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• All the notions are 50% off at Joann Fabrics today!  Get all the colored elastic, cutting boards, pins, etc you need for cheap! No, I’m not a spokesperson…just sharing the good finds.
• And if you don’t have their app yet, download it to your phone.  No more carrying around those coupons!  They’re all on your phone! (and you can use them over and over again)

• In other sewing news….don’t forget that this starts next week at Elsie Marley. Love her KCWC.

  1. 1) beth lehman

    you know, i would like a joann’s app that told me when stuff was on sale…. patterns, etc.!!! want to make one? thanks for the reminder. i was in there several times this week b/c the sale stuff was 50% off!

    • There is a Joann app. I don’t know that it tells you what’s on sale, but it does provide extra coupons… 🙂

    • 3) Dana

      actually, there is an App! I’m not sure if it prompts you about this stuff but you can download coupons.

    • 4) sharon

      i was there 4 times this week! 2 different stores also because one store didn’t have the pattern i wanted. mccall’s patterns were only 99Cents! fashion star patterns were are regularly priced at $19.95, but this week 99 cents!! joann’s just took all my money…

  2. 6) Angela

    Love the app. I saved so much money around Christmas time combining app coupons & the mailers.

  3. 7) Kathy Bahlinger

    I haven’t really sewed since my kids were little and I sewed for them…. Now I have a7 month old grandson and my daughter wants me to make him some ” John Johns” as she calls them…button on the shoulders and snap tape at the crotch… I always called them shortalls… can you recommend a pattern to use? I am excited and anxious to get back into the sewing groove…. thanks!!

  4. 8) sharon

    Ended up going to joann’s soon after reading your blog and bought every color of elastic! Time to make some circle skirts!

  5. 10) Sam

    I went this morning! Bought color elastic in every color! Loving that stuff. made some of your flat front shorts with it, had the exposed elastic on the back only. I wish they had some in yellow and orange, I’m not brave enough to try dyeing again, we still have lots of pink tinted clothes.

  6. 11) Jamie

    Your blog is such an inspiration! : ) I notice Jo-Ann’s has some classes. I took clothing construction in college but I haven’t done much since. Do you have any advice regarding classes? I live in Austin and have been curious about the classes at Jo-Ann’s Mopac location.

    • 12) Dana

      I don’t know about the joanns classes (i’ve never taken any) but I know that The Stitch Lab offers some really cool, smaller classes. They’re a cute little shop just south of the river. Leslie, the owner, and all the employees are really great.

  7. 13) Liz

    There was a mailer that went out to some people for 20% off your total purchase, so if you can find one of those it makes the notions 60%! Looks like the notions are all on sale through the 28th too.

  8. Thanks for the tip about the colored elastic! I snapped up three colors at least one of which I’m hoping to use for KCWC this week!

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