my new video….all about zippers!

For years you guys have asked, “how do you sew a zipper?”
And I’ve always meant to show you.
So TODAY is the day!

I’m totally excited about this….
(especially because there’s fun stop-motion photography and crazy music)

But also because we’re learning some clever, zippy skills….right? right?

I’ll show you TWO ways to sew a basic zipper.
It’ll be easy.  It’ll make sense.

And then you’ll never have to fear zippers again!


Now hurry up and watch before one project eats the other one…..

Hit the play button below and enjoy!

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  1. 1) Collette

    Okay, this was GREAT! I have put in a number of zippers but I really learned a lot. Now they’ll look so much better. Thank you!

  2. 2) Tharana

    U made it look so easy!! I’m gonna buy some zippers n try these ASAP!!! Never even bought them ever!! Thts how much I was scared of them! Thanks a lot!!

  3. 3) Anna

    Omg, that tutorial was a (sewing) life changer!! I always got wonky lines when trying to sew pass the chunky zipper pull part and now I know how to do it correctly!! It’s nice to be able to see how you do things through a video!! Now you just need to do an invisible zipper how-to video!

  4. 4) Penny

    Happy dance when I see you have a new video to watch! As usual, this one is great – love the fun background – love the fabric kind of matched the background! orange, dots! I never thought to bypass the zipper pull and come back to it – genius! I heart zippers!!!! Thanks, Dana, have a great day.

  5. Great job! I’ve been a huge fan and site follower for years. Now I’m a video lover too. Thanks!

  6. 6) Suzanne

    Great video! I have been sewing a zipper all wrong! Thank you so much!

  7. OH MY GOSH! Thank you Dana! I emailed you about a zipper tutorial years ago and you emailed back saying “I haven’t done one but I should”! Well here it is! SO EXCITED! 🙂

  8. Great tutorial! I love the music, the bright background, and your positive spirit!!

    Could you please do a lined zipper pouch tutorial on how to get the zipper to not look wonky there too??? Please! Thank you!

  9. 9) Anna

    Thank you SO much!

    Kind regards,

  10. 10) BeckyLeeSews

    Super fun video Dana! You explain everything so clearly and really take the fear away for beginners. Great job!

    To really up your game with zippers, there’s a free Craftsy class. Sunni Standing is a master seamstress and she changed my zipper installation world with Steam-a-Seam. Who knew you could GLUE a zipper into place before sewing? Good bye pesky pins!

  11. Great video! I will link to it in my next blog post. You did a great job showing both methods and making it feel really approachable – well done!

  12. 12) Dana

    This was fantastic!! Thank you!

  13. 13) Namuli Kasifa

    Thank you for the beautiful projects, it so helpful to me who’s new in this field.

  14. 14) Vicki

    Of all the zippers I’ve sewn, I never thought to stop and move the zipper pull down and then finish sewing. No wonder my stuff always comes out a little wonky!

  15. 15) Dayna

    Loved the video, I may actually try and sew with zippers more often lol 🙂

  16. Wow, that’s the best zipper tutorial/video I’ve ever seen! I’ve been sewing them for years and I never even thought to start zipping partway down the zipper to avoid the pull. [head slap!] This is full of great tips and the stop-motion is just adorable! Great job on this video, Dana! 🙂 Lisa

  17. 17) Jenny Egbert

    I avoid zippers like the plague. They always looked terrible when I was done. I am actually excited about trying this out! I need to go find a project now. Thank you. 🙂

  18. 18) Claire Whitley

    Great video tutorial. Thanks so much!
    Another request for a lined zipper pouch/purse tutorial please (to take zippers one step further).
    I love the concealed zipper technique – it almost looks like an invisible zipper which is just too scary to even contemplate!

  19. 19) Amanda

    Great video! I’m a visual learner and this really helps me. Silly question: what type of little plastic clips are those? They seem like they would be easier than pins sometimes. Thanks!

  20. Thank you! I love this video. I learned so much!

  21. 21) Paige W

    I love that you do videos now, so great. This movie was topnotch. I wasn’t expecting to learn much but it was a game changer- I might actually sew a zipper into my next project! woohoo! Sewing the zipper onto the sewn seam was totally genius.

  22. Great video (as always) thanks Dana!!

  23. 23) Claudia

    Thank you so much Dana for this tutorial. I finally got it! And like many others I have been doing it all wrong – no wonder my zippers were always wonky. I’m quite happy to have watched your video!

  24. 24) Rebecca

    Thank you Dana! I usually hand sew zippers because I have bust my sewing machine too many times trying and failing to sew a zipper in. I am going to watch very carefully and try again! xxx

  25. 25) Sara-Maria Ekberg

    You make it look so easy.
    I tried putting a zipper in a pair of pyamas made by strechy fabric, didnt work.. the fabric just slipped and pulled away in the wrong direction. Any clues to how to sew zippers in like jearsy-fabric??

    The instructions for a “hidden” zipper will however be used for a wonderful fabric I bought but have´t dared cut into yet because, it will need a zipper! Now I can 🙂 Thanx. /SaM.

  26. 26) Tamsin

    Thanks for a great tutorial. I could never figure out how to sew nicely around the pull, and now I can’t believe I never thought of this. Great tip! Thanks

  27. 27) gayle

    Hi Dana … you are an AMAZING and inspirational teacher. Thank you SO much.

  28. 28) Steph

    Hi (all the way from Austin)! Your videos are great. I have leftover fabric (after making pillows from another of your videos). I want to make the zipper pouch, but the fabric doesn’t seem to match the standard-sized zippers (my fabric is 10″ wide). Can I use a longer zipper and cut it short to fit?

    Thanks – Steph

    • 29) Dana

      Hi Steph!
      Yes, you can cut a zipper short, which is easy if it’s a plastic zipper….but if it’s a metal zipper, you need to pry the metal teeth off with pliers or you won’t be able to sew over the end.
      Hope that helps! Sorry I don’t have a tutorial or video for that.

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