Layered Pirate Shirt with GUEST: The Boy Trifecta

Today’s guest is a sewer who really deserves to be in a month dedicated to BOYS. She lives in the house of them!
It’s Emily from The Boy Trifecta! I first learned about Emily and her cool boy creations when she submitted the photo below in our Celebrate Yellow month. I saw it and just smiled, and laughed, and knew I wanted to see more of her stuff.
And she totally delivers! The Boy Trifecta is filled with inspiring ideas, both sewn and crocheted.
And what I love most….Emily sews for her older boy too. Many of you have asked about this topic. Check it out!
As a mother of 3, Emily knows a lot about boys. So let’s hear from her!
I am so excited to be part of Celebrate the Boy! Thanks for having me, Dana!
I’m Emily from The Boy Trifecta. I have three fantastic boys – Riley, Quinn, and Sawyer – and they are the reason I taught myself how to sew and crochet.

I blog almost exclusively about making things for boys. So for me, Celebrate the Boy is better than Christmas! More than anything else, I love making unique, interesting clothes for little men. I try out just about every boy pattern I can get my hands on, and make up my own by trial and error (mostly error) patterns whenever I can. I LOVE a layered look on little boys, but I can’t get mine to stand still long enough for me to get one layer of clothing on, let alone several!
Today, I’m sharing a tutorial for giving a boring old shirt contrasting, layered-look sleeves, as well as some pirate-themed stencil and appliqué option for the front of the shirts. Because what boy doesn’t love pirates? These shirts are quick to whip up and achieve the layered look without the wrestling match with your little guy.
Of course who wouldn’t want to wrestle with these boys?? They’re adorable.
Thanks Emily for the cool layering idea!
You’ll find the complete Pirate Shirt Tutorial HERE on The Boy Trifecta.
Check out the Sewing for BOYs book Rae is sharing today:

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