YOU made it – Shirts and Sacks

Wow. You guys have been flooding the you MADE it Flickr group with all sorts of cool things. I absolutely love it! So here’s to YOU. Based on MADE tutorials and patterns, here’s what YOU made.
(LEFT) From Really Quite Lucky, her version of the Uno Shirt (and let’s be honest….her party looks much cooler than mine.)
(RIGHT) From Sascahromeo’s Photostream, a cool twist on the 90 min shirt, with Elbow pads and cool Freezer Paper Stencil on front:
From a blog I always enjoy, Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts, Jenny admits she’s addicted to making the 90 min shirt. I must say, she does it well! The stencil is from the Ottobre Design site. Totally cool gorilla:
Can you handle that cheesy grin?? bigmak&company tried out Fraker’s Acre’s Bowties and our 90 Min shirt also. Looks like she used waffle knit for the neck and sleeves. Great idea!
Two 90 Min Shirts from Mamaturtle’s photo stream. The concept is simple, yet there are so many possibilities. Check out her cool turtle side tag down there:
Need some jammie knickers to go with your shirt? Look at what PaulINAdri did. I’m digging the cool skater shirts, especially on the wee babe:
Make a shirt for your little guy. Then make one for his big brother too! Great photos from Stephanie 015‘s photostream:
From Refugee Crafter, this lady has skills. Her lines are impeccably straight! She gives additional tips on her site for doing the ribbing without a serger:
And these photos totally made my day yesterday. I wondered if anyone would actually make the President’s Day shirts. And well…..Silas Jone’s Blog not only made the Lincoln shirt…..but the little guy wore it to THE Lincoln Monument!
Does it get any cooler than that? Beautiful with all that snow:
And the Lincoln love doesn’t stop there. Check out The Salted Image:
and Emily King too. You guys are making me smile here!
(LEFT) A 90 Min Shirt from Tall Tales. Great “MOM” embellishment on the side.
(RIGHT) Cool guitar version from Zaaberry:
H Dance made her 90 min shirt into a onesie:
And A Happy Wanderer used striped fabric from another T-shirt for the neck and cuffs. Cool!
This colorful medly comes from Clouds and Crowns:
And since I’m a Dana “W”….I espcially enjoy this one. From Sew Much Ado, Abby made the Short-sleeved version of the 90 min shirt. That’s the easiest way!
And just a couple more here folks. Let’s not forget our little Hobo Sack. Look at what Brown Brick House did:
And if you’ve ever made a Shirt Dress that just didn’t work out….don’t throw it away! Look at what Creative Spaces created. It’s a shirt-dress-turned-hobo-sack! Now that’s what I call a Refashioned Refashion.
And that’s a you MADE it round-up.

If you’ve been itching to try a tutorial but thought you couldn’t do it….look at all the people who have! You CAN do it! Pick out a Tutorial and go for it:
I plan to do one more before the month’s over. So if you’ve made something based on our tutorials or patterns, get your BOY pics in there!… you MADE it.

Check out the very cool belts that Elsie Marley’s sharing on Made by Rae:

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