a fanfare of foxes and baby baskets

A few things came together this week….
1. My computer is mostly fixed!  The data doctor rescued my 120,000 photos!  Um.  I have 120k pics?   Yikes.
2. Clara is obsessed with cats, so we got her a toy kitty and it’s her new precious.
3.  Rae sent me samples of her new fabric line called Fanfare and it’s my new precious.
and so….
4.  I got back in my groove and sewed a little something something for kitty with the darling new fabrics!
a fanfareThis is an update on the baby doll basket I sewed long ago for Lucy.  Over the years some of you have emailed about it, asking if I have a pattern.  Well I’m happy to report that one is finally in the works!  First comes the dress pattern and then this is right behind.  I’m excited to sew a few more up!a2
I used a dot corduroy for the outside and handmade bias tape around the edges.  But the star of the show is that sweet little lining.  I am so in love with this new line of flannels by Rae!….of Made by Rae.  The Fanfare line is part of Cloud 9 fabrics, which features all organic cotton fabrics and is well, just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.
Need a fox?
or 3?
I’m hoarding them all.a3 a4Rae is hosting a Fanfare Project Parade so she sent a few of us some samples to try out.
Of course all that cuteness in one pile only stalled my decision-making process.  Which fabric do I use??  I suppose you could use them all and make the coolest baby quilt ever.a5
So I went with the flags.  And I loved seeing Rae’s name printed right on the selvage.  How fun is that?  Congrats lady!a6
I cut, sewed, lined, binded, and just like that….we have the new and improved baby basket!a7Of course it needed some bedding.  So I made a reversible mattress and pillow….and a cat-size ruffle blanket with a foxy tag (so kitty can paw at something while lounging around)a8dThen I put it all together and let Clara try it out.a9
She loved it.
And spent the next 1/2 hour taking kitty in, and out, and in, and out.a10 a11Happy play-time little ones.a12
Thanks Rae for designing some lovely flannels!  Click HERE to read more about where to purchase the Fanfare line.

  1. That is just lovely, Dana. Your little girl is growing so quickly. The fabric is so very cute too!

  2. 4) Julie H.

    That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Just darling. Great job, and cute fabric!

  3. Crazy! My 3 yr old son has that exact kitty! He loves it so much that he’s been using it as his pillow for the past year, so it’s totally squished flat in the tummy area. 🙂

  4. THat is so so cute! I love the new fabric too.

  5. I know a little girl who will be getting this as a Christmas gift this year. Can’t wait for the release. I know my girl will love it!
    Thanks for the opportunity to learn Illustrator. I just finished the class I won from you and I really enjoyed. Learning new stuff is so fun. Thanks, Dana.
    Also, my sewing studio is 99% complete, and I have moved in, because it is as done as it is going to get at this point…but totally functional. It has the essentials: walls, ceiling, sewing stuff. If you have time check out my post.

  6. 9) PALMIRA

    I love it. The precious fabrics
    I know that asking Santa Claus

  7. the whole set up is super cute. and i love the fox print material.

  8. This is THE cutest! That Clara has a kitty baby and that you made a basket for it!!

    Also, I’m so freaking proud of Rae and her fabric line it’s not even funny!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE! You know I have no idea how to even turn a sewing machine on…but I love all of what you do. It inspires me to learn. And I can’t keep myself away from swooning over beautiful Clara.

  10. 14) lak

    Um…cranking out a pattern for this might be more “urgent” than the doll patterns. Not that I have any pull here, or any right to demand anything from you! I’m just saying, this is adorable. I haven’t sewn much this year, but I would make time for this unique, adorable little basket. Gifts all around! Thanks for being so inspiring.

    • 15) Dana

      I totally agree! Hopefully I can get out it in the next month. Fingers crossed all around 🙂

  11. 16) Dita

    It’s so cute! My daughter is loves cats and has that same cat as Clara plus another grey one. Will need to make the basket once the pattern is out 🙂 Can’t wait for the First Day dress, already have the fabric ready 🙂

  12. 17) Tracy

    Oh my. Hurry Dana. lol I would love to make my grand daughter one of the beds for Christmas.

    • 18) Dana

      I’ll do my best! I agree….it’s the perfect Christmas gift.

