Design my Header Contest WINNER

Well, I’ve got a new header at the top of my blog. And I love it!

Actually, there were many headers from the contest that I loved. I went back and forth, back and forth choosing between the top two headers. I’d place one on the top of my blog and then try out the other. Then I asked my husband for his opinion. And then I tried them both on again (like trying 2 shirts on before the 1st day of school). I really loved them both but I ultimately, I had to choose one winner.

So, the winning header goes to….

4 skirts and a blog, by Ris C Handmade!


What grabbed me first about this header was the overall look–colorful, clean, bright, says something about sewing and design. I loved seeing the skirts together and the name really pops over the top. I was also impressed with how she found and edited those 4 different photos (cause I know they were all shot in different lighting and slightly different angles). So I was impressed with the creative work that went into—not that editing and tweaking photos was a requirement for the contest. All a header needed to do was make me say “ah! That’s it!” But overall, I loved this one from the beginning and it’s still my favorite!

In a very, very close 2nd place is…..

Happy in Red, By Crozette:

This was one of your favorites as well–from the comments in last week’s post. And I can see why! It’s darling! It really captures the spirit of made and of course I’m biased about a cute photo of Lucy. You may see it pop up on the blog header one day! And just for my own personal amusement…I smile looking at that red wall since it’s located at Rudy’s. Yeehaw! Texas through and through.

In 3rd place….

Muted Grays, by Delia Creates:

I loved this the moment it popped in the flickr group. I looked at it and thought, that’s totally cool! I wish I had done that before! The gray tones are so great together and it sort of reminded me of Delia Creates. Then I looked down to see who had submitted it and whatdayaknow? It was Delia! Many of you also liked her Turquoise header, which is why this decision process was so difficult. But I’m very happy with the top three.

Congrats to the three winners!

The winning header by Ris C Handmade will remain on my blog for the next two weeks.

And each of the winners will receive:

* a copy of my favorite photography ebook:

The Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional Photographer. Written by Katie Evans, it’s the go-to source for understanding photography.

* a gift card to the fabulous Whipstitch Fabrics. Need a designer fabric or pattern? They have it!

Thank you everyone who submitted a header! And thanks to you guys for popping in to see what was going on. As I said in previous posts, I was really wowed by so many designs. I’m sorry if you didn’t see your fan favorite in my top picks. It all comes down to personal flavor and what catches our eye. But I hope you’ve been inspired over the past weeks with new design ideas and motivation to create a snazzy header as well. Here are the design tutorials we shared this month, by guests and myself:

Have a great Monday!

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