good men are good to find

This isn’t the post I was going to write today.
But I’m just going to talk about my husband for a bit.
Because Casey is the reason I’m able to have a blog and be a mom.

He’s always been supportive about what I’m doing and is a great hands-on Dad so I’m able to leave for the weekend to go to Alt or spend evenings and Saturdays at the library working on my book, while he plays Mr. Mom at home.
I know many of your husbands are the same.  Good men.  Good dads.

And I was thinking about this when I posted pics last night on Instagram (find me @danamadeit) of an amazing 9×12, ultra plush West Elm rug I scored at the Pottery Barn Outlet.  It was originally $900 and I got it for $90! for the new house!  YES!   I showed it to Casey and he said, “it looks like the insides of a Tauntaun.”
But. If you are geek enough to agree with him then I guess I applaud you because yea, it kind of does.  And it only took both of us and a wheelbarrow to move the dead carcass from my car to the garage.
I think his face sums it up.

But I’m totally excited about the rug!  The workers warned me about it shedding like crazy.  But for $90 I’ll take my chances and vacuum constantly and my friend said that after 6 months hers stopped shedding.
Thank you Tauntaun.
And thank you Casey.
And here’s the semi-serious point I guess I’m trying to make.
Casey is a good husband and puts up with a lot of my shenanigans.

When I think about the ridiculous times I’ve said something like, “okay, can you load Owen’s bed into your truck so we can go take photos by this blue warehouse across town?….and he just gives me that funny “what?” look (above)  but then shrugs his shoulders and starts loading the truck….well, I just have to smile at how cool he is about all this bloggedy blog blog stuff (as he calls it).  He never judges or asks why the heck I need to go to Joanns one more time,….and has sat in the car how many times? when I say, “I’m just going to run in for some white thread” and 20 minutes later I come out with a bag full of pleather and grommets.  He’s an excellent sounding board and helps me work through decisions about which opportunities to say yes to and which to let go of, so I can balance our family life and not be an insane stressed out person.  He even takes photos of me when I need to be in the shot, and patiently listens while I explain the angle I’m going for.  He’s just really great like that….mostly because that’s who he is and also because he sees how much I love what I’m able to do and wants me to have that creative outlet.   And, he’s always up for an adventure.  Always.

That’s actually one of my favorite things about him.  He always wants to “do stuff”.   He loves to travel the world and explore new places, try new things.   He’s a super fun dad and wrestles with the kids while I feel like pulling my hair out.  Every kid loves Casey.

He’s a busy man, works hard, teaches a seminary class to the youth kids at our church every morning at 6am and then goes off to work.  He loves University of Arizona basketball more than life, and rootbeer….but when it comes to rootbeer he’s on a quest to try every local variety we can find.  He’s a statistician and loves numbers and equations.  When I hear him talk to coworkers on the phone I know he’s speaking a foreign language my brain will never understand (which is why I got a C in my college stats class).  He’s funny, cute, dorky (but good dorky), and apparently likes to wear his red shirt.

I’m a lucky girl.

I know it’s not Father’s Day but it just seemed like a good day to point out the great men in our lives. Thank you to the other dads and husbands out there who are loving their ladies too.

Okay, over and out.
Next post: sewing and DIY.
Thanks for letting me get mushy.

  1. Awwwww, Dana, what a sweet, sweet post. I feel the same way about my hubby. People always ask me how I do everything I do and it’s because of him. I don’t think it’s possible for women who blog or run creative businesses while being full-time mom’s to do it all so it takes a good partner to make it happen. You are are very lucky. And I am very lucky. Thank you for reminding me of that today :). Talk to you soon! Lindsay

  2. Best kind of mush. So happy for you both.

  3. good to have someone like him near! He deserves this sweet post, of course!

  4. 5) Jackie

    🙂 *great big smiles* for you and your family. Casey-you are awesome.

  5. Mush is good and husbands need a shoutout every once in awhile! I would be lost if my husband didn’t support my crafty endeavors, he is my #1 fan and I feel so blessed to have that. High fave for Casey!

