giveTHANKSaway – Freshly Picked leather Moccasins (CLOSED)

Something exciting happened at our house…

And we absolutely love them.
She loves them!
She didn’t want to take them off and tries to put them back on whenever she seems them in her room.  Oh these are the cutest little shoes.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Freshly Picked?  They are THE place for soft-soled, durable, freaking adorable leather moccasins.

I’ve been eyeing them for years now but wanted to wait till Clara was walking to try them out.  Well then she did start walking but then it was 100 degrees here in TX.   And in those instances, shoes are optional.

So finally it’s time for cozy soft leather shoes. And I just had to taste the rainbow…..Cherry, Lemon, and Platinum.  Delish.  It’s hard to pick only one when there’s a whole orchard in front of you.
And though I thought the platinum would be my favorite because it would go with everything….I’ve decided that everything goes with everything!  I love how interchangeable the colors are with her clothes.

And most of all I love that they’re comfortable.  And the sizing is similar to retail store shoes.  This is one of those comfort AND fashion at the same time deals.

Okay.  Let’s giveaway moccs!
TWO winners get to pick their favorite color and size.
• Leave a comment, that’s it.
• Only one entry per person.
• Open to US residents
• TWO winners will be picked via

Thank you Freshly Picked!

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  1. 2) Kristi Andres

    Oh, I hope they’re not just for babies, they are so adorable!! 🙂

  2. 3) Michelle

    OMG my daughter would love these!

  3. 4) Quinn Savona

    I have been eyeing these cute mocs for a while! Would love to win a pair:)

  4. 5) Rebecca

    Thanks for the chance to win! My baby just started to walk and he would look so cute wearing a pair of these!

    • 6) Mandy

      OMGosh-I have 2 sets of little feet that would L❤️VE these!

  5. 7) Mandy

    I’d love these for my little girl! She loves shoes!

  6. 8) Sharon L

    OMG! Soooo cute

  7. 9) Alison

    I would love some for my little girl!

  8. 10) terryia

    my niece and brother would go crazy for these!

  9. 11) Jamie

    OMG these are sooo cute 🙂 These would be perfect for my little Violet 🙂

  10. 12) Kristen

    Oh I have been wanting this forever!

  11. 13) Shakyra

    I’ve had my eye on these for ages too!

  12. 14) Diana

    too cute!

  13. Oh! I’ve seen these around the blogsphere but never knew where they were from. What a wonderful color palette they have.

  14. Oh man, I wish my boys were younger. Would love to give a pair to my nephew.

  15. 17) Vero et

    Love the yellow

  16. 18) Kelly Borsman

    Oh my goodness!!!!! How absolutely adorable!!!!!!

  17. 19) Marsali

    These are so cute! I would love to win a pair!

  18. 20) Jenna

    Love these, been wanting them for my little one now that he’s walking!

  19. 21) Kandice

    Very cute. My daughter would love these too.

  20. Awww – how adorable, my little guy will be walking soon and would love a pair of these!

  21. i know this giveaway is going to get a ridiculous number of entries because FP moccs are SO DARN CUTE, but i’m entering anyway. thanks dana and susan, fingers crossed!!

  22. 24) Heather musser

    Pick me!! Thank you!!!

  23. 25) Sara

    Very cute! Love the yellow.

  24. 26) Sara B.

    So cute, my little one on the way would be so stylish!

  25. 27) Jessica

    I’m so excited about these!

  26. Oh my goodness, those are so cute! My son who has just started walking has some moccasins from Target but aren’t nearly as nice and his feet are already about to outgrow them. So, it’d be awesome to get him a new pair of these!!!

  27. Shut the front door! love these shoes and have been lusting after them for too long.

  28. 30) Whitney C

    Oh I would love these for my baby!

  29. 31) Ashley

    I’ve been wanting some moccs for my own little miss and these are perfect! SO cute!

  30. 32) Suzanne

    I absolutely love these! And would love to win a pair for our first baby girl due in march!

  31. 33) bdaiss

    Adorable! (And my daughter has those same zig zag leggings! Love Tar-zhay.) Thanks for the chance!

  32. 34) Elizabeth

    Love these!

  33. 36) Cori

    Oh my gosh! I NEED those!!!

  34. 37) Becca

    The only sad part about this is that I have twins, so they’d have to share the pair.

  35. 38) Emily P

    So so adorable!!

  36. 39) Ellen

    i definitely need some of these!

  37. 40) antoniela

    I would love to win the mint ones !

  38. 41) Heather c

    Those are so stinkin cute!! I would love a pair for my girls!

  39. I’ve been dying to get some of these for my little man and now baby #2 needs some too!

  40. 43) Steffanie Martz

    love them! I’ve wanted these for my kiddos for forever!

  41. 44) Mary VZ

    So sweet, and so comfy looking!

  42. 45) Adam

    My littlest one would look adorable in these!

  43. 46) Kendra

    I NEED these for my daughter!!! So cute!

  44. 47) Katri

    Pick me, please!

  45. 48) Gina F

    Love them! So hard to find good comfortable shoes for little ones. Thanks!

  46. 49) Janna

    Super cute!

  47. 50) Michelle Ginskey

    I’ve been wanting to get a pair of these for my little Owen!

  48. 51) Melanie

    Darling, love these moccasins!

  49. 52) Wendy

    I love these! They’re gorgeous!!

  50. 53) Lisa

    Pick me! These would be super cute on my daughter.

  51. 54) laurel

    oh my little clare-bear would love these!

  52. 55) becca


  53. 56) Meghan

    Too cute!

  54. 57) Anne M.

