giveTHANKSaway: Stained Glass Stars and Twine (CLOSED)

Our next giveaway doesn’t require any sewing or making….it simply requires an appreciation for handmade goodness and beautiful art.  Oh, and you must like Stars.  And color.  And pretty twine.
Sound good to you?
Sounds perfect to me!

These are the famous stained glass stars from the shop Piggy & Dirt….which I’ve admired for a while now, ever since Katy posted about them on No Big Dill.  So I’m happy to share them today on MADE!

If you’ve never been the Piggy&Dirt shop you’ll be blown away by the amount and variety of stars offered.  I can never decide which one is my favorite.  But with the holidays upon us, these pretty gold ones are twinkling in my sky.

And so are these.  Can you imagine a Christmas tree or a frosty window with those mini mint stars dangling in front, catching the winter rays?  So gorgeous.
Along with selling stars the shop also offers twine to hang your stars.  Brilliant!  And who doesn’t need a good spool of twine….in ever color?  Yep, they have 67 of them.

Today Piggy&Dirt is offering:
A Stained Glass Star + a spool of twine to TWO winners (winner’s choice of star + twine)
This giveaway is open to international readers!

And to stay updated with the latest stars that are added to the shop, follow Piggy&Dirt on Instagram @kurtknudsen, where they also offer special discounts.
• Leave a comment, that’s it.
• Only one entry per person.
• Open to anyone!
• TWO winners will be picked via

Twinkle twinkle little star.
Have a good night!
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Stained Glass Stars and Twine

  1. 1) Collette

    These are lovely! And TWINE!!!!!

  2. 2) Gina F

    Love the twine options. Thanks!

  3. 3) Tracie S

    So pretty and fun!

  4. wow! those are simple and beautiful…I think they would be lovely year round (well, maybe not the candy cane striped version).

  5. 6) Claudia

    Thanks for the chance! I’ve ordered their twine before and it’s awesome, not to mention packaged to perfection.

  6. 8) Jessie S

    Stained gales is so pretty! And I love stars!

  7. 9) Stephanie Merritt

    Awesome giveaway! Beautiful stars and twine! Thanks for the chance!

  8. 10) Nikki Blasdell

    So cute!

  9. 11) Carolyn

    Beautiful stars! Thanks for the chance.

  10. 12) deanna

    Adorable! Would love them on the Xmas tree with sparkly lights behind. 🙂

  11. 13) Emma

    I love stars! Always remind me of our time spent in Texas!

  12. 14) Alisa

    Those stars are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! And 67 different colours of twine? I am in serious trouble!!!! 🙂

  13. 16) Rachael Telford

    oh, I’ve wanted these for a long time. They’re really beautiful. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  14. 17) Amanda


  15. 18) Kerry

    Ooooohhhh!!! Baker’s twine! 🙂

  16. 67 colors of twine? Really? That’s awesome. Love stained glass. Learning to do that craft is one of my must-learn-to-do-one-day-craft-wishes.

  17. 21) Trisha Pull

    Great giveaway! Thanks, Dana!


  18. 22) Susie Gomez

    I got to this one early. I hope I am randomly selected.

  19. 23) Heather

    These would be a perfect gift for my MIL!

  20. 25) Sam Oldham

    Would totally love one of Katy’s parent’s star. Gorgeous things that they are!

  21. 26) Briahna Bushman

    I love these they’re so beautiful!

  22. 27) dayna

    Pretty stars!!

  23. 28) Becca

    oh how lovely these stars and colorful twine…what a fine shop!

  24. 29) Emily S.

    I’ve loved these stars from afar for a long time…it’s time I had my own.

  25. 30) kassie searle

    Those Stars Are Beautiful!

  26. 31) Kaleigh

    These are so beautiful!!! What wonderful holiday decor!!

  27. 32) Jamie Z.

    I love these stars! Would love to see them sparkling in my craft room window 🙂

  28. 33) Amy G

    How fun! I’d love to hang these in my window!

  29. I love the twine, and the stars are so pretty. I don’t think we actually have a tree topper anymore I will have to go browse them!

  30. 35) Tiffany

    Those are so pretty!

  31. 36) Alexis

    So pretty! And I can always use some more bakers twine

  32. 38) Jennifer

    Love the twine and the star would be perfect on the Christmas tree!!

  33. 39) Lauren

    I love their shop and would be thrilled to win! Such a talented family!! Thanks!

  34. 40) Kristen

    Gorgeous!!! I’d have a hard time choosing!

