Nature’s Candy

One of summer’s fine offerings is: fresh melon. Of course like any fruit, if it’s not ripe enough or the texture is off, it can be down right dreadful. I picked a loser-of-a-melon last month and I was the only one trudging through the thing, bite by bite, till I just tossed it.
But when you find a good melon…..ohhhh boy. Perfectly delightful.
I picked this beauty up at the store two days ago for $1. I had my doubts. It didn’t smell like cantaloupe; it didn’t feel soft at the nubby end. But I was patient and let it sit on our counter to sweeten up.
and the waiting paid off! I cut into it this evening (on a jelly roll pan, so the juice and seeds don’t spread everywhere; a great tip from my mom).
And it was summer at it’s finest. One of the best cantaloupes I’ve had in a while.
It’s true, I don’t always eat donuts.
and when it’s this sweet, my husband joins me too.
Welcome to our home Summer.

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