Toy Soldier Pack with GUEST: Cakies!

Today’s guest is from one of my all-time favorite sites. In fact, she’s one of the first blogs I started following when I jumped into this crafty/sharing/blogging world. I easily fell in love with her creative projects, vintage-inspired clothing, and most of all….her gorgeous photography. It’s colorful, inspiring, and just fun!
Please welcome Ruby of Cakies!
Ruby is a mother of 3 darling girls: Brave, True, and Soule. So “boys” aren’t her normal venue. But when you’re as creative as Ruby, it doesn’t matter what the subject matter is, the project will definitely turn out cute/cool/fun/and clever.
Just head to her site and you’ll see what I mean.
Even when sharing a post about “how messy my house is”, the photos still look cool!
Today Ruby asked the men in her life for a little BOY input and came up with a simple gift pack that any boy will love. You just might be making them for by the dozen when Christmas rolls around!
Let’s here from Ruby….

Hi! I’m Ruby from Cakies and I am honored to be part of the “celebrate the boy” series. I must first be honest and say that I have three girls and am clueless when it comes to boy clothes and things. Thus, every time a little boy birthday party or Christmas comes around, I hardly know what to get as gifts for the little lads!

After much frustration of what to give little boys, I asked my husband what his favorite toys were as a kid. His answer… G.I Joe. After a little brainstorming and an approval from my husband, the main boy in my life, I asked if boys would like little toy soldiers to play with? To my relief, he said yes.
Then, one search led to another and I had the perfect little toy soldier gift pack to give to all the little boys we know.
Every little boy soldier must have:
1. His very own army helmet.
celebrate the boy
2. His very own troop of toy soldiers.
celebrate the boy
3. His own drawstring bag to hold all the soldiers to make sure no one gets lost in battle.
celebrate the boy
Quick instructions on how to make the bag:
1. Use 8” x 12” drawstring bags, I purchased a pack of cloth bags here, but you could easily make your own.
2. Find an image you want to put on the bag, then print that image onto iron-on transfers that could easily be bought at your local craft store.
3. Print out your iron-on transfers, next cut out and designate an area on the bag you would like the image to be placed.
4. Follow package instructions for ironing-on, then let cool and tear off paper and voila! You should have your perfect little toy soldier bag.
5. Stuff with little toy soldiers!
celebrate the boy
As I was making these gift packs, my dad happened to come over and immediately grabbed a handful of soldiers and started playing with them and knocking them down like he was a little kid again. Ben came over to my side and said, “See, what did I tell you?! Little dudes will love them!” If Ben and my Dad liked playing with them, surely all other little boys will too!!!
Thank you Dana and Rae for letting me part of your fun series!!!

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