Getting ready for School: backpacks that fit

Lucy starts kindergarten in one week.

I sort of can’t believe it. I’ve been ready for this day for a long time but I’m quickly realizing that she’ll be gone every single day. No more “let’s go to the museum today” or just goofing around.

Owen and I will have to become play buddies.

When I told Lucy we needed to get her a new backpack and supplies for school, her eyes lit up. I was the same way as a kid. I loved school shopping! The lunchboxes, the backbacks, new shoes, clothes, trapper keepers, folders, pencil cases…I still love that stuff.

So we browsed all the normal suspects for backpacks: Target, Walmart, Old Navy, etc. and finally ended at the Disney store. I know, I know….if I don’t buy her a dreadful princess backpack, she won’t wear it. Eating my own words here. But thankfully she wanted Jessie, which was pretty cute. And they were on sale for $12! So we got the attachable lunchbox and….a Jack backpack for Owen. I just couldn’t pass it up; it was the cutest thing in the store.

But here’s what I love best about the backpacks we found….they FIT KIDS!

I think it’s funny when I see a skinny little 5 year-old wearing a backpack that’s 2/3 the size of their body…especially when they’re just lugging around a few folders and crayons. It’s probably because I feel for them.

I was always the scrawny kid that could barely carry my own weight. But thankfully a few stores sell Kid size backpacks that aren’t ginormous, still fit a standard size folder, and don’t cost $60 (cause who wants to pay more than $15-$20??):

Check out these places for cute kid-sized school packs (many pictured above):

* Old Navy school accessories

* L.L. Bean backpacks

* Pottery Barn Kids

* Land’s End (the packs come in 4 sizes!)

Now if you have a toddler-aged child who needs a smaller pack, made by rae has a fabulous Toddler Backpack pattern, so you can make your own. It’s smaller than a school-kid backpack (it may not fit a standard folder) but it’s ohhhh so cute.

Check out these versions of the Toddler Backpack made by Ruby at Zaaberry. Aren’t the fabrics adorable?

And if you’re not in the mood for sewing, there are plenty of mini-packs on etsy:

red flowers * shark * helicopter * stripes

I hope you find a backpack that works for your kiddos too (and that your child is more excited about taking a picture).

One more week to play!

And they’re off….

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