New fabric, New cats, New cones!

Hey, hey, hey, there’s a new cat in town.
And he’s purrrrfectly blue. And ready for you.

I’m so excited about this.
There’s more.We’ve got ice cream cones too!
In a lovely blue.
And in white. YESSS.

These new fabric prints are part of a fusion collection by Art Gallery Fabrics called ART DISTRICT. Basically, AGF takes designs from a few different designers, colorizes them into a new color story, and releases them as a new fusion collection.

• Cat Nap (from the BLUSH collection)
• I Scream, You Scream (from the Boardwalk Delight collection)

I love the colors of this group.

How freaking cute is that shirt above?? I might need it. It’s from the Art District LOOK BOOK, along with this bag and other fun items that AGF made.

I’m totally thrilled there are two knits in the collection. Buttery soft knits.
They really are amazing to touch.
The knits come in the ice cream cones above (which are smaller scale than the quilting cotton blue). And then the cats!
Move over cat nip…..we’ve got CAT KNITS.

I’m pretty sure the cat puns are never-ending. Or maybe they have nine lives?
Okay I’ll stop….to check out this adorable pink cat-knit outfit by Ulpukkas Kleiderschrank! You can see more fun cat projects in the #blushfabrics tag.

I also love how well the new blue cats blend with the two originals.
Can you imagine cat overalls for triplets out of this??

(cute ice cream shirt by Alexis @myysweetsunshine)

There are tons of other prints in the new collection too.
It’s not just raining cats and cones.

And you know, I’ve been feeling the itch lately to make a quilt. Look how pretty these cones look with the original BLUSH tulips. All that red-orangey goodness.

Or….Look at this combination!
FIVE fabric collections mixed together:

Pictured above are:
Boardwarlk Delight
Day Trip
Art District
and……Summer Side! My next new collection coming soon!
Now you get a little sneak peek.

What quilt pattern would you use with these??
I’m totally thinking the Pivot Pattern by Modern Handcraft??

PURCHASE the new Art District fabrics HERE or in the links below:

> PURCHASE I Scream, You Scream (KNIT)
> PURCHASE  I Scream, You Scream (Quilting Cotton)
> PURCHASE Cat Nap (Quilting Cotton)

(or just do a search for “Dana Willard fabric Art District” and you’ll find more shops)

Happy Sewing!
(Confetti Rug from the Art District LOOK BOOK)

  1. 1) Susan

    So much fun and so good for the earth.

  2. 2) Martha L

    Omg! Sooo cute! Can’t wait to get that navy cone print! Ready to start my Summer
    Day top..

    • 3) Dana

      Oooo. I love the sounds of that! 🙂

  3. 4) Petra

    I just love <3 seeing the clothes that people make – it's not just for kids! 🙂

    • 5) Dana

      Thanks Petra!
      I agree….so fun to see how each person interprets it.

  4. 6) Mikea

    I love these!! I will have to make a couple dresses with the navy ice cream cones!

    • 7) Dana

      That sounds adorable! 🙂

  5. 8) Janine

    Love the blue cat nap fabric and see that it comes in a knit. However, I can’t seem to find where it’s sold online. Any idea?

    • 9) Dana

      Hi Janine,
      There are links at the end of the post to purchase each fabric.

  6. 10) Lee Ann

    This is so perfect for my sister! She has grandkids and loves the crafty stuff I do….but she didn’t get the crafty gene. She really wants to do a quilt for each of them as an heirloom piece. This design is BRILLIANT!!!! She wanted to incorporate pictures of them together and the “photos on the floor” look of this design will be perfect!!

  7. 11) Rhoda ADZAh

    I want some of the fabric how do I get some. Am in Ghana

    • 12) Mina

      I LOVE ghana. Spent some time in Bawjiase 💙🙏

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