TUTORIAL: Ruffled Tiered Skirt

Many of you commented that Lucy’s seersucker skirt last week would be great for Easter. So I got busy.
And here it is.
A tutorial for girls (and moms?) of all ages:
It’s bouncy and girly and ruffly.
It’s perfect for jumping rope.
Or sitting pretty and dainty,
sort of.
Asking Lucy to model for me is a grab bag of expressions. I hope the serious face doesn’t foreshadow the teenage years. Maybe she’ll stay a sweet goofball with a sucker in her hand.
But enough rambling.
“Want to make a skirt??!!”
Let’s get started.
There are so many ways to make a skirt (check out the Tutorials section for more ideas).

This one is a layered/ruffled/tiered skirt. It’s likely you’ve purchased or seen something similar in the store and wondered how to do it? Well it’s easier than you thought. And after making one you can easily vary and mix it up. Add more tiers, add “circle skirt” strips instead of ruffles, use knit fabric, use the concept on a shirt. This is a good go-to pattern.

I absolutely love seersucker cotton (detailed info on that here).
It’s very bouncy and works well on this skirt. But you can really use any light-weight cotton, knits, linen, satin, etc. Stay away from fabrics that are thick and heavy.

This will vary on the size of skirt you’re making, but for a 4-5 year old (shown here), 1 yard of fabric is great.Β  You’ll have a bit leftover but scraps are always welcome at our house.

The skirt is made of tiers. But rather than layering them as we did in the Simple Skirt (since it would be super bunchy at the waist) we’re going to make connecting tiers….each made of one “connecting piece” and one “ruffle piece”. And it’s all based on ratios, starting with your waist size.
No rocket science here; it’s easy to figure out:

For the skirt WIDTH
* Measure all the way around your waist (or wherever you want the skirt to hang, if you want a low-rider skirt on your hips measure around that area)
* The elastic will be the same length as your waist size above (plus 1 inch for overlap)
* For the connector pieces: multiply the waist size by 1.5
* For the ruffle pieces: multiply the connector length by 2

For the skirt LENGTH
* Decide how long you want your skirt to be….a couple inches above the knee? All the way down to the knee? Measure from your waist down to the desired length and then do some approximate math…..
* Decide how many ruffles you want and how wide you want them and divide that up by how long you want the skirt to be.
My ruffles here are 4 inches wide….but after sewing the layers together they end up about 3 inches wide. NOTE: the Connector and Ruffle pieces will be the same width.
* Factor in the waistband, which adds about an extra inch to the skirt.

So, for example….
For a 4-5 year old size skirt (my daughter is actually 6 in these pics but she’s very skinny):
* Waist size = 20 inches
* Cut (3) Connector Pieces, 30 inches x 4 inches
* Cut (3) Ruffle Pieces, 60 inches x 4 inches
* Cut 1-inch wide elastic, 21 inches long

If you find that the skirt is too full – use smaller ratios on the numbers above
If you want the ruffles to be more full – increase the ratios above (make the ruffles 2.5 times as long, etc)

Making sense?
Pictures will explain it better….

First cut out your strips.
You need 1 connector and 1 ruffle per tier. If your fabric is only 45 inches wide, you’ll need to sew a couple strips together for each ruffle (so that it’s 60 inches long, as in the example above).
When you’re all done cutting your strips, fold each connector piece in half with right sides of the fabric together and sew them (using a 1/2 inch seam allowance). Then serge the raw seam edges or leave them as-is if you don’t have a serger (serging your seams makes them look nicer/cleaner and ensures that they won’t fray over time and washing). Set the connectors aside and let’s work on the ruffles.
Decide how you want to hem them.
If you have a serger, simply serge the raw edges. This makes the skirt even more light-weight (and it looks pretty cute). If you don’t have a serger, no worries! Simply iron under the edge of each ruffle strip 1/4 inch, then iron it under another 1/4 inch and sew a hem. It’s nice to hem the strips before sewing everything together cause then you don’t have to worry about it at the end when you’re so ready to toss the project on your little model.

After you hem one edge of each ruffle strip….gather the other side of the strips to create ruffles. The goal is for each gathered ruffle to be the same length as each connector piece. My favorite way to do this is the cheating method (set your stitch length very long and the tension very high. Read detailed info on that HERE). It’s not exact but it gets the job done.
You may have to shimmy the gathered area around to get the desired size, pulling the gathers in a bit or letting them out. When each ruffle matches the connector length, fold each ruffle in half (with right sides of the fabric together) and sew, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Serge the raw seam edges or leave them as-is.
And now you have 3 tiers, ready to sew together:
Start with the bottom tier.
With right sides of the fabric together, place the ruffle piece inside the connector piece (line them up at the seam). Pin both pieces together. I find that using tons of pins is helpful with this type of project–keeps the ruffles from shifting or getting folded up somewhere.

