!! Best T-shirt dress I’ve seen. I like the extra blousy-ness of it. So cute with the wee baby chucks! I’ve been to Seattle too. It’s awesome. I’m saving your site. May have to purchase these patterns. Just had to say how groovy that 70’s style dress is!

  2. 3) Allison

    Would you happen to know on how to use elastic thread on a singer sewing machine the bobbins are plastic not metal. BTW i love all your post & tutorials they are by far the best & easiest to follow intructions. Thank ou so much for sharing them.

  3. 4) angie

    Do you have step by step instructions? This is my hope for turning an adult tshirt into a little dress so our whole family can match on our cruise!

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