fairy inspiration and hot pink legs

Firstly, thanks for the kinds words on the brown jumper! You guys have inspired me….I started drafting a pattern. No guarantees, but motivation is a good starting point.

Secondly, Lucy wore the jumper to church yesterday and we added a hotpink twist. I gave her the option between wearing white socks, no socks, or these hot pink tights (I hoped she’d go for the tights).

Oooo. Hot pink tights? Everyone will think I painted my legs!” (and then I couldn’t stop singing “painting the roses red”). So we painted her on up, added a sparkly hot pink headband, and we were off to church (the crazy face is saying “hot pink!”)

When we’re at church, Lucy and Owen get to color during the first hour….while we listen to adult talks. So I pulled out her favorite fairy book. It was one of those $1/”I hope she likes it since it’s not Disney” kind of purchases. She adores it. And mostly, I love watching her color in it because she comes up with such interesting combinations—and sometimes hot pink legs. No wonder she was so excited about the tights.

Blue skin, purple skin, teal hair, orange wings. It’s all there. It’s so precious and innocent that she sees no boundaries with her art. (Not trying to get deep here) but I wish my own eyes were more wild and accepting at times. Sometimes they are. And sometimes I have to remember that a horse can be lime green and that aqua skin is quite pretty.

She colored the rainbow fairy on the right especially for me and left it on the table next to my bed.

The fairy book is almost colored-out and she told me today we need to get another one. You got it little lady.

So, just for fun here’s my grown-up own version of looking through fairy-colored glasses. I typed in “fairy” on Pinterest and surprisingly couldn’t find what I wanted. So I put on my Lucy eyes, went to google and typed in some fairy-like descriptions: silver glitter, purple tights, fairy hair, bubbles, fairy makeup, female elf, whimsical photography, etc. And some beautiful images popped up for my pinterestt board: Fairy.

(image source: gaelsacre.com)

If you’re making a fairy costume this Halloween, you like whimsy looks, or want orange fairy legs too, here are a few images from my board (click on the board for links).

And how’s that for a really random blog post?

I figured….it’s a holiday. I can be random.

Enjoy your Labor Day!

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