  35. 41) Kimberly

    So excited about this giveaway!!

  36. 45) Wendy

    I love these stars! They are just gorgeous!

  37. 47) Lisa

    I love these!!

  38. 48) Jody R

    So gorgeous!!!

  39. 49) Bridget c

    The stars are gorgeous. I’ve never seen anything like them.

  40. 50) Kati K

    Love these! I wish I could fill my Christmas tree with them!

  41. 51) Jessie Towner

    I love these so very much! Beautiful stars!

  42. 52) Sarah Waldrep

    Love these!

  43. 53) Joelle

    soooo pretty!

  44. 54) Ashley E

    Just love the stars and twine!!! So beautiful. 🙂

  45. 55) Spark*Amy

    SO beautiful!! Would love some of these along the mantle!

  46. 56) Melanie

    These are so pretty!

  47. 57) Stargirl

    I LOVE baker’s twine. It is so whimsical to me. And the stars are just lovely!

  48. 58) Deanna H

    Oooohhhh… I LOVE these!

  49. Oh I have been drooling over those for ages too!

  50. 60) Lauralee

    Stars are so pretty! What a precious baby gift in the form of a twinkle, twinkle little star and all wrapped up with a twine bow! LOVELY!

  51. 61) Megan

    These are amazing!

  52. 62) Maggie

    I love their stained glass stars… been admiring them for awhile!

  53. 63) Rachel

    I’ve always loved these stars too:)

  54. 65) Lynne Tilley

    Oh, love the twine and adore the stars!

  55. 66) LeAnn

    I love their twine and the little extras they send with your order:)

  56. 67) Darla

    Hubby and I were looking for something like this for his parents for Christmas!

  57. Those are awesome!!! And who doesn’t love twine?

  58. 70) Mallory

    very pretty!

  59. 71) Jess Reinhart

    Love the colors!

  60. 73) Jessica blood

    Thanks for guys

  61. 74) Amy M.

    I have looked at their stars many times, I love them! Thanks!

  62. 75) JenP

    These are so fun! I have a collection of pretty glass ornaments that hang in my kitchen window all year long.

  63. 77) Heather

    Those stars are gorgeous!!! And the twine is so fun in so many colors!

  64. 78) Katie

    So simple and beautiful! I love stained glass in winter! It just brightens up the gloom — especially in the Northwest where it’s always grey outside!

  65. 79) Margaret

    Would love to win!

  66. 80) AmyL

    pretty stars and twine! thanks for hosting the giveaway

  67. Oh my this is such a great give away!!! I really hope I win. 🙂

  68. 82) Kristi

    I love these! And my kids would love them too!

  69. 83) Kari

    I have met Piggy&Dirt. They are amazing!

  70. 84) Manny Pangilinan


  71. 85) Amy H

    Oh so lovely!!!!!

  72. 86) Mariah

    These are absolutely beautiful!

  73. 87) Marisa Ibrahim

    I’d love to hang one in my window!

  74. those stars are so lovely! thanks for the chance!

  75. 89) Lauren

    So pretty

  76. 90) JK

    Gorgeous! And where was this twine when I needed it over the summer? Love!

  77. 91) Emily

    So Beautiful! Thanks Dana!

  78. I love those stars!! Always wanted to order one! Fingers crossed!

  79. 95) Ellen Davis

    Colors Galore! Love it!

  80. 97) Angie

    Simply beautiful!

  81. 98) Jean

    These Stain Glass Stars Are Just gorgeous, I Have Many Stars In My Home
    Due To My Home Décor Is Country. None Of Them Are Stain Glass I Would Love To Have 1 Of These To Add To My Home.

    Good Luck Everyone & Happy Holiday`s To All

  82. 99) The Mrs.

    I can see those Christmas stars becoming an heirloom. So festive!

  83. 100) Rebecca

    Thanks for the chance to win! I love the twine and the stars are so pretty!

  84. 101) tiffany

    how have i not seen these before? they’re gorgeous!

  85. 102) rachel

    love these so beautiful

  86. 103) bridgette

    Ooh these would be perfect in my living room window

  87. 104) Brandy

    Yes, please!!!

  88. 105) Jennifer

    Oh, I’ve been pining after these starts for years, too!

  89. 106) Catherine

    I need that twine!!

  90. 107) Laura F.

    So cute. Love the striped stars.

  91. 108) Vanessa

    So cute!

  92. 109) Gina

    Both those stars and the twine are already on my Christmas list! I love them!

