baby blues and minis

I absolutely love a little girl in blue. But I quickly learned when Lucy was a baby (and bald) that if she was wearing blue I’d have to field the “how old is HE?” questions. Come to think of it, I got those when she was wearing pink…and butterflies too.
I’ve hung on to this soft blue peasant blouse from BabyStyle hoping baby Clara could try it out. It fits her perfectly right now.
And matches all that bias tape I made the other day.
Oooo. Project!
I followed the normal steps for the Simple Skirt (love how little fabric it takes for a baby version). This time around I sewed my hem first. I wanted to make sure everything was straight and horizontal when I sewed the bias tape in place.
Then I took my bias tape and used it like a trim, sewing stripes to my fabric.
NOTE: Single fold tape will make your skirt less bulky. But all I had was double-fold.
And there we go. A cute bias tape Mini to go with the blouse.
I sort of forgot that babies often don’t stand straight and keep those knees bent. I should have added more width to the skirt, making it fuller.
So….the skirt is a work-in-progress (I’ve already started another one).
But it works.
Definitely a girl.
No matter where I put that camera, she finds me.

  1. So sweet! I love my babies in blue too. All 3 of mine have insanely blue eyes! She’s a cutie!

  2. She is simply gorgeous in her simple skirt. Although admittedly I’m having a hard time tearing away from the those baby blues to admire the skirt. 😉

  3. 3) Lauralee

    ADORABLE — as always! Ordered a bias tape maker from Amazon last week. I am looking forward to some bias fun!

  4. 5) Mareike

    She’s so beautiful (like all your kids)! And I just love your clothes – a great idea to just use bias tape to brighten up the skirt.

  5. 6) Emily

    So adorable… too bad my boys won’t wear skirts (or at least my husband won’t let them)! 😉

  6. 8) Ilene

    I would put my son in gender neutral colors and/or blue and I would constantly get those gender bending questions. Oh SHE’S so pretty! how old is SHE? people are silly.

  7. 10) MC

    I love your blog and have been reading for quite some time; however, today when I clicked over from my reader I was schocked to see two political ads flashing at me. I read your blog for the sewing, recipes, etc. not to see nasty ads about our current presidential candidates. If I want that I will turn on the tv. I like to escape all that negativity for a little while in blog land, but I guess it isn’t exempt from the media either. I come here for sewing advice, not political information. I hope the negative ads aren’t a permanent fixture.

    • Not to worry… I double checked the ads on the side… “bed bugs”! That’s worse than political candidates in my humble opinion. I think ads are pretty random myself.

      Dana… your babykins is so adorable! And worth every mile of bias tape! 😀

  8. so cute!!! I need to make this for my baby girl.

  9. What a cutie with her blue eyes! I love naartjie kids clothes– they look handmade.

  10. So sweet! I love the blue too. I came to the conclusion with my kids that it’s all about the hair. Anika had hair and I could dress her in anything and people knew she was a girl. On one memorable occasion a friend and I had our girls out somewhere. Anika was in yellow pants and a hoodie, and she had hair. My friend’s daughter was in a pink dress and bald as an egg. Her little girl was CONSTANTLY referred to as a boy. People are so weird.

    Love the skirt – really sweet; I’m a big fan of bias-tape-as-accent.


  11. She is so stinking cute! And blue is definitely her color. Love how the bias tape takes the cuteness factor of the skirt and pumps it up a notch.

  12. So so cute! I love the simplicity of this outfit and I also love baby girls in blue. 🙂

  13. 18) Kelly

    What a cutie! And the skirt is great too!

  14. she has such beautiful eyes! Love the blue on her. 🙂 Definitely looks girlie to me!

  15. OmG!!! Bless her! she’s a cutipie and could never be mistaken for a boy even in blue. So gorgeous and adorable!!!

  16. Both my sweet girls were taken for boys when they were babies, no matter how many ruffles and flowers and pink things they were festooned with. LOL. Made me wonder too.

  17. Yup, definitely a girl! And so cute in her little blue outfit, I love it. =)

  18. She is SO stinkin’ cute, Dana! Ah! I just want to squeeze her. She’s growing so quickly. I love the updates on her.

  19. 25) Kelly

    Could definitely melt in those blue eyes. Awesomely cute and simple skirt…. i wish i had myself a girl…. one day!! 😀

  20. I love girls in blue too! Love that first picture. 🙂

  21. 28) Rachel

    So, so pretty!! People always thought my girl was a boy, too. Once, upon telling someone that her name was Nora, the person replied “Well, that’s a strange name for a boy!”. Really?!

  22. I seriously can’t get enough pictures of your little girl. She is adorable 🙂 Keep ’em coming…along with the great project ideas.

