blanket for mandi

Remember when Clara was a baby?

Maybe that’s how you still remember her;  I haven’t shared photos in a while.  But my little girl is 18 months old now!…and not wearing her baby tanks anymore.

But when she was a baby, my sister also had a baby, and they named her Mandi.
So we made her a little ruffle blanket, based on the original Ruffle Blanket tutorial (below).

I never get tired of making these blankies.  They were the first thing I started selling back in the day when I had an etsy shop…before I started blogging on MADE.

They’re just a simple layer of knit fabric—which makes them perfect for swaddling—with a bit of girly trim.  More details HERE.

AND the original blanket I made for the tutorial was for Mandi’s older sister Anna, when she was a baby (photo above).  Anna is now 3 years old….and she still loves that pink and yellow blanket!  I’m kicking myself for not getting a photo of her with it when were in California this summer, because she carries that thing everywhere and has a favorite corner where the stitching is coming undone.  And, well, it just makes me happy inside.  She loves something I made for her.

Clara seemed to love it too.
Who can resist mouse gray, mulberry dots, and a sky blue ruffle?

Just had to tie in some color names from the Pantone book we gave Mandi as well.  I’m gonna start using those names in my everyday speech.  They’re so descriptive!  Bacon Pink??  Yes please.

Then we added a couple Baby tanks to the package, wrapped it up, and welcomed baby Mandi to her new life.

…while Clara was left to deal with her own.

Maybe I should make her a ruffle blanket too.
Have a Raisin-Purple day!

  1. I will have a Raisin-Purple day….thank you. And to you as well, good lady.

  2. Goodness!!! I can’t get over the cute babies!!! (And the blankets too… of course)

  3. 4) Megan V

    Love all your creations…..even Clara! Where do you find that wonderful knit fabric? It is all fabulous!!

  4. 5) KelliO

    This is at the top of my list if we find out we’re having a girl tomorrow! Yes, where did you find this lovely fabric?

  5. 6) Carolyn Thornley

    I’m inspired! I should make one.

  6. 7) Leigh Anne

    Very much adorable! Babies & blankets both……makes me smile 🙂 I’d love to get a package like that in the mail!

  7. 8) Sheryl

    Love your blankies!! Thanks for your wonderful tutorials…I never tire of seeing them!

  8. 9) Sheryl

    PS. Cute and adorable little girl!!

  9. ugh! i love it so much. but in our families, all there is are BOYS! Please tell me ruffles in placid blue are allowed?

    Have a great one! And please add more pictures of Clara-doll! She’s changed so much!

    PS. What is that diaper she is wearing?! Let me know!

  10. I wondered if you had an etsy shop ever….wish you still did!! I’d be all over those ruffle blankies 🙂 We’re expecting in 3 wks and I can’t wait to find out boy/girl!

  11. 12) dannyscotland

    That is a cool book! I love colors and will definitely need to check that out. I love the ruffle blanket, too. My youngest is 20 months and it’s just flying by.

  12. 13) Amanda

    BABIES! Love seeing pictures of that sweet Clara, she’s a doll. She’s only about a month behind my son. What a fun age!

  13. Little wrap blankies are so cute aren’t they? 😀 I love your little MADE tags that you sew onto your creations – really sweet! 🙂 Just love following your blog! Haven’t heard about your new home for a while – I wonder how it’s coming along 😉

  14. Love those blankets. As many blankets I have knitted (got a baby blanket in progress now) and quilted, I have not nought about using knit fabric to sew a swaddling blanket.

    Must make one now for my next baby-to-be, right after I put my 17 month old down for a nap. Or maybe after my own nap…

  15. In one of my Craftsy classes, Creative Serging Techniques, the instructor showed how to use a ruffler (or gathering) foot on a serger. My serger, the Brother 1034D came with that foot and I had no idea what it was or how to use it until that class. I don’t know your serger model, or if you have the foot, but…the idea is that the top layer of fabric – the strip that will become the ruffle – is laid flat on the blanket part and then both pieces are run through the serger. With some thread tension and differential feed adjustments, you can ruffle just the top layer in one easy step while it attaches to the bottom blanket layer that remains unruffled and flat. Seriously. There’s lots of videos on YouTube for the different serger models showing how to do this if you’re not enrolled in that Craftsy class…but it was worth every penny if you’re interested. I’m going to practice and then make some of these blankets using that method!

  16. 17) Carolyn Thornley

    I did it. I bought 7 yards of knit at Walmart for 1.00 a yard (indeterminate fabric actually.) It’s in the bright yellow color I see on your site. I think I’ll use it for not only a baby blanket with a ruffle, but for sheets as well. It brightens my life already.

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