Book Signing Party!…coming hopefully to a city near you

It’s been a few months since Fabrics A to Z hit bookshelves, so how about a book signing party?!
I’ll be in Atlanta, GA THIS coming Thursday night, 7/12 to chit chat, hang out, and sign your books.  And it’s all happening at Whipstitch Fabrics.

You know I love that place.   And you know I love Deborah who owns the shop.  And you know she’s hilarious and has a wonderful selection of fabrics.  So the night won’t disappoint!  Did I mention door prizes?  Well then.

Here’s all the info…..

(poster created by Q.A. Design.  Thanks Jenna!)

See you guys on Thursday!

* bring your books or purchase one that night
* if you don’t live in Atlanta, we’ll be hosting book signings in Austin and Dallas later next month (date TBD)

  1. 1) Heather Phillips

    DALLAS!!! I’ll be there. It’s been too long since I’ve seen you!

  2. 2) Kaesma

    NOOOO! That’s the one weekend out of the summer I will be out of town 🙁
    I hate that I will miss you, but I hope you enjoy your time in Georgia! In Atlanta you can’t go wrong visiting The Vortex (if you love meat) and/or Cafe Sunflower(if you don’t love meat…or want to try an AMAZING vegetarian spot). If you have time while in Savannah, try Mrs. Wilkes for lunch!

  3. 3) SewLindaAnn

    Oh gosh, once you get to Asheville you’ll never want to leave! Looking forward to your book signing in Atlanta. Whip Stitch is an amazing store. Your publisher should send emails out to all the local Quilt shops in Metro Atlanta about your book signing. We’ve got like 6 of them.

  4. 4) SewLindaAnn

    Oh Criminy! I just remembered that Thursday night is my last tennis match of the season and I’m in the line-up! I wish you were going to be there in the afternoon so I could come and get my book signed. Sigh.

  5. Dallas! How awesome! I’ll try to be there too!

  6. Dear Dana,
    Why is it none of you author-people come to NE? The Prairie is very civilized these days, we have cars instead of wagons and have moved on from sod houses! 😉 We would love to give you a big Cornhusker welcome!

    Wishing in NE

  7. 7) Spark*Amy

    Oh yay! I may see if I can get out there to meet you! I’ve never been to that store, I’m afraid I would have to take out a loan!

  8. i wish i had babysitting i would so drive down to atlanta!!! come to asheville we’d LOVEEE to have you 🙂
    hope everyone has fun on thursday–so jealous

  9. 10) bdaiss

    Well, we’re getting closer! Instead of 20 some hours apart, we’d only be 9ish since I’m in Virginia for work this week. Sadly, that’s still to far… Have fun!

  10. 11) Aesha

    Congratulations Dana on the book signing! Sounds like fun. Please let us know when you are coming further east to The Big Apple, NYC baby!

  11. Oh man, I wish you were coming to Nashville!

  12. 13) Marti

    Mrs Wilkes in Savannah is a must! We make it a priority to go there any time we are in Savannah. (much better than Paula Deen’s Lady and Sons)

  13. I will actually be in Texas for the first time since I was a baby later this fall! Bummer that I’ll miss the book signings!

  14. Oh, if only you were making your way to west Texas! 😀

  15. 18) ashley brundage

    Dallas! Woot!! I hope I can see you!

  16. Yay for the book signings!!! That’s awesome. I’m excited to hear how it all goes…

    And I hope your Southeastern trip has gone well!!! Did you get to try the pralines while you were in Charleston? Sure miss you guys and hope you’re having a fun summer!!!

  17. 20) Dawn Hagle

    Can’t wait to meet you and check out your new book!

  18. Oh my goodness!!! I can’t believe I missed you in Charleston!! I was totally there at the same time, and had no idea that you were going to be there ;( I guess I missed a week of your blog or something…(siiiighhhh) I would have loved to see you and have a book signed. Maybe you loved it there enough to visit again while I’m still nearby….or better yet, maybe you’ll want to check out Beaufort, SC (where we’re living right now). Not many fabric shopping options around here, just a few small shops scattered from Savannah up to Charleston, but the couple I have been to were very friendly and had some cute stuff.
    Hope the book tour is going well! Have fun at Whipstich….I’m going to visit that store someday.

  19. 22) Ashley

    Is the Dallas signing at City Craft? My sis lives within walking distance of that store so it looks like I’ll have to get my Oklahoma self down that way. Can you give me a hint about the date, pretty please?

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