First Day Testing

It’s been two months now since releasing the First Day Dress Pattern….and I absolutely LOVE what you guys are doing with it.  Browsing the Flickr group and checking the Instagram group #firstdaydressmade are so much fun for me.  Seriously ladies.  Cute stuff!

I need to do a roundup of your creations….all your creations.  Cause there are some killer shorts and baby baskets in that group too.  Um, like this?!  LOVE.
So today I’ll start by sharing the very Firsts, of the First Day Dresses and Tops.
These photos are from pattern testers who tried it all out for me, and who always make patterns better than they could be by giving great feedback and suggestions.
Some are them are bloggers; some are not.  And they’re all women who love to sew, like you.
So here we go.

I think I had you at bright floral, right?

• The bright peplum above is by Erin at Hungie Gungie.  She’s made a few different versions on her darling blog, and claims she was never in peplums…..till she started making this top.  Yay!
• Pink Emily on the grass is by sewing friend Melani
• Blue dots peplum is by Teresa at Dandelion Drift.  I love how grown-up she made this.  People are always asking for tween ideas.  Here you go!  She also made the white with gold triangles dress, altering the pattern for a slightly different look.  Oooo I love it.
• Stripey A-line dress is from sewer Corrine, who added extra length to the hem, which looks cute on her 7-year-old.  And she took these pics at a castle in Germany.  Yes!

Next up we have some colorful looks by Knitty Bitties (left) and Frances Suzanne (right).  The belts are killing me. Great accessory!  And the color blocking on Andrea’s dress is so much fun.  Click over to see the cute details on the front.

• Alexis at My Sweet Sunshine made three different versions of this dress–each with their own personality, and beautiful photos to go along.
• Another peplum from Hungie Gungie (please click over to see her daughter stepping on big brother’s bum.  Haah.  Made me smile).
• More photos from the Germany castle and sewist Corrine.  She used the placket front, which looks adorable.

Palak from Make it Handmade made a twirly version for her daughter’s first day of Preschool. Weee!

Francess Suzanne made another version for their darling niece (left) and sewer Ashley (right) whipped out a top for her little girl just days before moving across country.  Now that’s some sewing enthusiasm I’m sure many of you can relate to.

And below, another gorgeous shot from My Sweet Sunshine with a southwestern vibe.

THANK YOU pattern testers.
I hope everyone’s First Days are going well!

You can purchase the First Day Dress Pattern HERE.

(photo by Corrine, in Germany)

  1. So fun seeing my peplums up there with all those other beauties!!! it’s such a versatile pattern- a dress version is next on my list!

  2. 3) Jana

    Wow! Beautiful!

  3. This makes me want to get out the pattern and sew some more of these lovelies!!! That green striped one…how in the world did I miss that?!?!? PERFECTION!!

    Thanks for highlighting our nieces….they’ve gotten a lot of wear out of these creations!

  4. 5) Cheri

    How fun to see all of these! Awesome work and an awesome pattern. Makes me want to sew this instant. You rock, Dana.

  5. I finally broke down and bought this pattern. Within minutes, I printed it out, went home after work and taped it off, cut out the size and cut it out from fabric. This morning, before leaving for work, I had sewn the sleeves with lining, added piping to the front and back seam of the dress and can’t wait to sew it up completely soon. You’re the best.

    • 7) Dana

      Oh that makes me so happy to hear! I love that you’re adding piping to it!

  6. Dana, Its black and white polka dot fabric (Michael Miller) with red piping and button! I’ll show you a pic when its ready. Quick question though: I want to do full lining but leave it free at the hem. Do I just join it to the bodice lining? In which case, I’ll probably need to finish all the seams right?

    • 9) Dana

      ooo. fun! Yes…please send a pic!
      If you want the full lining but free-flowing hem, just follow the instructions on page 24. The Outer dress and Lining dresses will be attached at the neckline and the sleeves, but not at the waist. Of course you can finish off the inside seams if you want a completely polished look, but you won’t really be able to see them when the Lining is hanging inside. You’d only see them if you turn pull the Lining inside out (if that makes sense :))

  7. 11) Karen

    Dana, I am making the dress for my two granddaughters. I made one in the size 2 and one in size 4. I made each in muslin first since they do not live near me. Both were way too small. Neither girl is big for her age. One is on the zero percentile for height and weight (size 2) and the other is normal (size 4). I am going to try again (with muslin) to get it right. Both were extremely hard to remove. Any suggestions for what I could be doing wrong. I cut each out exactly on the appropriate line.

    • 12) Dana

      Hi Karen,
      Sorry you’re having a hard time!
      The dress is meant to be fitted around their bodies, so the best way to get the dress on and off their bodies is to go arms-in first, and then lift the dress over the head and pull it down around the body.
      To remove the dress, put the child’s arms straight up and pull the dress straight up over the head. This info is also listed in the pattern on a page 2, so you can always find it.

      The pattern is designed for easy sewing, which is why there’s only a button closure in the back instead of a zipper.
      If you find that it’s still too tight for your grandaughters, I would recommend going up a size. Or you can go up a size ONLY on the side seams to add a little more room in the chest area.

      I hope that helps!
      – Dana

  8. Ok. I need to get back to making all the first day dresses i had planned… and get better at my picture skills! These dresses and pictures are awesome!

  9. 14) Sheila

    Are there no seams on the sleeves for the cap sleeve version Alexis from my sweet sunshine made? Did she alter the pattern or is that already in the pattern? Am I seeing things? What does it all mean?!

    • 15) Dana

      Yes! I noticed that too! I’ll have to ask her and find out. She may have cut the sleeves and bodice out as one piece (which is similar to the Geranium Dress by Made by Rae). Such a fun detail!

  10. oh my goodness, i adore them! you have the greatest testers! my fave is that VERY last one from My Sweet Sunshine

  11. Where did you get the multi-striped fabric that your daughter is modeling in the A-line?

  12. I have been making this pattern over and over for 2 of my girls. Our school-aged daughter insisted she wear the swing dress style I made her for her first day of 5th grade. 🙂 Don’t you love it when your children love what you create for them? Makes my heart smile. ANYWAY… I was just reading though a few of the comments, and I’m wondering if maybe “Karen” should double check her printer settings? Perhaps her settings are scaling the pattern. I’ve made this honest mistake myself. It’s frustrating to finish a project, only to have it not fit (when you totally think it SHOULD!), so thought I’d suggest it in case it helps! Thanks Dana for a pattern that pleases both Mama & Girls. And, best wishes on your next attempt, Karen!

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