not a creature was stirring

I love photos of sleeping kids.
Especially when they’ve spent the day bouncing off the walls, discussing what Santa might bring and if he remembers the way to their house.
Being a kid is busy.
But the batteries eventually run out and I get to see that sweet baby face again. The same peaceful look I remember from when she was 3 months old.

I hope you’re watching sleeping babes too. And that you had a great Christmas Eve!
I had planned to share two more recipes. But I think your stocking is overflowing with treats so we’ll just pass on that and take a few days off.
And enjoy the hodge podge goodies hanging from Owen’s tree…..toy cherries, Lucy’s headbands and bracelets, every hair band from her basket, and a toy army man watching guard under the tree. Owen’s our goofball.
and a sweet goofball he is.
Merry Christmas to all!
and to all a goodnight.
Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  1. 1) Ashley M.

    How cute are your kids?!…Somewhere in the world are porcelain dolls that look just like them.. In a non creepy way.

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