  93. 110) breanne o

    Love these stars and cute twine!

  94. 111) Courtney

    I would love one!!

  95. I love stained glass (and Star is my middle name. No, really!)

  96. 113) Trisha H.

    Love them! I’ve been admiring those stars forever!

  97. 114) Melanie B

    LOVE so much!!!

  98. They’re so pretty! Would be fun to use them to decorate for Christmas! 🙂

  99. I’ve never been so in love with twine and stars!

  100. 117) Jenw

    Oh so pretty!!! Such fun giveaways!!

  101. 118) Sarah

    Love these!!!!

  102. 119) Susan

    I love these! Thank you.

  103. 120) Emily

    So very pretty!

  104. 121) janet

    oh my stars!!!!!!!!!!

  105. I love these stars. My sister and Mom both have them. They’re so darling.

  106. 124) Erika

    Such pretty stars! Thanks for the giveaway!

  107. 125) Anne

    Oh my gosh–we just moved into a new house with a beautiful china hutch–these stars would be amazing hanging inside!

  108. 126) Wendy H.

    Beautiful. Love them!

  109. 127) Liesel

    So pretty!

  110. I’ve been wanting one of these starts foooorrrreeevvvver……

  111. So pretty. These would be great strung up at a party or wedding. Thanks for sharing.

  112. 131) Ellen

    The stars are SO pretty!

  113. 133) Laurie

    I love these! I can see these used with lots of little white twinkling lights! Beautiful!

  114. Ooooo!! A giveaway that is open to international readers. Yay! Pretty stain glass stars and twine. Double yay!! The stars are so beautiful and prefect for the holiday season.

  115. 135) Meagan

    I’ve admired these for a few years now. It would be amazing to have one of my own!

  116. 136) Kim

    Beautiful beautiful!

  117. 137) Susannah

    I love these stars – so pretty and twinkly!

  118. 138) Becky

    Beautiful! Thank you for the giveaways!

  119. 139) Karin

    I’ve been drooling over these forever too!

  120. 140) Valerie C.

    I love those stars. And, we have several places to hang one.

  121. 141) Allyson

    I love stars! These are so beautiful.

  122. 142) Kris

    beautiful stars

  123. 143) Marcie


  124. 144) Lauren

    Love a little pop of color while winter is quickly approaching.

  125. 145) Loretta

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

  126. 146) Regan De Marines

    These are gorgeous! Would be beautiful holiday decorations. Thanks for the giveaway.

  127. 147) Lindsey

    Cute stars and twine!

  128. 148) Sara

    I’ve wanted a Knudsen star FOREVER! Pick me. 🙂

  129. 149) Chantalle

    Cute! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  130. 150) Becky

    Would love to hang one of the stars in my kitchen window!

  131. They are beautiful and would look so pretty on a tree!

  132. 153) Mel

    Oh! So pretty! Thanks 😀

  133. 154) Kerry

    oh the joys that grow from glass and light!

  134. 155) Stephanie

    These stars are so so pretty!

  135. 156) Mandy

    So cool!

  136. 157) Heather Spencer

    Please!!!!!! Pick me!!!

  137. 158) Cara

    LOVE the stars! Thanks for a chance to win!

  138. 159) Sam

    I love the twine!!

  139. Beautiful! What a fabulous addition to any home! Thanks!

  140. 161) Laura Grady

    Oh my word! All the Christmas stars are so wonderful!

  141. 162) Kate

    So pretty!

  142. 163) Nikki

    Love these beautiful stars!

  143. 164) Jessica

    Those are all so pretty!

  144. 165) ruth

    So beautiful!

  145. 166) Amy L. Weber

    Yay! Thank you for such a simple-to-enter give-a-way!

  146. I want! 🙂 Thanks again for all the great giveaways.

  147. 168) Ann

    Very cute!

  148. 169) nancy

    How festive and beautiful.

  149. 170) Jessica

    Love stars! And twine!

  150. 171) Cara

    I love their stars!!

  151. 172) Sarah

    So beautiful! I need these in my breakfast nook window!

  152. 173) Heather

    I love the stars

  153. 174) Alison

    I’ve been admiring those gorgeous stars for a few years now. So pretty!

  154. 175) Boot~C

    I have lusted after these stars for several years now, & I love the twine. thanks for the chance

  155. 176) Holly

    Yes please!!!!

  156. 177) Betsy

    Ooh I love looking at these stars! They would be a great gift except I think I would want to keep it! And twine too, how fun! Thank you for the giveaway!