  13. 19) Ilene

    So cute! And such a sweet little girl.

  14. 20) MamaSaree

    I absolutely love this! I need to make one for my little girl! I will be anxiously awaiting the pattern.

  15. Can’t wait for this pattern! Completely adorable!

  16. I know a ton of people have already said it but seriously THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!! I don’t know what I am in love with more: The cutest stuffed cat, the amazing fabric, the darling basket, the too cute accessories – which really just seal the deal, or your beautiful little girl who is obviously in love. I rarely buy patterns online because I just don’t have time to sew with a 6yr,5yr,2yr,and 9 month old…but I have all your patterns and am dieing for the next two to come!! You are truly talented and I love that you use your mad skills to benefit your kiddos – and by default you benefit mine. Thanks for all you do!

    • 23) Dana

      haha. Thank you for the sweet comment Stacy 🙂

  17. 24) lux

    I NEED this pattern!! It’s just perfect- and both my girls are obsessed with their kittens-

  18. 25) Victoria

    Can’t wait for the pattern!! Fingers crossed in will be ready for Chhristmas making. No pressure. But pleeeeeeeeeeese 😉

    • 26) Dana

      Definitely before Christmas! Hopefully I have it out the first of November! fingers crossed over here too 🙂

  19. 27) Sara

    That is absolutely adorable! I love the fabric too!

  20. 28) Mary Kay

    OMG Dana – that is the cutest thing!!! And Clara is just the sweetest thing I can’t believe how much she has grown.

  21. oh my, i do believe this takes the cake in the Fanfare tour! so, so adorable. let me know if you need a doll basket tester!! or a first day dress tester for that matter! i’m super excited for both of these patterns!

  22. Clara is growing so fast!!! Very nice use of the fabric and wow you sure go all the way when you do something.

  23. This entire post is SO ADORABLE! I love love love the fabric. Pinning for later!

  24. This just makes me smile from the inside out. I want to be a toddler again and play with that cute little kitty and adorable basket and bedding. 🙂 Clara looks so cute playing with her kitty. I will be buying that pattern. I’ll find some child to make it for. And don’t even get me started with that adorable fabric line. Swoon! I mostly sew bags and purses. Do you think I could get away with making a cute bag with the flannel? I just might have to do that.
    Have a great weekend!

  25. AH. GAH. Too much cute in one post!! Seriously, such a great idea. Love the adorable little kiddo and her adorable new toys. Would have loved that when I was her age.


  26. so stinking cute — and thanks for the reminder of the fabric launch…i mentally bookmarked the fabric when it hasn’t been released yet and obviously, have forgotten to check on it…(signs of old age)

  27. This is so cute! If I show this to my daughter, she would directly order a basket for her doll, I guess 😉

  28. 36) Jeni

    Whoa, I must make these for Christmas. My littles will love them!
    P.S. You are one clever lady:)

  29. 38) Juanita in OH

    That is sooooooo adorable!! The fabric is great also. TFS

  30. Adorbs! Looks like this might work for some Waldorf dolls I have planned. So so cute!

  31. So cute! Love this whole set. And I’m totally impressed that you made something other than pajama pants. 🙂

  32. you are too fun. and gah! have to get my hands on some of rae’s fabrics!

  33. OH I die of cuteness! I have boys so I don’t get to experience the baby doll / kitty cat precious moments! Those flannels look awesome, by the way!

  34. love this. You are officially the coolest mom. How long did it take you to make this?

  35. 44) Jennifer

    Oh goodness! I hope that you start selling this pattern in time for me to whip one up for Christmas! I know a couple of little girls who would go crazy over their own baby baskets : )

  36. Well I’m sitting on my patio, shaded from the hot Australian sun, with a cuppa, enjoying your blog once again! 😀 I LOVE your kitty basket, quilt, pillow and blanket. I LOVE the fabrics too – fancy them being flannel – I wonder if it would be too strange to make boy’s shorts out of flannel – my son only likes super soft material (think t-shirt fabric) for clothes. Looking forward to hearing about how your new build is coming along. 🙂

  37. So cute! Im excited about this pattern too! I planned to make my daughter a doll for xmas since i dont feel she’s old enough formy american girl so this would be perfect! With a coordinating first day dress!!