    My daughter loved her mocs that I got as a gift from my sister. These look amazing with so many wonderful color choices.

  55. 58) Allison Dredge

    Those are adorable!!!

  56. 59) Caitlin

    I love these! Trying to decide which one of my littles should get them.

  57. 60) Ursula Ramos

    So cute. Love the colors.

  58. 61) Michelle Jacobsen

    So cute!

  59. 62) Alicia

    Cute! I love the RED! 🙂
    aliciarosborn (at) gmail (dot) com

  60. 63) Jennifer Norman

    Oh my so cute!!

  61. 64) Ash

    Been get a pair for my little girl!

  62. My baby will be taking her first steps soon! I’d love a pair of these adorable moccs for her!

  63. Oh I would love to win so much!!! Those platinum ones have been calling my name for quite some time. My little girl turns 1 next week, and just started taking steps. So perfect timing! 🙂

  64. 68) Kristin

    We have one pair and are dying for another!! Would love to win a pair!

  65. 69) Mary Johnson

    Too cute!!

  66. I would love a pair of these for my daughter! Another great giveaway!

  67. I love these shoes. they’re just so adorable!

  68. 73) Carolyn

    Love them!

  69. 74) carol g

    Love These!!!!! I have a grand niece…I love the Yellow ones…for a 2 yr old Toddler !!!!

  70. 77) Sarah

    These are adorable!

  71. 78) Laura J.

    I have not seen those before. Very cute. Love the red.

  72. 79) Dagny

    I have been looking at these shoes for years. They are so darn cute!

  73. No I have not heard of these!!! I am for sure going to have to get my daughter a pair now, so cute!!!

  74. 81) Suzie

    I’ve been wanting these for my little girl!! So cute!

  75. 82) Amy


  76. 83) Kylie P.

    I love them! My little guy would too, I’m sure.

  77. Those are amazing! I was just lamenting my little one growing out of a pair of pedi-peds… these look like a great replacement!

  78. 85) Jill

    Love these. Adorable!

  79. 86) sam

    Adorable. I have just the little boy in mind who could use a pair.

  80. 87) Amy G

    I love the yellow ones!

  81. 88) MrsLindseyM

    So cute!!

  82. 89) Whitney

    These are adorable!!!

  83. Best giveaway ever! Those red ones are amazing!!!

  84. 91) Faby

    Oh! Love those mocs!! Clara looks adorable

  85. 92) Carol

    My niece would LOVE these!

  86. 93) Katherine

    Oh goodness, I love these so much!

  87. 94) Tommie@Ilene Books

    These are adorable. I would love to get all the different colors.

  88. 95) Tammy

    So so cute! I’d love a pair for my daughter. Great giveaway – thanks!

  89. 96) Lindsay

    Love ’em!!!

  90. 97) Tyree


  91. 98) Ashley

    My little girl would love these!

  92. 99) Ashley S.

    Dana!! I am amazed at these giveaways…. craziness!

  93. 100) Meghan O.

    I’ve been adoring these for a long time, but can’t pull the trigger because of the price 🙁

  94. 101) Jodi

    Soooo cute!

  95. 102) Ashley Dawson

    Adorable. I need some of these for my little niece!

  96. 103) Eunice

    I have wanted these for both my girls but could never get myself to buy them. If I won this….. That would be so awesome!!!!! 🙂

  97. 104) sarah

    adorbs!! love the yellow ones!

  98. 105) Brooke S

    Too cute! Love the variety of colors.

  99. 107) Kathy


  100. 108) Sam M

    Our daughter would love the lilac ones.

  101. 109) JulieI

    Love them!

  102. 110) sarah


  103. 111) Via

    The photos turned out great! Cute moccasins!

  104. 112) Amanda Fry

    My son is the same age as your daughter! He needs a pair of these, they are adorable!

  105. 113) Karen

    I have twin grand daughters that would look adorable in these. If I win then I only have to buy one pair.

  106. 114) Amy W

    LOVE these!!!! My son Titus would look so cute in these!!

  107. 115) Debra

    i love those red ones, but i’m also thinking that i might want to get a fun little gold pair.

  108. 117) Kimberly

    My son just started walking and these would be ADORABLE on him!

  109. 118) Anca C

    These would be so cute on my baby girl

  110. 119) Courtney

    My baby girl who is arriving in January would look so so cute in these when she starts walking!

  111. 120) Abby S

    Love love love.

  112. She cracks me up! Best model ever. And the moccs aren’t too shaby, either! ha!

  113. My little girl needs some of these! So adorable!

  114. 123) Amanda

    AAGGGGG!! SO CUTE!! My 19 m/o would LOVE these, he’s obsessed with shoes.

  115. 124) Nancy

    I love the colors you picked! Our new baby will need to use a pair in about a year.

  116. 125) Becca

    my little Claire, loves ‘pretty’ shoes…Moccs can be pretty too!

  117. 126) Angela

    This is just what I need for by baby girl. But I don’t know if I could ever pick a color. Happy Thanksgiving.

  118. 128) Shanna

    Woo-hoo! I’ve heard nothing but good things about these mocs!

  119. 130) Mary

    Love the red… they would be so cute on my granbabies toesies. 🙂

  120. 131) Kaitlyn

    Those are so cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  121. 132) Hannah


  122. 133) Ann

    Love the bright colors!

  123. Too cute! My girlie would love these!!

  124. 135) katie

    Oh my!!! 🙂 Precious. I want!

  125. 136) Megan

    Those are darling! I would love a pair for my son!

  126. 137) aly

    I have two twin baby girls who would look perfectly fab in these moc’s’s.