  6. 7) Ilene

    You’re right. Good men are hard to find – but I’m sure your relationship is reciprocated back to him as well. I would do anything for my hubs and I know he does what your husband does too. I have so many friends who have had children with awful or selfish men and it just helps to solidify how lucky we are that we picked good guys who are fun, silly and participatory in our and our children’s lives.

  7. i love love love this post. And Casey is amazing. And what a gift that he is the way he is. I think a lot of that gets forgotten in blogs, there’s usually that other half that’s behind the scenes helping out and supporting.

    Oh and just because, I have that rug (got a refund on it too because is sheds more than 5 dogs). I still have it, it still sheds, maybe less than when I first got it, but I love the way it looks. So it stays. 🙂

    Love you lady! You are always so positive!!

  8. I love it!! Wonderful post, Dana. I feel exactly the same way about my husband. Without his encouragement, I couldn’t have an at home business. Without his encouragement, I would have stuffed my creative side down and been overly practical. But thanks to him, business is thriving and growing, my creativity has been freed and the house isn’t falling down around our ears. I wouldn’t know what to do without him. He even helps with educating the kids.
    Thanks for pointing out there really are good men in the world. There are! Ladies, don’t settle for less!

  9. I love this post. LOVE it.

    It makes me think very much about my guy and how great he is (I’ve dragged him to Joann’s more times than I could count!). I’m a lucky girl, too. Thanks for inviting me to focus on that today.

  10. Nice! And a reminder to the rest of us to be grateful and say thank you on just ordinary days.

  11. Just the way I feel for my Man : lucky, happy me !!!

  12. Great post! I love my man too! 🙂

  13. Beautiful post. Sometimes we need to step back, reflect and be thankful for having supportive partners, always willing to take on more responsibilities just to see you fulfil your dreams or just be happy doing what you like. I do have a good man at home who puts up with lots of unfinished projects, yarn, fabric, paint and many other materials, and tells me again and again how wonderful my last blog post is.

    Thanks for making me smile and think about my partner who will get an extra hug and kiss tonight thanks to this post!

  14. 16) Kristie

    Thanks for the reminder that hubby’s do awesome things and are sometimes overlooked. I think I just might take today and make him his favorite things for dinner! Thank you!

  15. Love it! I think the guys in our life deserve a little shout out once in a while. Mine made dinner last night which was a treat since that’s never happened before 🙂 They seem to balance out our craziness and I’m totally with you on the JoAnn’s thing. Now he just shakes his head and laughs at me when he sees that logo on the bag. Thanks for this post!

  16. 18) J

    A truly awesome post. Oftentimes, we forget to truly appreciate our significant other for all the things they do to help us remain sane. Glad to see a post like this.

  17. Local rootbeer: in Oregon if you ever get up that direction. Good good stuff! And their locations are awesome as well – they restore old buildings. (The dance floor at the Crystal Ballroom is crazy – there are rockers under the floorboards so they literally bounce when you’re on the floor.)

    You are indeed a lucky girl with such a great guy, and I’m very blessed with my sweetie as well. Yay for amazing husbands!

  18. 21) Jennifer

    I love hearing about good men! We see so much yuck in the world it’s nice to read about the lovely.

  19. 22) Aliya

    I love this. Thank you for writing and for sharing it.

  20. hey! i’m a statistician! yay numbers! and yay good husbands. i love mine too. 🙂

  21. Great, great post, Dana! Good dads (and husbands) are a rare breed (at least by society’s estimation) We should applaud them loudly, and proudly when they’re getting it right.

    Now I’m gonna go tell my husband thank you for putting up with my
    “bloggedy blog blog stuff” too. He’s gonna ask, “You have a blog?” Ha! Ha! (Just kidding.)

  22. So sweet! It’s easy to take our partner for granted sometimes when they are so consistently awesome, this was so lovely. 🙂

  23. 26) RaeLyn

    Oh, Dana, Love this post. Yes, our husbands make it all possible. Love these righteous men. Next time you are in So Cal, you have to come down to Old Town San Diego and check out the Root Beer and Jerky shop. My Dad also loves “root beer varieties.” I’ve never seen him so excited as when we found this little store 🙂

  24. 27) Carolyn Thornley

    I love knowing more about him. Thank you!