  157. 179) melanie

    Wow, so simple and beautiful and do you think I’m excited that its international!?!?!?! I would love to enter so my giveaways and competitions but being in Australia limits me so Yay!! for international!!!!!

  158. 180) Rachel

    These stars are beautiful! I would love some.

  159. 181) Kelsey Johnston

    I admire those stars every single time I log in to etsy. One day!!! I have a few in my basket.

  160. I’ve never seen these – so gorgeous!

  161. 183) Robyn

    Gah! So beautiful. Would be lovely to see those hanging in my window any day of the year.

  162. 185) aly

    Wow- such a beautiful way to say Greetings!

  163. 186) Mandy

    My daughter would LOVE the stars!

  164. 187) Dia

    Love the polka dots!

  165. 188) mary anne

    These are so pretty, and who doesn’t love twine!

  166. 189) Katherine Keys

    Love stars! 🙂

  167. 190) Tanny

    Love the stars!

  168. 191) cher pelle

    Love them all!

  169. 192) Karen

    Love them!

  170. I love these stars. If I don’t win, I may just have to get a few.

  171. 194) Paige

    Love the stars! Thanks!

  172. 195) Heather Musser

    I love the stars!

  173. 196) Melani

    Thank you for the chance … 🙂

  174. 197) Shiloh

    These are too amazing!

  175. 198) laura r

    Would love to win! Super fun!

  176. So cute! I love the mini mint ones! Thanks for the chance to enter 🙂

  177. 200) Erica

    So pretty!

  178. 201) Teresa

    These stars are so beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!

  179. 202) Miranda

    I love these!

  180. 203) Tina C.

    Gorgeous! Thank you for the giveaways!

  181. 204) Jane

    These are beautiful!

  182. 205) Rik

    This is awesome!

  183. 206) Brandi m

    Yes! This would be great!

  184. 207) Kally

    Awe, I love these stars! Like you, I also have a hard time choosing a favorite!

  185. 208) Debra

    i love stained glass. these would be a beautiful addition for the holidays.

  186. 209) Lexi

    So pretty! I know exactly who on my Christmas list needs a star!

  187. 211) Tracy

    I have always loved their stars too!

  188. 212) Diane P

    Beautiful! Would make a lovely gift.

  189. 213) netty

    Super fun! 🙂 I love the stars in a small version….they would look so sweet in my baby’s nursery window.

  190. 214) Kendra

    I love the way the stars twinkle in the light. And who wouldn’t want some of that beautiful twine?!

  191. 215) Kerry

    I have always loved stars and these are beautiful! Love the twine.

  192. 216) Amy

    Now I must have stars in my Windows. And twine. Seriously. The twine.

  193. 218) Maria

    These are so fun & cheerful!!

  194. 219) Ruth

    Wow, how would you ever choose your favourite colour combo if you won? I’ve narrowed the stars down to five … Mmm maybe six.

  195. 220) Roxanne Flores

    All the stars look adorable! I hope I win something!

  196. 221) Carolyn Thornley


  197. 222) Amy

    That Christmas polka dot star is too stinkin’ cute!

  198. 224) Sylviane

    It’s snowing up in Quebec today – starting to look like Christmas… a star would be a perfect addition to the scenery!

  199. 225) Maureen

    love it!

  200. 226) Sarah Keith

    Love the stained glass stars and twine!

  201. Have to be happy for some international give-aways! I’m not an overly-crafty person, but I know that colored twine would be fun to play with!

  202. 231) Colleen

    Love them! thanks!

  203. 232) Whitney C

    I love these!

  204. 233) Laura

    Long been an admirer of the stars & twine!

  205. 234) Jenny

    I’ve always wanted one of these stars!

  206. 235) Cami

    I love these stars. Thanks!

  207. 236) susana

    Regalo adorable!Gracias!
    Esas estrellas increíbles!

  208. 237) deeanna

    Beautiful! Perfect for catching winter sunshine!

  209. 238) anca c

    they are really pretty

  210. 239) Whitney

    So cute!

  211. Oh I really really want to win this one! Thanks for the chance!

  212. 241) Jill Wright

    These are great!

  213. 242) sarapete

    Those stars are so gorgeous!

  214. 243) Darcy

    I have had my eye on these stars for a long time I would love one!!!

  215. 244) Melissa

    I’ve been in love with these stars for ages. Perfect giveaway for the holidays!

    Thank you!

  216. 245) victoria

    twinkle, twinkle little star
    do you know how loved you are?


