Little Boy Blue: Jeans, Jeans, and GUEST Jeans

Though I make a lot of stuff, Jeans are one thing I always buy. It’s hard to make a homemade pair look “professional”. And who wants to go to all that work?
JEANS should be a staple in every boy’s wardrobe, and for $10-$15 I figure, why not?
We all know it’s hard to find the right jeans. Now if money was no object, every kid would look great in a pair of True Religions, Sevens, or Crew Cuts. But I morally can’t fathom the idea of spending $100 on a pair of KIDS jeans. It’s just wrong.

So to help (you) and your little guy out, we searched for the Best Boy Jeans for under $12.99.
I can’t say that each of these are my favorite jeans, by any means. But they were just what caught my eye when I was at the store this month….normal stores like Target and Old Navy. They all stood out among the overly-high-waist, too short, too baggy, not-so-cute jeans I often see in Walmart-ish stores.
And so, here are 4 styles to choose from.
Little Boy Jeans for under $12.99 (EACH with an Adjustable Waist).
(and yep, that’s another 90 Min. Shirt he’s wearing. I’m a little addicted to making them too).
But let’s get started…..

These were my least favorite of the group because they’re just a little wide in the upper leg. But I like the worn wash on the front. And they still looked pretty cute on my little guy.
These aren’t something I would normally pick up. But since my plan was to sift through all the jeans Target carried, I thought, hey, why not? Once I got them on Owen, I actually really liked them! They have a grayish wash, which is very current. The legs are pretty straight, almost “skinny”. And I actually think the applique on the pocket works. These aren’t for everybody. But with the right kicks, they’re fun.
These are totally my flavor. Simple, Loose, nice wash, comfy (but not messy-comfy). They’re one size larger than he normally wears but with the Adjustable Waist, they work (and will last even longer).
And finally, my favorite pair of Little Boy Jeans. If you don’t live near an H&M, bummer, because they don’t sell online (Fingers crossed that one day they will). Whenever I’m home in California I always stock up on their goods. And these jeans were an excellent buy.

The jeans are loose but with a tailored look. The leg is straight and with a good length to make the legs bunch up a bit. I just love them. If Owen’s wearing jeans in a pic, it’s definitely these.
And that’s our Jeans round-up. There are many more out there, which some of you may know about. So if you’ve found a Little Boy Jean (in a reasonable price range) that you love, leave info in the comments.

And if you just can’t find something in the store that you like, we have an extra treat for you here:

You can simply make your own adjustments! Most people don’t think of altering jeans, me included. It just always seemed like a big ole pain. And then I met:
Since I know your Google Reader needs one more cool blog to check in on, let me just share the perfectness of Freshly Picked. Susan, the creator, is modern, funny, shares great ideas (I wish I could post some of her girl stuff here), and just has a cool style aesthetic. For instance….

Need Moccasins?
Or maybe His and Hers Pillows:
Freshly Picked is just freaking RAD.
And since we’re talking Jeans, Susan is sharing her Skinny Jeans with Leather Patch Tutorial with us today. Let’s hear from her….
Sewing for boys is so fun. I love seeing something in the store and then hurrying home to make what I saw. I especially love altering clothing to make it less juvenile and cheesy. I usually try to keep the clothes I make practical and fun. That is where the idea for leather patches came from. My baby boy crawled through 2 pairs of jeans, so then I thought, patches! leather patches!
Additionally, I have been loving skinny jeans on my kids. Essentially, I just took my skinny jean tutorial, tweaked it slightly and added patches, both tutorials are beginner sewing level.
You can find the complete Skinny Jeans with Leather Patch Tutorial HERE on Freshly Picked.

Now go give your Little Boy Blue a smooch on the cheek.
Rae’s got a list of sweet Celebrate the BOY discounts going on. Check it out:

  1. 1) Katie Howard

    I am IN LOVE with the skinny jeans from old navy for boys. Whether they’re in the colored pants or the basic skinny jeans with an adjustable waist, they look awesome on my little guy. He is super tall and super skinny for his age. We’re talking 95th percentile for height with 50th percentile for weight. Yea, tall and skinny. They fit him perfectly and look so cute with his high top sneakers. And they’re usually on sale for 10 bucks! You can’t beat it. And I’m with you…the jeans at Wal-Mart are AWFUL!

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