how You Celebrate the BOY

It took me a while.
But I finally made it through the Celebrate the BOY flickr group.
And I’m blown away!

Wow, you guys are making really cool stuff and taking really fun pictures!
If anyone ever needs boy inspiration, just click through a few pages and surely you’ll find your next project!

I rounded up just “a few” of my favorites and ended up with a page like this:
I may need to another roundup after this one. There’s just too much cool stuff to look at!
So, here we go….
A roundup of BOY creations, by YOU (all credits are above each photo).
Enjoy! (I sure did)

(Peas and Carrots, Tortillas, and other fun food by Lemon Cadet)
(the nevernude–inspired by Arrested Development–(love it)–by Sew a Sraight Line)

Very impressive! Seriously. You guys inspire me. Please keep it coming!
You can upload to the Celebrate the BOY group HERE (please only 1 or 2 photos per project. Thanks!)

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