  25. What a sweet post! My husband is also a good dude. I have an Etsy shop and I do local craft shows, and our kitchen table is permanently my crafting area, I’m constantly hatching ideas to improve my table display, he drops off packages for me at the post office, the list goes on. And he kindly puts up with all of it because he realizes I need, like you said, a creative outlet and something for myself apart from being a mom of two kids. There’s no way I would be able to have my side business if I was a single mom. Hooray for awesome husbands!

  26. God has blessed you with this man!!! 🙂 Thank Him for Casey everyday.

  27. Love this post – a beautiful tribute to your hubby. I think it takes a special kind of man to be a husband to a crafter…

  28. Love Casey, and love that you love him so much! Good husbands are the grease that gives our creative lives their freedom to move–amen to that. 🙂

  29. What a great post about Casey. It is nice to hear a little “behind the scenes” stuff about your awesome husband. I enjoy your crafy posts but enjoy your family posts just as much. Congrats on your new house too – so excited to see the whole process!

  30. He even teaches early morning seminary? oh my goodness. That’s an impressive man. So glad you’ve got him. There’s definitely a TON of credit that any man behind a blog deserves. I feel the same way about mine.

  31. Good girl gushing!!! its so nice to see a woman cherishing and loving and building up her sweetie instead of running him down for all the world to see! Good on you for being such a good example to the other wives and mums!

  32. 36) Julie

    Cool deal on the rug! I had a majorly furry wool rug from Pottery Barn and it was so hard to vacuum. The wool fibers got stuck all in the vacuum wheels and under-parts…major pain! It never really stopped shedding and I had it for maybe 4-5 years. Finally I just threw it away…couldn’t take it anymore. Just sayin…good luck with it! So sweet to post about Casey like that – having a partner that is there for you is so solid and vital. He’s a keeper 😉

  33. 37) astrid

    Hooray for good our good men!

  34. 38) neisha

    sounds like you have a good good man!

  35. 39) Tamera

    Precious post! So glad to hear you are a great team! I love my hubby too & am so grateful he is such a good father & so good to me.

  36. 40) Cammie

    Loved this post! It’s a rare thing for me to read mommy-blogs praising their man. Not that they don’t say nice things, but I’ve read a few that have a little jab hidden in the niceness. Thank you for being honest, frank, and so sweet while talking about your husband! It’s amazing how blessed we and our families are when we treat our men well.

  37. Thanks for this! Love you/this blog even more! Good men ARE hard to find and daily I see more and more how lucky and blessed I am to have the awesome supportive husband I do! Keep it up Casey! Love your blog, Dana! I share it with whoever will listen. 🙂

  38. Thanks for reminding me that I, too, am a hella lucky gal when it comes to my beloved. Just when I was completely irked at having to reschedule jury duty for the second time for my birthday way out in June because he forgot it was tomorrow… this post jogs my memory that he is an absolutely amazing man.

    I’m so glad you’ve got a good one, too!

  39. Definetly need to take him to Schilo’s deli in San Antonio. They make their own rootbeer! Great day trip from Austin!

    • I was going to add, even though it’s not local, our favorite root beer (and we LOVE root beer over here) is Berghoff.

      You used to be able to get it at the HEB @ Louis Henna, but they stopped for some reason. We have since moved to central Austin, but still haven’t seen it around. If you can get a hold of it, it is delicious!

      KaitieP- I’m going to have to check that out, as well. It looks like a neat place.

  40. 45) Joy

    What an especially nice post. So many times it seems there is so much “man bashing” going on. Good ones are hard to find I believe but when we do have a good one we should appreciate them as you have done here today. Yes there are times they drive us a little batty but that’s just life! I think it’s a 2 way street! I have to laugh at how you get your brainstorms and he just rolls with it. I bet he brags you up all the time to his buds. My hubs rolls his big beautiful eyes at me a lot but to his buds it’s another story, I hear he’s bragging all the time! As for rug, looks awesome but sounds like you should have a few vacuums on hand for the future! Good luck with the house building, it’s an exciting adventure!

