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First off, my apologies for the messy blog. MADE is undergoing some changes (can a blog hit puberty?) And until I’m back at my own comfy, clickedy, it-really-knows-and-understands-me computer…the graphics here will be a bit wonky. Sorry. Bear with me. and Thank You.

In other more exciting news….the flickr group is revamped and UP! I truly love it when you email me the things you’ve made. It makes my day! So now, you can share your stuff with other MADE readers and creators. You’ll find it linked in the button to the right:It’s called you MADE it And soon it’ll be full of all the amazing MADE-inspired creations YOU made. If you’ve used one of our patterns, tutorials, ideas, concepts, whatever? to create your own version….snap a photo and share it!

And here comes the really fun part….
Once a month I’ll select a few photos from the flickr group to post here on MADE. Just a small way to say thank you for stopping by and enjoying the blog.
So make your picture memorable, unique, and fresh and it’s sure to catch my eye!
Some photo tips to help you get noticed:
* Take a photo outside or near a window with natural, diffused light
* Don’t use a flash
* Find a unique location or cool spot to display your creation
* Have a child (or human, or animal?) modeling your clothing item
* Think outside of the box

If you’re looking for visual inspiration, how about this lovely photo that knocked me off my chair when I saw it:
Brought to you by katy at No Big Dill (and based on our Turkey Skirt pattern), um… I’m not sure where to start. The bazillion rows of chiffon? The impeccable craftsmanship? The beautiful color scheme? The lighting? The creative display? Katy, you belong in a magazine. Thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to see the skirts and legwarmers on your darling girls.

* PLEASE include your blog address in your photo description when you upload to Flickr, so we all know where to find you.
* If you’ve emailed me pictures in the past, please go to the flickr group and upload them there.
* If you don’t have a flickr acct, it’s easy to create (just follow their instructions)
* If for some reason you’re new to flickr (or stuck in the year 1990 and haven’t joined facebook yet. I’m working on that. Stay tuned)….flickr is a website for photosharing. You upload your photos, share with your friends, and/or join a flickr GROUP where you share your photos with other people in the group.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with! I’ll be posting the first batch of your photos the first week of January.

As always, thanks for playing!

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