  127. 138) Christy Berry


  128. 139) Caitlin

    I’m having a baby in February…these would be perfect!

  129. 142) Megan

    I have got just the kid for those mocs!

  130. 143) Becky T

    I want these for me! But my daughter would look cute in them too…

  131. 144) PB

    These are adorable! I love the yellow, my little one would love it as well.

  132. 146) Theresa

    SO SO CUTE!!

  133. 147) Nicole J.

    I love these – do they make them in adult sizes?

  134. 148) Terra

    How cute! They’d make a perfect baby gift!

  135. 149) Amy

    Luv them 🙂

  136. 150) Shannon

    I’ve been wanting a pair so bad!!!

  137. 151) Jacqui

    I have been wanting to get my son these mocs for a LONG time. Hoping, wishing, and crossing fingers to win!

  138. 152) Kylee

    So Cute! My niece would love them…

  139. 153) Joanna Adams

    They’re so cute! Perfect for my littlest.

  140. 154) Sara W.

    I want the platinum ones. I have a wee one on the way and she will need awesome shoes! Thanks!

  141. 155) Sarah

    Oh, they are so stinking cute! The picture where you can see the outline of Clara’s toesies on the bottom has to be the best thing ever.

  142. 156) Renee

    Oh so adorable…I have just the right little one for these 🙂

  143. 157) Jessica

    Absolutely adorable! Love them

  144. 158) *em

    My son and daughter would look super cute in these!

  145. 159) Mary Moury

    Oh my! These are so sweet.

  146. 160) Cinnamon


  147. 161) Deanna H

    Those are the cutest!

  148. 162) Becky M.

    My 2 year old will love these!

  149. 163) marilyn

    love the mocs

  150. 164) kelly

    Mercy, those are so cute! I would not know which color to pick, they all look so nice!

  151. 165) Margaret

    I would love to get a pair for my one-year-old grandson who is almost walking!

  152. I am also a long time Freshly Picked fan.

  153. 167) Lois V

    Oh my those are the cutest things ever!

  154. These are adorable! You said the sizing is similar to regular store sizing. Do you mind me asking what size Clara normally wears and what size you got in these moccasins? Thanks!

  155. 169) Devin

    These would be the first item specifically for baby #2, due May 2014!

  156. OMG, nephew would love those.

  157. 172) Megan

    My new walker needs a pair! Adorable!

  158. 173) Tiffany

    So many colors! Very cute!

  159. 174) Dawn Simon

    ack how can I pick just one favorite. I absolutely love the cherry, grass suede, pumpkin, mint, and lemon! My 12 month old daughter has a giant foot and would probably be a 6.

  160. 175) Tracie S

    Oh, my goodness! I have been wanting to make or buy some shoes just like that for my girl. So cute!

  161. 176) JulMaz

    Adore those yellow ones!!

  162. 179) Ilana Machado

    OMG, suuuuuuuuuuuuper cute!

  163. 180) Marie

    So cute!! I want a couple of pairs… in every color and size for my little newborn girly!

  164. 181) Jenny

    those are so stinkin’ cute!

  165. 182) Celeste

    These are great!

  166. 183) Leslie

    I would put these on my baby boy. Then my MIL can stop griping about his neked feet.

  167. 184) Sarah

    Love these!!!

  168. 185) Jennifer Keane

    So cute, I love the yellow ones!

  169. 186) Angela Y.

    OMG! baby cakes needs that red one <3

  170. 187) Denise

    Ooh, do they come in MY size?! 😉

  171. 188) Sarah

    not sure which color i’d pick–they are all so cute!

  172. 189) Sara McBride

    Darling! And much easier to win/buy than to make!

  173. 190) Danielle Phillipp

    Ohhhh I love these!!!

  174. 191) Charisse M

    Oh, I love them! I would love to get some for my little girl!

  175. Oh your giveaways are way too fun!!!
    These moccs are adorable! My baby girl would love them 🙂

  176. 193) Beth @ Turn2theSimple

    Love these kinds of shoes for my littles!

  177. EEEEK these are to die for cute!! Leila is obsessed with moccassins and would love a new pair as her feet are growing so fast. 🙂

  178. 195) Christa

    I would love to finally get a pair of these for my littlest!!

  179. 196) Kate Williams

    Love, love, love!!!

  180. 197) Sarah

    My little one so needs a pair!

  181. 198) Tina Bassett

    Oh wow!!!! Those are amazing! and exactly what I have been looking for.

  182. I want these so bad!!! And on a side note when did Clara become a little girl… So sad!! They really do grow too fast.

  183. 201) Brenda

    Those are adorable

  184. 202) Christina McKinney

    Fingers crossed! These are ADORABLE!!!

  185. 203) Sam

    I LOVE these shoes. They are the greatest!

  186. 204) Madison Phippen

    These would look so cute on my little girl’s feet! Love the yellow!

  187. 205) Teri

    I would love to win these!

  188. One of the best wedding presents we recieved were moccasins. I have been looking for a great pair for my 16 month old.

  189. 208) Rebecca

    Oh, a giveaway, how exciting. I popped over to your blog to see what you were making these days. 🙂 Those mocs are too cute!

  190. 209) Britta

    Lovely, my girls would love these. Me too!

  191. 210) Allison

    Love these and they would look great on my grand baby girl!!!

  192. 211) Chiara Aldridge

    OH goodness those are adorable! Love them!

  193. 212) Liesel

    AH! Best giveaway yet! Love these.

  194. 213) Becky

    these are adorable! would love them for my daughter, who is not yet walking 🙂

  195. 214) Triciabowser

    I love these!!! My daughter would live them!