  217. 247) Cammie

    Those are so cute! They would be darling across the mantle that I just finished building!

  218. 248) brooke

    I have always admired the stars when Katy would show them on her blog! They are so pretty…And who doesn’t love pretty twine!

  219. 249) Jo

    This is my first daughters first married Christmas and she is starting to imagine what Christmas in her home will look like. One of these would be perfect. 🙂

  220. I loves these stars! How cute to have a string of them in my window this wintertime.

  221. 251) mary j

    We give my daughter a star every year for Christmas, someday when she’s quite grown up she’ll have a skys-worth of stars for her future home. I’d love to make one of these a part of this tradition.

  222. 252) Shannon

    These are perfect for the Christmas tree. Beautiful!

  223. 253) Erica

    I’ve also loved their stars since seeing them on NoBigDill

  224. 254) Jessie

    So beautiful! Would love to add one to our decor.

  225. 255) Katie

    What a fun giveaway!

  226. 256) Hanni Guinn


  227. 257) Kaitlin

    This is such a great giveaway!

  228. 258) Melissa

    I love these stars. I think I need a red striped one!

  229. 259) Sarah C.

    These stars are beautiful and who doesn’t love twine!

  230. 260) Shauna

    Piggy&Dirt stars are awesome

  231. 261) leslie moon

    I love twine!! And stars!!

  232. 262) Kris

    I’d love to win this– those stars are so pretty! Thanks for the opportunity!

  233. 263) Britta

    So lovely. I would love to win.

  234. 265) Megan C

    what a nice decoration!

  235. 266) Jennifer

    How beautiful!

  236. 267) Mary W.

    I love these stars!!

  237. 268) Brooke

    I love the window full of stars! So pretty!

  238. 269) April

    Beautiful! Thanks for the chance to enter.

  239. 270) Christa

    Fingers crossed

  240. 272) Jennifer F.

    Adorable stars

  241. 273) Roxann

    Stars are my fave! Beautiful! Crossing my fingers over here!

  242. 274) Lindsey Holland

    simply gorgeous – what a wonderful Christmas decoration!!

  243. 276) Jessica


  244. Love the stars and twine!!!

  245. 278) Jenny

    Sweet! How to choose though?!

  246. 279) Kristen


  247. 280) Amy

    Oh so pretty! Would love to win one 🙂

  248. 281) Vero Et

    WAH!!! so cute: thanks for the opportunity

  249. 282) sarah wade

    How fun and beautiful are those!?!

  250. 283) Samantha S

    They are beautiful – and I love the image of them clustered! They look so pretty in the window!

  251. 284) Marce Gámez

    Love the stars, ove the twine!!… love the chance.

  252. If I don’t win I might have to just buy some! I’ve been admiring these ever since I saw them on the No Big Dill blog. So perfect for Christmas!

  253. 286) Rachel Roberts

    I have looked at the stars in their shop so many times. The one thing that has stopped me from ordering anything is the fact that I want everything in the shop. I think that if I had one star to start my collection it would be easier to make up my mind and grow a collection from there.

  254. 287) MommaJen

    I live on the main street and the parade comes by our house. I would really love to have these in the window!

  255. 288) Diane

    These could be a lot of fun to decorate with!!!

  256. I have always loved this shop! I’d love a gorgeous star to hang in my new nursery. 🙂

  257. 290) Amreen

    How pretty! i love the ones next to the frosty window!

  258. 291) Kristi Andres

    Would love one of these stars! 🙂

  259. 292) Yuki M

    Ooh I love the stars with the twine!

  260. 293) Sarah De Visser

    Yay! And thank YOU for the fun giveaways! 🙂

  261. 294) Katri

    Pick me!

  262. 295) Carrie

    Love these stars! Might get some for gifts.

  263. 296) Mae

    Want me some of that twine!

  264. 297) Karen

    They’re lovely! Thanks for the giveaway!

  265. 298) Becky M.

    So cute! I would love a star.

  266. 299) ss

    I love stained glass starsm and would love to have one of these

  267. 300) Jocelyn

    So pretty! I’d love one!

  268. 301) Tee

    Oh my goodness, how I love their stars! I’ve purchased a couple, but I absolutely want more!!

  269. 302) Lindsey

    I LOVE the stars. IT would be such a nice touch to add to my home! Thank you for the giveaway offer.

  270. 303) Bekah M.

    Pick me please!!

  271. 304) Kim M.

    Those stars are gorgeous! They would make wonderful presents!

