we made it!

to Texas, that is. And little by little we’re moving in! I still walk around the house and find plenty of homeless items in every room. But I think it’s coming together.
To get to this point however…..we drove through a lot of this:
ate at far too many Dairy Queens:
drove for hours through West Texas:
and 3 days later, pulled up at our new house in Austin. Unfortunately our moving truck arrived four days after we did. And since our couches aren’t arriving till this week, we’ve been lounging like this. Nice new wood floors and camping chairs. A beautiful dichotomy. Thankfully my mom was a good sport about it all! (and was a true camper to fly out with the little guy, while Lucy came with us in the car. It was princess heaven for 3 days straight….movies, figurines, magnets, you name it).
The kids have been loving their new space. Owen rides his bike all over the house:
And Lucy finally has a real table to sit at and eat. So this is what it’s like to have a “dining room”?!
As you can tell we’re in the process of home improvements. So the sewing is still on-hold. I do have some un-posted projects however from before we moved. So more updates in the future! And hopefully some before and after home pictures down the road too. We’ve been home owners for a while but we’ve never lived in a home we own. So this is a new experience for us and the house is the perfect guinea pig for our home improvement skills.

So far we’re enjoying our new surroundings. Eating at yummy places like this:
…meeting new people, checking out new parks, and figuring out how to “be on our own”. So far so good. And aside from how hot everyone says Texas is, the weather has been so pleasant for the two weeks we’ve been here. It makes an evening out to the park just perfect. Except that wearing my hair down always reminds why I like to pull it up. That does make me hot. Oh well, at least you can tell I’ve entered the moved-in-enough-to-do-my-hair-for-church stage.
That’s it for now! Hope to see you all soon!

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