  196. I’ve been lusting after Freshly Picked mocs for yeeears. So cute, well made, and well designed.

  197. 216) Michelle Q

    They are adorable!

  198. 218) Sara Lee

    So cute!

  199. 220) Paige W

    Wow! These are so awesome! Thank you for having this giveaway!

  200. 221) Tiffany G.

    My little lady would look so cute in a pair of these!

  201. 222) molly

    I love these!

  202. 223) Sarah D

    Oh I LOVE Freshly Picked moccs! They are the absolute cutest!

  203. 224) Ruth

    Oh me oh my!!!

  204. 225) Kara

    These are adorable!

  205. 226) Susan c

    Oh my gosh, how cute are these!?!

  206. 227) Heather Dela Cruz

    Love love love!

  207. 228) Bonnie

    These are so cute!!

  208. Agh! Love moccs so much!! I’ve been eyeing the elk hide pair!! For real YUM!

  209. 230) Jennifer

    These are so adorable!

  210. 231) Cheyene

    swooning over freshly picked mocs.

  211. 232) Kris

    So sweet!

  212. 233) Jeanie

    They are sooo cute! Ah, to be young again. But, I have three grandnieces who would adorable in them! The twins were born in March of 2013, and their BIG sister wasn’t two yet when they were born.
    They’d all look adorable in them.
    Pick me, pick me!

  213. 234) haley anderson

    eeeek! love freshly picked! would love to win!

  214. 235) Kelly A

    So cute!!!

  215. 236) Susan McNeill

    These are adorable! If I don’t win I just may have to order a pair for my baby girl due in a couple of weeks.

  216. Oh yes, love freshly picked moccasins. We have several pairs but would love to win the mint pair. I’ve been eyeing them 🙂

  217. 238) Melanie

    I would love a pair for my boy!

  218. 239) Martha

    Seriously.want to win these much!!!!!!!

  219. 240) Michelle

    LOVE, LoVe and lOvE.

  220. 242) Jennifer

    I’d absolutely love to win a pair of these adorable shoes!!!!

  221. 243) Laurana

    Ah! Stop! I need these!! Well my little girl, Jubilee, does! Love!!!

  222. 244) Sara D

    I want I want!!!!

  223. 245) Kati K

    Ah! I’ve wanted to splurge on these for the longest time. Hope I win!

  224. 246) Beccah Larsen

    Super cute!!! Love the Yellow!

  225. 247) Kate

    I love these so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  226. Yes, yes, yes!! I adore these moccasins! If I could afford it, I would buy them for every baby shower I attend.

  227. 249) Sarah

    So cute!!

  228. 250) gayla bastian

    would love to win!

  229. 251) Erica

    Adorable! Would love a pair for my baby girl coming in February!

  230. 252) Cara H

    Fingers crossed!

  231. 253) Karen

    I like this.

  232. 254) Colleen

    My nephew just started walking – he NEEDS a pair of these. 🙂

  233. 255) Jane Losinger

    The yellow ones are so sweet!

  234. 256) Cassandra Raney

    Oh sweet goodness!!! These are incredible! Love them!!!

  235. 257) Dixie

    I know some little toes that would look great in these!!

  236. 258) Darlene Lehman

    I would love to win a pair!! Moccasins have always been a favorite.

  237. 259) Susan

    these are So CoooooL! I’d love to put a pair on my little man cub.

  238. 260) Christy Kohl

    I have been admiring these moccasins for so long and now my baby is finally walking!! I would love these for his 1st birthday!

  239. 261) Erica Renee

    Would love to give these to my niece!! ADORABLE!

  240. 262) Sarah

    Oh, how darling! I have been wanting these for my littlest gal forever!!

  241. 263) rachael

    These are adorable!

  242. 264) Kyle L

    My wife has been wanting to purchase a pair. Would be a wonderful surprise to give her.

  243. 265) Sarah MacMug

    Would love to win a pair for my little guy.

  244. 266) Alexis Shaeffer

    Oh my! I’ve wanted some of these for sooooo long. What a fabulous giveaway!! Thanks!!

  245. 267) Michelle G

    So cute! A perfect gift for an upcoming shower!

  246. 268) Haley C.

    Moccs!!!! Woohoo!!!

  247. 269) Cori Hintze

    I love these shoes!! What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  248. 270) Kristi

    I’m in love with the yellow! And look at Clara’s little ponytail! She’s getting so big!

  249. 271) Beccamatsu

    I love these moccs and have been eyeing them forever!!

  250. 272) Jennifer

    These are so adorable! My kids love mocs.

  251. 273) Lisa

    Oh my goodness, awesome!! I’d love some!

  252. 274) Adrienne

    I have some chubby baby feet that need these!

  253. 275) Kaitlyn

    Love these ! What amazing colors I have a 3 year old who would just melt for these.

  254. oh my little leo would rock these!

  255. 277) Corinne

    These are just adorable! I have six little ones at home who would love to try a pair of these!

  256. 278) Shauna

    Such beautiful colors. I love the chrome ones.

  257. 279) Jennifer

    I adore these!

  258. So stinking cute and comfy. Clara is a fashion inspiration!

  259. 281) Cynthia

    Love the colors!

  260. 282) Anne C.

    Sooo cute! My best friend’s baby needs these. I’d love to send them as a gift.

  261. 283) Caitlin Weaver

    I’d LOVE some for my baby boy!

  262. 284) Ashley

    These are adorable! I would love them for my baby girl.

