Sewing for ME: Dressy Tunic

Well, I don’t know that this is part of a new blog series or anything, but I DO know that I need to sew for ME more often. And so I’m going to. I have a few things in the bag already, which I’m excited to show you over the next few weeks.

It was inspiring to see everyone’s lovely tops at Spring Top Week on Made by Rae. I was very impressed with the design and skill. I scanned the group of photos and thought, I’ll take that one, and that one, and that one. Great stuff ladies!

So, here’s a little number I came up with last week.
Seriously (and I mean it), took about 2 hours max.

I bought these cute skirts at Old Navy Clearance. It’s the perfect spot for refashioning because there are tons of items to sift through. And they’re usually in a size too big for me, so I have more fabric to work with!
and in case you were wondering…..they were only $1.99 each. SCORE. I bought three of them. Maybe you’ll see a Lucy-version in the future.
So I went from pleated satin clearance skirts to…..

Dressy tunic shirt!
And I love that I didn’t have to do any of the pleating. The shirt looks classy and like it was a lot of work. But really, it was cake-y:
* I took IN the side seam on one of the skirts so that the waist of the skirt fit me around the bust.
* I kept the side zipper of the skirt right where it was, and it became the new side-zipper for the shirt.
* I used the other skirt to create wide straps that come from the front of the shirt to a slight criss-cross in the back
* I made a sash to finish off the look. It felt like a moo-moo without it. Didn’t sew any loops to hold it on, just tied it.

The back is probably my favorite part and the “skirt” portion enjoys the wind.
Yes, I’m a dork. But I love my new shirt!

More sewing for ME please!
Okay. Your wish is granted.

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