Using a 1/2 inch seam allowance, sew the two pieces together.
Check that everything is sewed properly and nothing is bunched or folded, then serge off your seam or leave it as-is.
You’ve made the bottom tier!
Good job.
Now as always, iron out the seam. This is key to making your projects look professional (rather than homemade). It’s okay if the some of the gathers are pressed a bit. I like how that looks.
Now the next tier.
The bottom tier is the only one that has two pieces. The rest of the tiers involve sandwiching 3 pieces together. So…
First place the ruffle over the previous connector piece, with the right side of the fabric facing OUT. Then place the next connector piece over that with the right side of the fabric facing IN (line everything up at the seam).
Pin everything together like crazy and sew them together, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Serge your seam (or leave as-is) and iron it out.
Your skirt is coming together!
Continue the step above for how ever many tiers you have. When you get to the last tier, jump to the next step.
The final connector piece will become the waistband. Fancy, right?
Basically, you’re going to fold the waistband under so that it’s wide enough for your elastic. I prefer 1-inch wide elastic for kids’ skirts. But if you’re using skinnier elastic, you may want to trim the waistband down so it’s not too wide when you fold it in-half.
Serge the raw edge of the waistband so it’s nice and polished looking. If you don’t have a serger, simply fold the raw edge under 1/4 inch. And then iron the waistband under all the way. Pin it place. I prefer pinning and sewing on the outside of the skirt in this step so you get a nice straight line (which is visible on your skirt). Make sure you leave an opening in the waistband to string the elastic through. An easy way to remember is to use red pins to mark a start and stop point–leaving a 2 inch gap between the pins.
Using safety pins or a bodkin, string the elastic through the waistband. Make sure the elastic is not twisted inside and sew the two ends together. Sew the opening in the waistband closed and if you have one….add a personalized label to the back (info on my labels HERE).
And you’re done!
Piece of cake?
Or maybe a cupcake?
These layers are like frosting.
Mmmmm. Time to make some of these.
To coordinate outfits with your little guy, make a pair of seersucker Kid Pants, or shorts, and a sweater vest?…maybe for beach pictures? They’ll look just dandy together.

  1. Such a super cute skirt!! The pictures of Lucy are so fun! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I can’t wait to try this one out.

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    • 6) Barbie

      Thanks for sharing! I,too, was wondering if it would work for adults using eyelet/lace ruffles.

  6. What a joy to wake up to a new tutorial! (I’m in Australia) Thank you so much for being so generous in sharing it all. You mention using lots of pins for these kind of project, do you have any tips on how to pin correctly? I avoid pinning most of the time because my pins end up being in the way ect … The other day I even saw a pin inside my hem!

    Oh, and congratulations on your beautiful little Clara!

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    • 40) Dana

      3/4 to 1 yard is plenty for a 4-5 year old skirt. You might have a bit leftover but I love that too πŸ™‚

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    • 49) Dana

      Yea, just sew strips together to make them long enough. My seersucker was only 42-45 inches wide as well.

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    • 54) Dana

      Nope, just one connector and ruffle per tier. In the photo there are 3 of each. The top connector piece will become your waistband. Thanks for stopping by from Vienna! Sounds dreamy πŸ™‚

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  54. 60) ana rose

    could you also make a slightly a-line skirt of desired length, and sew on ruffles so they overlap? or would the fabric bunch too much?

    • 61) Dana

      That could work too. This method is just a “cleaner” way to keep all the seams hidden inside the skirt.

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    CC πŸ˜‰

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  95. Thank you very much for the tutorial! Yesterday I finished sewing the skirt from lightweight cotton, and I do hope my goddaughter will like it.

    I published photo of the finished skirt on my blog and linked back to your tutorial

    Best regards from Poland

  96. Thank you very much for the tutorial! Yesterday I finished sewing the skirt from lightweight cotton, and I do hope my goddaughter will like it.

    Best regards from Poland

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    • *I meant width above.* Next time I will increase each layer from top to bottom by about 1/2 inch wide…not sure how that will sew together from one layer to the next yet, but I’m going to play around with it.

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    Absolutely adorable!!! I certainly plan to make more!
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    I made it with 2 different fabrics, so that the ruffle in the middle was a different color. I also put it together so that the connector piece *under* that other color matched it. Then when I was done, I made some fabric flowers where you twist the fabric around, folding as you go, in the 2nd fabric to put on the girls’ headbands.

    Fun project!

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    • 138) HokieKate

      Neat idea; thanks! I’m just learning how to use a ruffling foot and this sounds like it would save me a lot of time.

  121. 139) Busy Bee

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    Made this skirt for my 3 granddaughters and they turned out really nice. Thank you! I did end up having to trim the top connector piece though as it was too wide, but I’d rather end up with too much fabric rather then too little. I trimmed the top about an inch and a half and that still left plenty to fold under for the one inch elastic casing. Your recommendation to use seersucker is a good one. I used heavy weight cotton and it made the skirt a little on the heavy side. But they were made for winter use with leggings underneath so they’ll be fine. I will use seersucker from now on, especially for the summer time. Thanks again!

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    I am using the same methods you have described for my textiles project as part of my GCSE. However, I am making it a lot longer (27 inch in length) and for a size 10-12 (which following your instructions brought me to 43 inches for the connector pieces and 86 inch for the ruffle pieces.) I was wondering if you had any advice for if I was doing the correct method due to my skirt being a very different size. I was also planning on adding tulle, do you have any recommendations of how I can piece this together. This would be greatly appreciated and would help me a lot with my project. I understand that you may be busy but if you could email me or contact me regarding this it would be much helpful.
    Regards Kenny Lindley

  139. 159) Kathleen Carlsen

    Making for a size 10-12ish, so lots of estimates. I felt my ruffles were a tad short compared to the connectors once they were sewed on. So…I made a 1/4″ tuck in the middle of the bottom connector and next up connector (not the waist) and now perfect! Whew!

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