  263. 285) Zacmari Leon

    These are adorable! My daughter would love them! 🙂

  264. 286) kelsey

    wow! great giveaway… thanks Dana and freshly picked! we literally just found out we’re expecting again, after 5 years of trying and a miscarriage earlier this year. We’re over the moon excited and can not wait to spoil this little one! that will include freshly picked moccs for sure. 😉

  265. 287) Kate

    Adorable! The perfect present for my friend’s third baby…never know what to get those third babies!

  266. 289) aheedah

    They are so cute! My granddaughter would look absolutely perfect in these 🙂

  267. 290) Christine W.

    Perfect for my granddaughter 😉

  268. 291) Tami


  269. 292) Kim

    Oh so very cute!

  270. 293) Lindsey

    These are absolutely ADORABLE! My little one would look so cute wearing a pair of these. 😀

  271. I’ve wanted freshly picked for soooo long!! Would LoVe to win!!!

  272. 295) Brandy

    My two year old needs these!! So stinkin cute! Thanks for the opportunity!

  273. 296) Brooke

    I have a niece about to turn one…these would be perfect!!

  274. 297) Brittan Daems

    So cute!

  275. 298) Dana

    Love freshly picked and my little would love a pair!

  276. These are the CUTEST EVER!!!!!

  277. 300) Erika

    so cute!!!!

  278. 301) Sheena


  279. 302) Kelsi

    Would love to win these for my little one due in february!

  280. 303) Kristen

    I’ve been eying these forever!! Delicious little shoes!

  281. 304) Rachel R.

    I would love to try these on my little girl!

  282. love the outfit pairings with the moccs!! crossing fingers!!

  283. 307) Brandie

    The yellow ones are so sweet!

  284. 308) Emily

    So cute!

  285. 309) Emily

    I LOVE THESE!! Have been wishing for them for awhile. Thanks for the chance Dana!

  286. 310) Sarah Keith

    Oooh… moccasins!

  287. 311) Stephanie S.

    I have pathetically obsessing over Freshly Picked moccs for a few months! I would L-O-V-E a pair for my little guy!

  288. 312) Betsy

    Yes, please!! My soon-to-be-walking little one needs these!

  289. 313) Jenn B. in AK

    These are fantastic!

  290. Ooooo yes please! I have a just-about-to walker on my hands that would look smadorable in those.

  291. 315) Anne

    Oh my gosh, my best friend just had a baby girl and I would LOVE to give her a pair!! What an outstanding baby gift they would be.

  292. 316) Brenna

    I love these, especially the yellow ones!!

  293. 317) Nikki

    These are adorable!!!! I must get a pair for my little one!

  294. 319) Elise

    So cute!!

  295. 320) Julie Dry

    I would love a pair

  296. 321) Whitley

    Love those mocs!

  297. 322) Andrea

    pretty sure i’d shrink my feet to be able to wear those!

  298. 323) Erika

    These are too cute! They look so soft 🙂

  299. 324) Danae

    My best friend has been wanting Freshly Picked moccasins for her little for such a long time! I would love to surprise her with some for Christmas now that she’s expecting girl number 2 🙂

  300. 325) Sarah St.

    So many cute colors to choose from! Thanks for the great giveaways!

  301. 326) Jennifer Kray

    What cute shoes! Would love to win. Thanks for the chance!

  302. 327) Cathy Grande

    Adorable! Perfect for spring and fall in WI!

  303. 328) Rebekah

    I would love some for my lady baby!

  304. 329) Deana

    The moccasin colors on the Freshly Picked site are amazing! I hope I have the difficult task of choosing one!

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  308. 333) Alissa

    Yes please! And thank you!

  309. 334) Morgan

    Those are adorable!

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  337. 364) Erica

    Oh! I’ve wanted a pair of these for YEARS!!! I love them, My daughters are too old now, but my niece is 11 months old, just perfect for them 🙂

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    Thank you!!

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    Love the mocs.

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  441. 483) Shelby


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  479. 521) Christina


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  481. 524) Rita

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  482. Oh I have always wanted a pair of these! And with a three week old baby the timing is perfect. Sure do love your site, Dana! I am so excited for your new basinet pattern! My little girl is going to love it!

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  490. 533) Kristin Willis

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  491. I have been following her trying to win a pair for months on instagram! Platinum for us, please!

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  537. 586) Hanni Guinn


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  541. 590) Cary

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  543. 593) Kristie

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  544. 594) Natasha

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  545. 595) victoria g

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  546. 596) Bridget

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  547. 597) Natalie

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  552. 602) Jenny

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  553. 603) Amanda

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  554. 604) Haley Grossman

    OMG….wish I had have known about these when my babies were little. Buuut….my baby niece would look so adorable in these.

  555. Oh how I love these moccasins! I’ve been dreaming of getting my daughter a pair forever! It would be so amazing if we won these! I’ve met Susan and she is so lovely! Have fun with your moccasins on your sweet Clara doll!

  556. 606) Kim

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  557. 607) Lanae

    adorable! 🙂 Love your blog, btw.

  558. 608) Crystal Davis

    Sooo adorable! WE want some, please, please, pretty please? Thank you, Dana. We love the cute model, too…so like our chubby curly head babygirl!

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  560. 610) kristen

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  572. 623) KellyS

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  576. I’ve always loved these

  577. 629) Micaela

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  579. 631) Jillian

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  581. 633) Lauren F.

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  582. 634) Chrissy

    so cute! and WAY too much money for me to buy on my own. Those feeties grow too fast.

  583. 635) ravit


  584. 636) Tami

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  585. 637) Becky

    Wow! Awesome!