  38. 48) Janelle Dunn

    Cute basket! I had one of those back in the days of ’70s for my dolls. How purrrfect that she took the kitty in, and out, and in…just like a real cat – that girl is smart 😉 I can hardly wait to get my hands on some of that fabric.

  39. 49) Tami

    How stinkin’ cute!!! Clara and her kitty and basket!!!

  40. Darling!!! Love this so much! Natalie is into cats lately too and dogs. The little pillow and blanket are the perfect touch.

  41. Oh Dana! This is just what I have been looking for! I have a 2 year old who is obsessed with baby dolls and I’ve been searching for a baby doll moses basket tutorial, but haven’t seen any I cared for. Her birthday is this month, but I’ll wait until Christmas if I can get my hands on this pattern! Would you be interested in having a pattern tester? Hint hint ? 🙂


  42. You daugher is soo lucky to have you.. Such a creative mom 🙂

  43. 53) Marilyn

    So excited that you will have a pattern for us soon. I have four granddaughters that I have to make this for. Thank you!

  44. I know you probably get this more than I do but do you ever wish that “that” thing you love and ya know you can make, but sometimes even crafty people want a day off too, that someone would shout out that hey I will totally make that for you because I know you and your kids would “love” it. That’s how I feel about this too cute little critter bassinet. Love it but the two dozen things that are currently being made for holidays, presents, or commissions is putting up a big stop sign. I love seeing your posts pop up in my in – box. A definite bright spot in my day. Thanks!

  45. 55) Julie

    SO excited for the baby basket!! Will the pattern fit American Girl Dolls? That’s pretty big over here 😉

  46. I would love to be a pattern tester for you on this one! I actually had one similar to this growing up and I loved it. My girls aren’t into dolls either but I can think of at least a dozen stuffed animals that would find their way into that basket. Love it!

  47. 57) Astrid

    So cute, compliments to you, Dana!!

  48. The kitty basket is adorable! We actually have the same kitty at our house though it has been “loved” a lot and looks a little mangey…

  49. 60) Faith

    My daughter has the same kitty cat! She just went crazy over the basket… anxiously… patiently waiting!!!

  50. Wow, that is so darn cute! Everything, the foxes, your creations and of course, sweet Clara.

  51. I want the pattern before Christmas! It would be a great gift for my girls. I hope you can finish in time – it is so cute!

  52. The fox fabric made me start singing the “what does the fox say?” song right away. It’s super cute!

  53. OMGSH!!! My LO’s favvvvvorite new stuffy is her “KITTY”–I do not sew!! How am I ever going to remake one of these beauties!!??? Do I smell a ‘giveaway’!?!?!? … I’m happy to have found your blog from over at “GrowCreative” …looks like I have a lot to learn….
    Thanks again for the inspiration, this is GORGEOUS!!!

  54. 65) Aline

    Any news on when this pattern will be available? I know of a little birthday girl who would be so thrilled to have one for her “baby”. She takes her mommy responsibilities very seriously even at the age of 3! Thanks!

  55. 66) Jenny

    I’m with everyone! I keep checking back here for this pattern! I’m in Christmas sewing mode now so it’s on my brain! Can’t wait to make one!

    • 67) Dana

      I’m working on it! Promise!
      I hope to have it out in the next two weeks so you’ll have a full month to make it!
      Thanks for being patient 🙂

  56. 68) shabana

    that is sooo cute…definitely needed for my 4yr old ..thankyou in every possible way

  57. 69) Kristie

    looking forward to your tutorial on this one. so very cute. my 3 year old will flip for this.

  58. 70) Sally b

    I just love this! I can’t wait for the pattern. I’ll have to make two for Christmas. Such gorgeous fabrics, I want to make mine EXACTLY the same! x

  59. 71) ola allison

    This is just perfect for a 2 year old little girl, mine would adore it, cannot wait for the pattern:) thanks so much! you will be making so many happy girls and mammas for christmas morning!

  60. goodness that is cute! how did i ever miss that one?!

  61. I keep checking back every week or so to see if the pattern is out! I’m so excited! No pressure, but hurry! 😉

    • 74) Kirsten Welch

      Me too! :o)

  62. 75) Jeanne Nelson

    I bought the pattern. How long does it take to receive the download link?

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