  41. 47) Lauralee

    I always teasel my husband that I chose him for his good teeth, but it was SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. I kissed a lot of frogs before I found my Prince Charming. He is so wonderful – just like your Casey. I wish EVERY woman could marry a good MAN, and I wish every MAN would step up to be a supportive husband and involved dad. We are TRULY blessed to have good men in our lives; there are a lot of toads out there.

  42. 48) Catherine

    I love mushy posts. You are both lucky to have each other. 🙂

  43. Oh Dana, I love this post. I’m so so so thankful for my hubs too. The world just wouldn’t be the same without him by my side. Thank you for being you– and for remembering to share the face of the man who helps make your dreams realities. Hugs and love from Indiana!

  44. 50) Maria

    That was really touching! I am happy that there are such good men and loving relationships in the world. My husband is a wonderful person, and since we have a child (3 months now) I can see every day what a great father he is. I am so greatful for him! It´s really nice that you shared those sentiments about Casey.

  45. I found a good man. He’s awesome. I did some posts of “us” during V-day. And every day I thank God for making my man be the man who he is and putting up with my wild. Great post Dana, this post is well-deserved!

  46. Awww… I love this! It takes a special guy to be a husband to a DIY Blogger. That’s for sure! 🙂 Love this post.

  47. 55) Jennifer F.

    You made my heart smile. 🙂

  48. 56) Shelly

    He loves U of A basketball? My hubby and I both went to the U of A and we cheer for them every year. I wish they’d win a tourney again. Then my husband’s bracket would do a lot better (he’s loyal and always picks the Cats to win it every year!).

  49. 57) Kristi Andres

    Although you were talking about your hubby I’m sure you meant mine… they sound a lot alike. While other ladies are complaining about something theirs did I never have anything to compare it with because my husband is awesome as well. I don’t have a blog, but I sew like crazy, homeschool the kids and am often “done” managing the chaos of 4 kids (between the ages of 5 and 8) when he gets home and he just swoops in and takes over and sometimes says, “do you need to go out for coffee?”. Love these great men! 🙂

  50. 58) Jenny

    He’s a keeper. And go you for giving him the shout-out — that’s really important.

  51. 59) Catherine

    yeah! that is great. my husband is great too and he loves rootbeer. his favorite is Virgils and very difficult to find up here in Canada.

  52. Thanks for sharing your heart and bragging on your husband, Dana. Such a sweet post!

  53. 62) Jenw

    I am so glad you posted about Casey! That support is super important and I am glad you have it, cause I really enjoy reading your blog! Here’s a commiserating story …we were on a family walk, and saw a counter height butcher block-topped, open front table…on the side of the road, to be picked up with bulk trash, but it was perfect! I looked at it from the other side of the road, and kept walking. About 2 min later, without breaking stride, my husband said, ” you want to go back for that table huh?” And I said, ” yes please!” He went back and got it, in the rain;) good guys are such a blessing!

  54. 63) Madeleine

    That’s just beautiful Dana:) Good on you for sharing that with us:)

  55. 64) Stephanie Saunders

    I loved this post…

    …until I got to the U of A part. Go ASU!!

    Just kidding (kind of ;). Love your blog! Keep up the great work!

  56. Mushy is good. Especially when you talk about your great hubby. You’re a lucky gal…but I have to admit, so am I. I have a great hubby, that although on occasion I want to strangle (ahem), puts up with all my crazy ideas, goes along with them and most importantly is super duper patient with this doer-go-getter-never-stops wife.

  57. Ever since he, Quentin, and Rob filmed The Videos, Casey has been one of my favorite people. Every room he enters becomes more interesting, more entertaining, funnier, and happier. (And the Cats made a good run at it this year. Bummer loss.) I only “know” you through your site but it’s obvious you make a great couple. He got lucky too.