  586. 638) Cara

    This would be perfect for my goddaughter!

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  588. 640) Meredith

    Perfect gift for my new neice! thanks!

  589. 641) Andrea

    How colorful.

  590. 642) Nancy

    I’ve been eyeing these up for awhile now too, it’s nice to hear that Clara likes them and they are truly adorable. Could my Ruby be so lucky to win a pair…fingers crossed? Thanks so much for the chance to win;)

  591. 643) Erin

    So cute — all those colors are great!

  592. 644) Candice

    So stinkin cute!

  593. 645) Kate

    Agh! Love!

  594. 646) British American

    I would choose the Prince George ones for my 2 year old George. 🙂

  595. These would look so cute on my little girls feet!

  596. 648) Angelina

    Those are perfectly adorable!

  597. 649) Ashleigh

    I just found out a week ago that our first baby will be a little girl. These would be perfect on her down the road.

  598. 650) Megan

    ADORABLE! Do they come in my size?!?! Oh well, I guess my niece would love them too! 😉 Thanks for the great giveaways!

  599. 651) Robyn C.

    Adorable! My little girl would LOVE thoes!

  600. 652) Summer

    Oh my! So adorable.

  601. 653) Shannon S

    So cute! I tried making a pair myself and my machine was having none of it!

  602. 654) Sri

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  603. 655) Erika

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  604. 656) Lisa


  605. 657) Chrissy

    What is it about little girls loving their shoes?!? My 1 year old would L O V E these. Thanks for the chance.

  606. 658) charissa

    i die! these are the cutest!

  607. 659) Mallory

    I have wanted a pair for my little girl. These would be awesome.

  608. 661) Ina

    I’d love to put a pair of these on my 6-mo baby boy. So cute!

  609. 662) Holly

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  610. 663) Amy

    Cute, comfortable and colorful- a perfect combination!

  611. 664) Paula

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  612. 665) t

    Perfect little shoes!

  613. 666) Susie

    You’re right, it’s hard to pick just one color! especially when they look so adorable on little feet!

  614. 669) Scarlett

    Size 7 in Lemon. I am in love with these1

  615. 670) Heather79

    Could those be any cuter??

  616. 671) Ashley H.

    Cute! I love them!

  617. 672) Bethany

    SO cute, my husband and I were just saying how our little guys needs new shoes.

  618. 674) Kari C

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  619. 675) Melissa Jones

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  620. 676) Laura

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  621. 677) Leanne Moore

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  623. 679) Sarah Schulz

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  624. 680) Becky

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  625. 681) Renee

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  626. 682) Madi Hugie

    Can you say baby shower gift?!? I would be the coolest aunt ever!

  627. 683) Laura

    My little girl loves shoes. They look so comfortable.

  628. 684) Brenda

    My son’s favorite thing to wear are his shoes…we have a “no shoes in the house” policy, so he knows that we get to go outside if our shoes are on, which is really all he ever wants to do. Hope I win, these are darling!

  629. omg! these are so stinking cuuuute! Fingers crossed i win! eek!

  630. 686) Uran

    I would love these for my nephew! He just started walking.

  631. 687) Jana


  632. 688) Kathy ruff

    These are so cute and would look so great with the new circle skirt (thanks to danamadit tutorial) I just made my grand daughter

  633. 689) Lizzie

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  634. 691) Ashley

    I’ve adored those mocs from afar for years! They are adorable.

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  637. 694) Katie

    My niece would look so cute in theses! Thank you!

  638. Oh I’ve been searching for a pair of these for my daughter! Thanks!

  639. 696) Erica

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  640. 697) Rachael

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  644. 701) Monica

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  645. 702) AFTON

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  646. 703) ashlee

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  647. 704) Anna Donado

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  648. 705) Kim J

    these look fabulous!

  649. 706) ashley

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  650. 707) Jana

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  652. 709) Tammy

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  653. 710) Jamie Z.

    I loooove freshly picked. I have had my eye on these for months and would love to win a pair!

  654. 712) Whitney

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  655. 713) Bukofamily

    Love those bright colors. And that fringe? Precious.

  656. I would die if I won a pair of these mocs. I’ve wanted to buy some for years now, but haven’t been able to fork out the cash. Maybe this is my lucky chance? 🙂

  657. 715) Lux

    So squishy! We have to win!

  658. 716) Andrea

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  659. 717) Marianne Woodcock

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  660. 718) Heidi

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  661. 719) Jessica

    I’ve had my eye on some of these for quite sometime. They are adorable! These would be perfect for our little one coming in February.

  662. 720) morgan

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  663. 721) Mary

    Need, want, love. Yes please!

  664. 722) windie d

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  666. 724) Mari Moya

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  667. 725) Tiffanie

    My two year old would go crazy for these!

  668. 726) Kristy

    These are absolutely Precious!!!!

  669. 727) Angel

    My 22 month old son would rock these mocs!

  670. 728) Stephanie S

    So many beautiful colors and I love that they go up to a 10!

  671. 729) Susan Walls


  672. 730) marian

    My niece Penelope Rose needs some of these from her Aute Marian

  673. 731) Amanda

    these would be so cute on my daughter!

  674. 732) Ashley Lovejoy

    I would love some for my son!!!

  675. 733) ninfalis

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  676. Love these pics~ Clara looks soo cute! I’ve wanted these for ages!

  677. 735) TerriSue

    My grandson would love these. Thank you for the chance.

  678. 736) kat.s

    so cute! and they do seem really comfy 😉

  679. 737) Aimee

    Who wouldn’t love to have a pair of these? I applied for FP’s scholarship and I love the way she treats her customers and how she gives back. I would love to have some of these.