  23. this is gorgeous! sweet baby girls totally can rock the blue. well done!

  24. 31) Melissa

    Oh wow, her thigh rolls are so stinkin’ cute! Great skirt, too.

  25. Oh I love that little Clara – she looks like such a joy (in addition to being a dollbaby). I’m also a big fan of girls in blue, this little outfit is totally perfect to me!

  26. I love a baby girl in blue too, as you know. 🙂 I actually like the skirt slimmed down. I think it’s adorable. Her headband is super cute too. Clara is so pretty…really I can’t imagine anything looking bad on her anyway. 🙂

  27. She’s growing up SO beautiful! I love that outfit and I love her little delicious legs underneath 😀

  28. she is cute. I like also blue. But that is always difficult girl. But no matter, i just do it.


  29. 36) Leslie

    That is so sweet. I love the picture of Clara upside down. The expression on her face is perfect! Do you have the approximate measurements of her skirt? I want to make some baby gifts so I measure baby first. Thanks for such a great project!

  30. 37) Rachael

    She is beautiful. The soft blue looks great on her. The skirt is cute!

  31. 39) Ellen

    Too cute! I love blue, and my daughter wore it all the time! Now with a boy it’s a non issue, but with his curls and long eyelashes, he often gets mistaken for a girl, even in his most rough and tumble outfits. I miss BabyStyle too, what a great store, and sadly gone.

  32. She really is a beautiful baby, and you photos of her are always beautiful! I agree that baby girls are cute in blue, but I hear ya on the boy/girl thing – I’ve had people ask how old my “little girl” was when he was wearing a blue shirt and camo pants :).

  33. 41) Mary

    Ok…so adorable, baby is Beautiful and so gorgeous in that shade of blue!! After reading your post on bias tape, I thought…”hmmm…maybe I really need to learn how to use this stuff”. I’m still what I consider a “newbie” even though I have sewn for a few years. I’m just taking it sssslllloooww. Next month…I’m buying the bias tape maker and I am making that skirt. Yep…she needs it, I want it and dang it, it’s just to cute!

  34. 42) Deborah Jennings

    A friend of mine had a bald baby girl and would put ribbons in her hair with KY Jelly. One day she was at the store and a lady asked her how she kept the bows in they baby’s hair. (short, fine hair) She had been asked this so many times that she was so tired of answering, so she said, “Thumb tacks.” The lady said, “Really?” and turned and walked away. DO NOT use Thumb Tacks to keep ANYTHING in or on your Baby!!!!!

  35. Oh my goodness those are cute pictures! And the outfit is adorable. Love the blue color for a baby girl!

  36. 44) iHeartQuilting

    She is just too cute! Our 8 yr old daughter was a baldie as a baby, and my husband would get so mad when someone referred to her as a boy. (I pointed out that he always had her dressed in Phila Flyers gear when he took her out. 🙂 ) I always used those elastic headbands on her too, but it didn’t matter – there was always someone who thought she was a boy.

  37. 45) Cathy Kelemen

    That baby is so adorable! LOVE LOVE LOVE those blue eyes! Cute skirt….need to make one for my soon to arrive baby girl!!! Project for maternity leave!

  38. 46) KimL

    She is so adorable. Love the skirt and use of bias tape. I’m continually amazed at your creativity. Might I also say, your tutorials are some of the best out there. Thanks for sharing!!

  39. 47) Angie

    I love ALL your tutorials and projects (and your baby just couldn’t be cuter). So grateful that you are willing to share with us! I have had the same experience with my little girl. One time she was even wearing a pink DRESS and was referred to as a boy. It’s beyond me…. 🙂

  40. she gets cuter with every stinking picture! slow down clara! you’re growing up too fast!

  41. 49) Rhiannon

    I love that shade of blue! I think it’s especially beautiful on girls…even if people can’t tell the gender of your baby. I remember being at the mall with my daughter head to toe in pink and was baffled when someone asked “is it a boy or girl?”. Your daughter is beautiful!
    Your skirt turned out great. I made a skirt very similar to this using ribbon back when my first daughter was a baby.

  42. 50) Kat


  43. Dear Dana,
    Your daughter is so sweet and lucky to have such a wondreful mum 🙂 I have the same problem with my son, he is 3,5 but people still think it’s “she”, and he is bored and angry at this situation 😉
    By the way, I’ve been you reader for a very long long time… but always too shy to write something 🙂 Hope it’ll change now 😉 I love everything you show and write 🙂
    Greetings from Poland

  44. 52) Sarah K.


  45. Thanks for the bias tape tips and ideas on how to use it. Hope to make myself some soon. 🙂

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