Shaved off 5 minutes!

After my post on Tuesday about Sewing against the clock, I started to feel antsy. I knew I could beat my 17 minutes for a Simple Skirt. And, I also felt bad that the other little girls in Lucy’s dance class saw the skirt we gave to Aurelia. So…I made a couple more.
And I hit some new records!
A single-tiered Simple Skirt…..12 minutes!!
A double-tiered Simple Skirt…..17 minutes!!
I’m kind of addicted to this racing thing now. I think I’m going to try it with other tutorials too….Basic Pants, Summer Vacation Dress, a diaper cover?…..
In the mean time,
I promise to show you other things this week besides skirts.
And check out the Ruffled Streamers! They made it to my mom’s house for her birthday.
Two of my sisters went over there at midnight and strung them all over her kitchen. Happy 61st Mother dear!
And how gorgeous are these two photos?
LEFT: From Free Pretty Things for You, she took the Napkin Flowers Tutorial and added yarn pom poms in the middle. Genius!
RIGHT: Lorajean’s Magazine made pastel colored Ruffled Streamers for her Cinco De Mayo party. They’re perfect for Mother’s Day too.
And while you’re there, check out her tips for wrapping them on gifts too.
Have a lovely weekend.

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