  58. I have one of these too!!!!!!!! Im extremely blessed and thankful! I love hearing that there are other great husbands!

  59. Aw, what a beautiful tribute. I got a good one too. Hooray for good blokes!

  60. Wonderful post! It’s so important to realize and appreciate the men in our lives and thank you for sharing your thoughts & feelings. He’s so much like my Keith in that he’s always up for things (and they share the same hairline!) God has blessed you beyond measure with a loving and supportive husband and to share that with us reminds us all that we don’t do what we do alone. Your recognition of his contributions to your life and the lives of your children is important.

    On April 22, I will be participating in a Fiesta San Antonio event called Pilgrimage to the Alamo, a silent parade through the city to honor the fallen Texas heros, and for months I’ve been working on my “Fiesta dress”. I mentioned to Keith that it would be so cool if I could get him to dress in1860’s period costume and escort the ladies of my group in the parade. And he went for it! His clothes arrived yesterday and he’s even growing a handle bar mustache to look the part. Talk about indulgent! I think it’s the hairline. lol

  61. 71) Casey (aw shucks)

    Thanks sweetheart! How did this make me feel yesterday? I felt like shouting from a bullhorn the same thing John Leguizamo shouts in Moulin Rouge (here’s where thousands of readers head to YouTube for their favorite scenes).

    You’re my dream come true. Be all you want to be, and I’m there for you.

  62. 72) Alisa Cutcher

    Great Men with Great Minds…are Star Wars fans!! You & Yours are truly blessed with him in your life!! AWESOME!!

  63. Above all, love… Wonderful post! It is great to remember the important things in life.

  64. If I hadn’t seen the picture I would have thought you were talking about my husband. It’s good to be lucky enough to have such a wonderful friend, companion and love. Yay! for wonderful husbands.

  65. 75) Torrie

    I have always thought that behind every great blogg’n mom there has to be a great dad. What a nice tribute to a good husband.

  66. 76) Rebekka

    Oh, you’re definitely lucky. (But so is he!) Any tips on where to find me a guy like yours? 😉

  67. Awww, love this mush! I always think about your post about moving the bed for the photo shoot and think to myself — ok, my husband is really supportive and helpful, but I think outside-bed-moving for a photo shoot just might be where he draws the line! Ha! So excited to watch the house-building and decorating. Would love to do that some day.

  68. Aww I love you and your bloggity blog blog even more now! I love seeing people lift up their spouses and acknowledging how awesome they are. I know I couldn’t do half of what I do without my husband! Thanks for getting mushy!

  69. Can I just say I loved your post! Really… what a sweet tribute to your loving best friend! Oh, and to me… Father’s Day is for “our” Father’s… you know what I mean. It just so happens that my dear hubby’s birthday lands right near/and sometimes on Father’s Day so, we get to celebrate my Dear Hubby and our Father’s too… Anyway, long story short(er) I have no problem with you getting up on your soapbox and telling all his wonderful attributes. More power to you! And to him for that matter. We need wonderful examples in this world; he is a Seminary teacher too! Oh, my! Give him a big hug! Someone’s daughter/son will be marrying one of his students one of these days… it will be much appreciated!
    And just think; you have for All Eternity!!!!! 🙂

  70. What a great guy!

    Love the rug, and it totally looks like the inside of a tauntaun =)

  71. It’s like you’re describing my guy! 🙂 Guess we got lucky!
    By the way: AWESOME rug!

  72. 82) Fernanda

    You´re not just lucky, you´re BLESSED!!!

  73. What a great post! It made me so grateful for my husband, who never complains when I ask him to take my picture for a silly blog post, and who has inspired me to try harder and harder in my life. 🙂

  74. Gratz he do what a Men job, work as husband and be nice as a father. You are lucky to have hi in your live. He could be meaning a lot for you not only because he is your husband but from what he do to you and your own family. This will showing the true love.

