Hey there! I’M DANA.

I’m a mom of 3 kids living in Austin, TX with my husband Casey. I love to sew, make, DIY, photograph, write, and share everyday things that will be used and loved. So blogging is the perfect marriage of tricks for me.

I started this blog as a place to share and connect with people. And today it’s doing much of the same, with colorful projects + ideas to get your wheels spinning. Most of all, I love to meet people! And I love to talk about creative life. So thanks for stopping by!

You can email me at: dana@madeeveryday.com
Or find me on Instagram: @made_everyday

Check out my ONLINE SHOW under the same name: MADE Everyday. I’ll help you make fun everyday items you will love and use…because it’s hard to find time in a busy day to do it all. And no one is! (read more about that here)

You’ll also find a range of patterns and goodies in the SHOP.

I’ve written a book called FABRICS A TO Z, which is a great resource for every sewist and fabric enthusiast.

There’s a slew of TUTORIALS and RECIPES right here on the blog for you to try out.

And if you just need a cheer of encouragement, that’s totally what I’m here for! My goal with MADE Everyday is to help you realize that YOU CAN DO IT, using everyday items from around the house, with or without patterns, and with crazy make-it-work moments.

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Never tried sewing? You can learn. Think you’re not creative? Nonsense. There’s a creative spirit in everyone! And the best way to find it is by just getting started. Never fear. Just do. And figure it out as you go along. Thanks for stopping by!