Baby Gift Set #2

My friend Lyndsey the Paper Girl had a baby boy almost 6 months ago and I’m just now sending the gift. Presents are good any time of the year, right?

I started with my dyed onesies from a few weeks ago, then added a pair of pants, and a pacifier clip, and a little vinyl pouch, and a hobo sack, and before you know it, the gift had sort of grown. In my mind I thought, jackpot! And then I chuckled. A present for a boy named Jack would be a jackpot. Haah. I’m a dork.
Jack’s parents are HUGE University of Utah fans, so this was a must-do:
And since I love his cute little name, I did a take on the old car-shop name badges and Freezer Paper stenciled his name on a brown onesie and the hobo sack.
I inserted my own labels this time on the onesies since I figured I had changed them up enough to call them my own.
Remember all those handy pacifier clips I had lying around for future gifts? Threw a couple in there, along with a vinyl pouch for…whatever little things need to be zippered up. (sewn similar to candy bags)
And with a pair of these simple beach boy pants, the gift came together, all wrapped up inside of the bag itself.
Each of these tutorials were used for the gift (found in the Tutorials link at the top of the blog):

Welcome home little Jack! You’re a lucky guy to have such fun parents!

  1. 1) steph

    Can I ask where you got the name badges that say Jack?? My son’s name is jack and I’d love to buy some for his backpack etc. šŸ™‚ Thanks!

    • 2) Dana

      I made them with freezer paper stencling!
      it’s just knit fabric with “jack” painted over the top

  2. I love this!!! I am going to attempt to make this. I am going to blog about this project and link it back to your site. so cute!!!!

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