  272. 305) GretchenP

    so pretty! thanks for the giveaway!! 🙂

  273. 307) Leslie

    Those Christmas stars are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing

  274. 308) Deanna

    So simple and pretty! They make my heart happy!

  275. 309) Quoll

    These would be great on a Christmas Tree

  276. 310) Erin

    I have been in live with these stars for two years now. Please help me obtain one!

  277. 311) Gayle

    Cool things to win with Christmas around the corner. i would love to use that twine to wrap holiday presents.

  278. Oh man, I’ve been admiring those stars for quite a while!

  279. 313) Melissa Gravert

    These would be lovely gifts! Thank you for the giveaway!

  280. 314) evitafjord

    Oh, I love those stars. I have a window or two calling out for stars.

  281. 315) Heidi

    So pretty!

  282. 316) Mama charm

    Love their work!

  283. 317) Jan

    Aren’t Piggy and Dirt someone’s parents? Like a popular blogger’s? I don’t remember whose……

    Love their stars, though 🙂 Nie Nie always posts about them, too.

  284. The stars are lovely and especially with that great twine to hang them! I’ve admired them for a long time.

  285. So adorable. This is my favorite giveaway every. It’s simply cheerful!

  286. 320) Toni

    That twine is to die for!

  287. 321) morgan

    What fun! I love them all! Thanks for the chance to win!

  288. 322) Jan Richards

    I love the stars and I have the twine in a couple of colors.

  289. 323) Amy Hoffman

    Such pretty stars!

  290. 324) Lizzie

    Love those stars!

  291. A summer Christmas in Australia – those stars would be tinkling in our sunshine! Just saying… Thanks for the lovely give away.

  292. 327) Jennifer

    Oh those stars! They are the best! And twine!

  293. 328) Jane

    Beautiful – they would add nicely to the handmade Christmas decorations collection!

  294. 329) Heather

    I LOVE stained glass and I’ve been eying these stars since seeing them on nienie’s blog a few years ago.

  295. 330) Sofie

    Just love number 5 … and number 7… and number 3… and number 9… Oh It’s just one isn’t it? Thanks for this very pretty give-a-way!

  296. 332) Sarah B.

    I love the gold stars, too. Perfect for the holidays.

  297. 333) Carrie

    I have had my eye on these stars for a long time. They’re so beautiful!

  298. 334) Kiersten

    Those are so pretty! I loved stained glass. Thanks!

  299. 335) Amy

    These are great, I love the blues and greens!

  300. 336) CarlaK

    OOOOOOOh, so gorgeous !
    I do want one !

  301. 337) jessica

    these are so beautiful!

  302. 338) Tonya

    Those stars are amazing!

  303. 339) Becky T

    That twine looks like candy, yum!

  304. 340) Alison

    I’ve loved these stars since I first saw them on NieNie’s blog. I want a red, white and blue one.

  305. 341) Laura B

    Those are so so fab! Love the Christmas stars!

  306. 342) Kristen

    I have wanted one (or a ton) of these forever. I just can’t ever decide which one! They’re all so adorable!

  307. 343) Sharla

    So cool! Love the twine!

  308. 344) Chiara

    Great! I love stars, so this sounds perfect. Thank you for giveaways open to international readers 🙂

  309. 345) Amanda Davis

    Love those stars!! And I’m a bit obsessed with twine!! So pretty 🙂

  310. 346) Casey

    Oh goodness, my tree could use one of those stars! It’s a hodge podge of ornaments right now.

  311. 347) Lise

    I do have a thing about twine – love it! And the stars are gorgeous too!

  312. 348) Jess Z

    So fun! Love the stars and twine!

  313. 349) Lizzie L

    Creativity is in this family’s genetics! Love these stars – I’ve wanted one for a while!

  314. 350) Amanda

    The Stars are Stunning and I love the Twine 🙂 Thankyou for sharing such a great giveaway 😀

  315. who doesn’t need twine? and stars

  316. 352) Sarah

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    So the give away would be usable here.
    By the way I like your blog very mutch!!

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    Kathy Peterson

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  628. 681) Amanda Jane

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  629. 682) Nancy Tee-Michel

    Absolutely fun and stunning!! I love #’s 4,6 and 8, it would be a great ornament to honor my son who passed away 5 yrs ago. We always decorate his headstone during the various holidays and seasons, as we feel his presence is always with us!

  630. 683) Maxine

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  631. 684) Candace

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  633. Beautiful, my husband loves stars

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  638. 692) Jenny B.

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