Birthday Monster

My sister Meredith celebrated her 19th birthday this week. Now this doesn’t look like a gift for a college student. But I’m trying to stick with my handmade-gift giving and wanted something that Goose could make for her Aunt Mere. So we made a birthday monster (another scrapper added to the family). Every dorm needs a beanbag man being tossed around, right?
Goosey is really into drawing faces right now. I gave her a sharpie and a piece of canvas. Here’s what she came up with (and I took care of the rest):
Not my finest work but well-matched with a 3 year-old’s artwork. We attached a little cash to his hand (something a college student can really use) and that was that. Happy Birthday Meredith!
For other fun ideas, using your child’s artwork and turning it into a tangible object try this or this.

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