  680. 738) Madeleine

    So cute!

  681. 739) EJ

    Would love these for my baby girl!

  682. 740) Brittney

    Dying!! My twins NEED these, ha!

  683. 741) MelindaW

    Would love to win some mocs!! Thanks

  684. 742) Loretta

    Very cute! My daughter might even keep them on. 🙂

  685. I have a house full of little chubby feet that would rock those!

  686. 744) Helen

    Cute! Would love these.

  687. We went to an Indian pow wow and festival recently and I was on a mad hunt for baby mocs. Of the 100s of booths only one had them and they were all too small for my little lady. Would love to win her a pair of these! Thanks for the opportunity!

  688. 746) Kim

    My baby Tess would look shoo cure in these!

  689. 747) brooke

    OOOOOHHHH!! I would love these 🙂

  690. 748) ann

    Definitely checking out their site. I want them in my size!

  691. 749) Nancy Tee-Michel

    I wish they were for adults too, they are soooo cute!!!! I love the colors you offer, just wonderful!!

  692. 750) Aubrey

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  693. 752) Janelle B

    These make me want to have another baby!

  694. 753) Sarah Woodward

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  695. 754) chandra

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  696. 755) Amy

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  697. 756) Andrea

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  698. 757) Julie Phillips

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  699. 758) Kathryn G.

    Love ’em! I have considered making some, but it would end up disastrous.

  700. Yes, please… we have a new set of twins in
    the family! 1 boy and 1 girl! Great Niece/Nephew

  701. 760) Cat B

    These would be perfect for my little guy!

  702. 761) Andrea

    Precious. This would make a great Christmas gift for the nieces and nephews..

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    Happy Holidays!

  712. 772) Christina Poynter

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  713. 773) Caitie

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  714. 774) Tawnya Collard

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  715. I LOVE Freshly Picked. My daughters Platinum are almost too small, so we could certainly use some new ones. The red are lovely too! Thanks for the chance!

  716. 776) Audrey haut

    Would love to win these cute little mods for my cute little millie bear!!

  717. 777) Sarah Mencke

    Love these mocs! Do they work for boys too? How about size 10.5 woman? (hee hee!)

  718. 778) tara

    I have some cute little feet these would be awesome on!

  719. 779) Emily

    Love the fun colors!

  720. 780) Amanda Jane

    The only way I’ll be allowed to put those on my little man is if I win a pair! Thank you Dana and Freshly Picked!

  721. 781) Chelsey

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  722. 782) Torrie

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  723. 783) Alona

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  724. 784) Kristen Good

    yes please!

  725. 785) krystina

    These are great. I made my baby a pair awhile back and was really sad when she outgrew them.

  726. 786) Susie Gomez

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  727. 787) Debbie

    So cute! I had not heard of them before

  728. 788) Lindsay Clayton

    Sweet as can be!! Adult size would be fantabulous! 😉

  729. 790) RRP

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  730. 791) Judy

    These are super adorb. Nuff said.

  731. 792) nikki

    I’ve been contemplating making my own, but a free pair would be awesome.

  732. 793) Helen Moore

    Thank you for a lovely give away. Love these shoes!!

  733. 794) Bethanie

    Ok, THIS would be super awesome to win! 🙂

  734. 795) Christie Pizza

    These are the cutest things ever! Wish there were some for adults! 🙂

  735. 796) Christy Haggard

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  736. 797) Crystal

    Do they come in my size?

  737. 799) ronda

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  738. 800) karen

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  739. 801) Elaine

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  740. 802) Carrie

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  741. 803) nan

    Do they come in adult sizes ? It would be fun to buy matching ones

  742. 804) Marie Lussier

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  743. 805) Tiffany


  744. 806) Debra Neiman

    Thank you, my granddaughter would just love these. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  745. 807) Gwynne

    How adorable! I loe the fun colors

  746. 809) Lindsey Thomas

    Just what I need for my baby who is just starting to learn how to walk.

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    I have been DYING for a pair of these mocs!

  750. 813) Elise Walsh

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  751. 814) Shelly

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  752. 815) Shalise

    So cute!

  753. 816) Jessica


  754. My daughter loves these kind of shoes! I haven’t tried this brand, so I hope we win so that we can try them out!

  755. 818) Cammie

    Oh, I want these on my babies feet!

  756. 819) susanna

    These are so adorable!

  757. 820) Rylee

    I have a shoe lovin’ 19 month old who would adore these!

  758. 821) Laura

    Stylin’ and good for their feet! My wee one would look so cute in those!

  759. 822) Tonya

    Johanna would love these!

  760. 823) Dimitrina

    So, so cute!

  761. 824) carmen

    very cute i would love a pair for my new grandchild in june

  762. 825) Analisa E

    Too cute 😀

  763. 826) amanda mcquerrey

    Been eyeing these for awhile! Would love to have a pair 🙂

  764. 828) Stacey Bynkoski

    happy feet!

  765. 829) Pat Hodges

    I have a little grand daughter that would love these.

  766. 830) Lenetta

    I have a little guy with chubby feet that are going to be getting chilly soon, thanks for the chance!

  767. 831) donna gr

    Too cute and I have a granddaughter who would love them.

  768. 832) Destiny

    I’ve always admired this shop!

  769. 833) Sarah Darby

    Those are so adorable!!!

  770. 834) Molly

    I have a couple of pairs for my son (that I love!) and would love a new pair for the baby we’re expecting soon!

  771. 836) melle e

    ! My sweet niece just turned started walking a few weeks ago! These would be perfect for her!

