Turkey Tale

NOTE: This skirt has been renamed The Can-Can skirt and the pattern is available HERE, in the SHOP.
Being a turkey isn’t always easy.
Days in the coop can be long and lonely,
wondering what’s on the other side of that fence…..
And as every November rolls around, you find yourself in the same quandary.

Do I run and hide? Or just hope a less dazzling candidate is the Thanksgiving choice?
Perplexing questions for such a pretty bird.
Have no fear little one. As Charlotte taught Wilbur, it’s all in the presentation.
So ruffle those ruffles!
Twirl off your smile.
And show off your beauty.
Cause if you’re radiant, terrific and even humble, chances are….
….you’ll stick around for another year.

The Turkey Dressing skirt is a grown up version of the Purple Bird Skirt. We finally got it right this time! NOTE: This skirt has been renamed The Can-Can skirt and the pattern is available HERE, in the SHOP.

Instead of using tulle for the ruffles, we used NON-FRAY nylon chiffon, which is so much softer. You can find a wonderful (and inexpensive) selection of the Nylon Chiffon here. It’s described as: 100% Nylon – 15 denier tricot knit (DOESN’T FRAY WHEN CUT) – Ideal for Pettiskirts.

Non-Fray chiffon is ideal for this skirt, since all the ruffles edges are left raw.
If you happen to purchase chiffon that does FRAY, see the info below from Reader Debbie:

The chiffon from Joann’s DOES fray. I knew I should have ordered from that website, because it is WAY CHEAPER, and there is a HUGE color selection!! But I am an instant gratification kind of girl. I bought the Joann’s chiffon, and started working on my skirt anyway- and its ok because here is my solution: The chiffon frays, but I cut the strips into 4 1/2 in. strips (instead of 2 in.) and sewed the raw edges together, to make one super long tube. Then I turned it to the right side and ironed the tube flat, with the seam to the side, and used it just as Dana said in the pattern at that point- gather down the center, etc. That way it won’t fray. Woohoo!

Thank you Debbie! I guess I’d still recommend buying from the AFC shop online.

Washing Instructions for the Turkey Skirt: At this point in time I would recommend HAND washing (or dry-cleaning of course) and then hanging it up to dry. I’ll be doing more testing and keep you all posted.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I hope it was as yummy as ever.

(There are NO new crafts this week on SYTYC, due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Stay tuned next week for another round!)

  1. I have been given a massive amount of tulle. Can I use that for this skirt?

    By the way, I love it that you made this skirt in brown. Such a relief to see the brown instead of pink!

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