  75. 85) 5tummies

    You are truly blessed, and I applaud you for recognizing and sharing just because. Many including myself, forget to give thanks for what we have. I’m a single mom of 5, and with the stress of day to day life I forget to give thanks for the insane, loud, busy house full of kids. Thanks for sharing!

  76. You are so, so blessed, Dana. What a wonderful man he is. And goodness knows a blogger is only as good as the support she has behind the scenes! I loved this post!

  77. My word, I love that picture of your husband with the rug. So funny! Bless his heart.

  78. I love the mush! It’s wonderful to hear others talk about their husbands the way that I like to talk about mine 🙂 And wonderful that there are such great men out there!

  79. 89) Sarah

    Love this post. And love it that I have hope that in six months my own new sale PB rug will stop shedding like a dog all over the house! 🙂

  80. The very best comment here is the one from Casey himself. Doesn’t get any better than that.

  81. 91) Kam

    cute D. He really is awesome. If only I got to spend more time with you guys!

  82. 92) Kam

    cute D. He really is awesome. If only I got to spend more time with you guys!

    Salt N Pepper talks about Casey in Whatta Man….
    He always has heavy conversation for the mind
    Which means a lot to me cuz good men are hard to find

  83. I spy the Bali Monkey forest in Ubud! Am I right? We have a few pictures almost exactly like that. Adventures are the best. One monkey tried to make off with my sunglasses, and I had been so careful to remove jewelry and leave bags outside the forest. Great memories.

  84. I loved this post! LOVED! Because it reminded me so much of my husband and all of my shenanigans that he puts up with! They sound EERILY similar—the long-suffering, the fun-loving, and the love of foodie things like local root beer!! Oh, and the dorkiness. 🙂 Men like this are actually rather difficult to find, but I am so thrilled that you have one and that I have one as well! Everyone deserves a Casey. What a man!

  85. that’s just so sweet! i love behind-the-scenes posts like this, but even more when it’s about wonderful families like yours! thanks for sharing! 🙂 lisa

  86. this is wonderful! thank you for sharing! this was a great uplifting and encouraging post for some reason and i truly loved it! 🙂 And yes, he does seem to like that red shirt. and yes, it DOES look like a tauntaun-hopefully minus the smell!! At least you’ll have something to snuggle in if you’re ever caught in an insane snowstorm!

  87. Dana, I love your blog and I love this post. My husband is so similar. I tell him all the time how lucky I am that he doesn’t complain that I’m making “another” quilt or that our bedroom is mostly my craft room because we had to move to a smaller apartment. We hear so many stories about bad men, I like to hear ones about good men. I just wanted to point out, that my husband too, is a rootbeer fanatic and his favorite brands are Jackson Hole Brewing Co. Buckin’ rootbeer and Sparky’s rootbeer, in case your husband wants some new ones to try – I think both are available by the case on amazon. Hope you have a great day!

  88. 98) claudia

    Recently had the same rosey appreciation (well I always do) as the nice man I married PATIENTLY guided me through installing a new bathroom faucet….I am sure he could have snapped that into place and in working order in about one tenth the time it took to teach me! But we had fun, no one banged their bald head (who would that be?) on the cabinet and the faucet…works! Hooray for love and all the crayzay ways we see it and feel it!

    I loved this post, and the rug in the wheel barrow? Priceless! I’d vacuum that think like it was a paid gig too, awesome!

  89. I loved this post!

    It’s beautiful to read someone appreciate the good man in her life, a good husband, a good father… such a refreshing positive perspective. Thank you.

  90. 100) Sarah K

    Love this post. I bet he feels pretty lucky to have you too. My husband is an excellent kid wrangler/wrestler too – especially when I feel like pulling my hair out. 😉

  91. Very sweet! You are blessed. So are you children.

  92. 102) Megan Fleming

    What seminary class does he teach to youth?

  93. 103) JAN

    OK, so I’m over a year late in seeing this, but I still want to say “way to go” Dana, for being so open about your wonderful man!

  94. 104) Marilyn

    Late in seeing this too, what a great guy! Sounds like my man. I loved that you wrote this post. And you are a great gal. I look forward to reading your blog everyday.

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