It’s beginning to look a lot like Thanksgiving…

So let’s share some Fall favorites!
Because November is always one of my favorite months.

The air is crisp, the colors are changing.
And it’s the perfect pause before Christmas to remember what you’re thankful for….
Like kids who let you dress them as pilgrims and eat Candy Crunch Yams?  Yep.  I’m thankful for both.

I’m thankful for families, and the experience of being a parent.
And I’m thankful for teachable moments—both for my kids and me.  I learn from them daily.  And I get excited about the world of knowledge that’s ahead of them!
Of course I’m also thankful for the everyday comforts.
Like fuzzy socks and cereal in a box and time to enjoy the creative side of life.
I’m thankful for color.
All colors.
And for white.

I’m thankful for Never Fail Pie Crust.
Seriously it works! Every. Time.
Thank you mom for teaching me that.
And for being a fantastic mom!

I’m thankful for computers.
I’m thankful for cars….and air conditioning.
I’m thankful for felt!
What a wonder fabric.

I’m not always thankful for messes (as you know) but I love the result when I’m done.

I’m thankful for the circle of life and how all things work together.
I’m thankful for our home.
I’m thankful for good school teachers for my kids.

I’m thankful for days when I am WARM!  I hate, hate, hate to be cold.
I’d rather be really hungry than really cold….which is hard say when this photo is staring at me….

…because I’m very very thankful for Pumpkin!….and corn bread…..and pumpkin french toast.

I’m thankful for a good man and husband, who likes to can beets, and wrestle with the kids, and go on adventures in the backyard.

I’m thankful for this blogging community and that I can connect with another mom, half-way across the world, who speaks a different language than me….yet she has similar interests.  Amazing!  Yep.  Still thankful for computers!  And the internet.  And all that social network jazz.

I’m thankful for a healthy body.
And I’m thankful for sleep…..(though I sorta wish I was a vampire so I could stay up all night working while everyone else slept)

I’m thankful for Cool Whip, because I think it’s better on pie than real whipping cream.
Sorry–I grew up in the 80s.

I’m thankful for good movies, and music, and art.
I’m thankful for people who can do things I can’t do.
I’m thankful for all the men and women who fight for our country and for freedom.
I’m thankful for friends….which means, I’m thankful for YOU!
Thank you for reading along all these years and for sharing your tips, ideas, and families with me. You guys keep me going!

So here are a few projects that might keep you going, before the world turns green and red…..
Just click on a button below for the full tutorial or recipe.

And if you’re looking for a fun way to do service with your family, here’s a fantastic daily service challenge download. It’s a great way to Give with Thanks!

And….I’d love to know what you’re thankful for!….either big or small.
It’s fun to see what makes your life happy.
Happy Monday friends!

  1. Just pinned your pie crust recipe. I also hate waiting for the dough to chill, so this sounds perfect! My pumpkin pie last year was a bit of a disaster….so hopefully with this crust I can redeem myself 🙂

  2. Great post, thank you ;). I am also thankful for seasons. The changing nature shows us on one hand to cherish every moment (because tomorrow might bring something new) and also because it provides new inspiration every day.

  3. I’m thankful for my wonderful husband and two pretty good kids who keep me on my toes constantly. For a cozy house, a good job, sunny days, and soup to help me stay warm. I hate being cold, too. And for you Dana, for sharing your life and creativity with all of us.

    • 4) Dana

      That’s a fantastic list! Love it.
      And I’m glad we’re on the same page with the cold/warm thing 🙂
      Have a great week!

  4. 7) Connie in California

    Thank YOU Dana… this post.

    • 8) Dana

      Awww. Thank you Connie!

  5. I’m thankful for YOU! And for the urge to creative. I would be so lost without all those colored wheels spinning in my head. And thank goodness for a family who loves me, in spite of all those crazy wheels spinning…!

    • 10) Dana

      YES! So true! Casey and the kids might think I’m crazy…..but they seem to be okay with that 🙂
      And I am thankful for you as well! I am SO grateful for all the blogging friends I’ve made over the years. You guys have enriched my life more than I could have imagined.

  6. I’m thankful for my family, husband and our three kids. I’m thankful for the ability to make things, to run a computer, to meet people “live” and “socialnetworking”. I’m thankful because I wasa thinking to write m own thank-list, and you already shared yours pushing me to write mine. And I’m really thankful when I see the opportunity being materialized like this in front of me.
    Thank you, Dana.
    Silvia – one of the foreigner moms reading you… from Italy. Ciao 😉

    • 12) Dana

      Thank you Silvia!
      I’m thankful that there are creative moms just like me in Italy! So thank you for stopping by and for joining the fun 🙂
      Have a wonderful week!
      – Dana

  7. pretty much thankful for EVERYTHING you’ve mentioned, except the husband part because I have my own. Seriously, how did people live without the internet?

    • 14) Dana

      hahaha. I’m glad you have a good husband too :)…..and seriously, our kids will never understand how we once did research papers using real encyclopedia books and the card catalog in the library 🙂

  8. Thank you Dana for your creative post and for sharing your life with us¡¡¡¡ A lot of kisses for you¡¡¡¡

  9. 16) jodie

    I’m thankful for my family who have let me try out different recipes on them, while I study to be a pastry chef, for the past year. I’m extremely thankful that my crazy, tiring, funny, sensitive two year old still has a nap in the middle of the day. I’m thankful that I have a healthy household (for this week anyway). And I’m thankful that its nearly Christmas and I get to put up decorations soon.
    cheers to being thankful!

  10. Yes Dana,
    I’m that mom half the globe, speaks different language, Thanking you for the blog. Here’s how we say Happy Thanksgiving in Malaysia language : “Selamat Menyambut Hari Kesyukuran”

    • 18) Dana

      Thank you for sharing that Yanti! 🙂

  11. 19) Shireen

    Hi Dana ,
    I am that mom too – halfway around the globe from Hyderabad , India. And we speak Urdu at home . And when we are thankful , we say ‘Alhamdulillah’ – Praise be to God ! And when I go out I look a bit like this ( .No , no I am not oppressed 🙂 We just dress modestly in front of non-family to please our Creator.

    But I still love your blog and I identify with almost everything 🙂 Great work , carry on ! And some more of your house posts , please , because I am in the midst of renovating ours. And just so that you know , I chose a green the same color as your front door , for one of the walls in our living room 🙂

    • 20) Dana

      Thanks Shireen!
      I’m so happy we can connect through creative projects! And yes, I need to do more house posts…so thank you for the reminder! I love that you painted your wall green too 🙂
      Have a great day,
      – Dana

  12. I’m thankful for you and your fun blog. I come here so often for good ideas, inspiration, and patterns. Thank YOU!

    I’m thankful for my five little grandkids (and two more on the way) who fill my life and keep me stitching and sewing and creating for them.

    I’m thankful for this blog post full of heartfelt thanksgivings and fun ideas. I like seeing “thankfuls” more than anything!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  13. 23) Melanie P

    I’m thankful for you and your creativity! I’ve followed your blog for such a long time and you’ve shared so many ideas and so much inspiration. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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