  772. These would be adorable on my little guy! I love all the fun colors!

  773. 839) Emra

    Too stinking cute. Thanks for giveaway.

  774. 840) Angela


  775. 841) Melissa

    I love the gold ones 🙂

  776. 842) Janelle

    My son LOVES shoes – he would b

  777. Such Pretty Colors! My son could use a good pair of Mocs!

  778. 844) Nancy P

    So cute. I know a little girl who would love these.

  779. 845) Erin A

    Got to have these for my little boy

  780. 846) katherine

    would love to win!!

  781. OK, these are the cutest things I’ve ever seen! I want every color!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  782. 848) Lindsey

    So cute! I’d love to win some for my son!

  783. 849) Tara

    Darn it, I was hoping for a discount code — so we could all be winners on this one! I’ve been dying to get my hands on a pair of these! So darling! Pick me, pick me!

  784. 850) Mel

    Oh I’ve been wanting these for my son!

  785. 851) Laura


  786. 852) Jess

    So cute! My girl is just about to walk and these would be perfect!

  787. 853) gracehepburn

    Those are ADORABLE! I love the Lemon ones on Clara 🙂

  788. So adorable! My baby girl would look so cute in a pair of these!

  789. 855) Alexandra

    I loooove these! Wish they had them when i was a kid. Would love a pair for my baby! Thanks for the giveaway!

  790. 857) Sherry Lynn White

    These mocs really are adorable!! “Must haves” for Moms as well!! 😉 Do they come in “Mommy” sizes??

  791. 858) Liza Ahern

    Too adorable!!!!!

  792. Um, yes please! I have a one year old and another little girl to be born in two months that these would look darling on! Yes, yes, yes.

  793. 860) Michelle

    I would love a pair of these for my godchild!

  794. 861) Elizabeth Wolf

    My one year old would look adorable in those!

  795. 862) Lynda

    Wow, amazing!

  796. 863) Amy

    These shoes are adorable! Love them!

  797. I see these all over the place and they are sooooo cute.

  798. 865) Heidi L

    colorful shoes and the best!

  799. 866) Lucy

    So adorable!

  800. 868) Karrie Smith

    so tiny! Thanks for the chance to win. I have a perfect little one to gift these to.

  801. 869) Lauren Dalzell

    These are adorable!!

  802. 870) Rachel P

    My little guy just started walking and the soft soles would be perfect for his little tootsies!

  803. 871) Molly

    Cutest baby shoes!

  804. Some of the cutest shoes ever…I love them:)!

  805. 873) Kate

    Baby in moccasins! There is nothing better for little feet. So cute!

  806. 874) Nicole

    These are beautiful.

  807. 875) Jocelyn

    How cute!

  808. 876) Barb F

    These are absolutely darling!! What a great gift for my grandbabies!

  809. 877) meghan


  810. 878) Allison

    Want! Thanks for all the great giveaways!

  811. 879) Christy W

    LOVE the yellow!!

  812. 880) Pam

    My granddaughter looks like she will be an early walker. I’d love a pair of cherry mocs for her

  813. 881) Kayla K

    Oh, gosh! I love the platinum… and the suedes, and lilac…. and…

  814. 882) katie

    so cute!

  815. 883) Amy G.

    we have a new baby girl arriving in January and these would be awesome for her (at many stages!).

  816. 884) Crisanne D.

    My little nephew is just getting ready to walk, and these would be perfect!

  817. 885) Mary

    yes please

  818. 886) Jane

    So so cute!!!

  819. 887) Adele

    I absolutely love these! They would be prefect for my 9 month old Caroline

  820. 888) Jamie Bricker

    My daughter needs some girly shoes. She has been wearing hand-me-downs from the brothers so far!

  821. These are absolutely darling! I’ve been eyeing them for awhile now! My brand new baby needs a pair!

  822. 890) shannon zierden

    my little hattie pie would love these!

  823. 891) Marissa

    I too am waiting the perfect time to purchase these, and what a better way to WIN them! 🙂

  824. 892) Cassandra

    Very cute…my 6m old would look adorable in these 😉

  825. Hope to see my sweet baby girl in a pair of these soon!

  826. 894) Krista

    My new niece NEEDS these!

  827. 895) Christy

    Platinum size 1 for the sweetest little thing. She is due in 4 weeks!

  828. 896) aimee hays

    oh I need!

  829. 897) Katie Long

    I would love to win a pair of weathered brown or fools gold for my grandson.

  830. 898) heidi.e

    The suede. Be still my heart. Little new baby would LOVE these!

  831. Yay, perfect for my newest niece!

  832. 900) Veronica

    These are perfect. I would love a pair for my daughter.

  833. 901) Shelley g

    Gorgeous moccs, great company! What a great start to your giveaway series!

  834. 903) nopinkhere

    I’d use these for a baby boy gift, so I’d probably get something sedate like weathered brown. But if they came in my size, I’d get grass green suede.

  835. 904) Jaden

    LOVE Ox Blood!! My baby boy needs a pair!

  836. 905) Arianne

    Would love these for my triplet girls!

  837. 906) Robyn

    Love the yellow!

  838. These are favorites among all of my friends. I’m waiting for hand me downs and no one will give. BECAUSE EVERYONE LOVES THEM. Pick me! Pick me!

  839. 908) Keleigh

    My daughter NEEDS these – too cute!

  840. 909) deanna

    hopin’ and prayin’ .. those are ADORABLE!

  841. NOOOOOOOOOO! Please I need some FP moccs for my new baby! Oh how I love Susan! She is such a motivator, just like you Dana!

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