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Thank you all for Get Well Soon wishes! They must have helped because I woke up yesterday with much more energy. Man, being sick really makes you appreciate the blessing of good health (though it was nice to have an excuse to sit on the couch and watch tv). But I’m ready to get back to work now!

I’m still plugging away at the Rollie Pollie. It’s taken longer than I anticipated with the pattern pieces. But I should be done tonight! (fingers crossed) Thank you for being patient.

In the mean time, let’s see what YOU have been up to. From the you Made it Flickr group, I pulled some crafty/non-clothing items this time.

Genevieve from Creative Spaces tried out the Candy Bags and with a ruffle! Looks like the perfect Valentine’s gift pouch to me:
Ready for more wreaths? From Nature’s Heirloom’s photostream, this version was made with ALMONDS. You guys keep surprising me. Great idea!
And check out what my sister Saunja did. She tried the Lima Bean version, made it double-stacked and hung it high up on the wall. Great decor statement!
And from the same craft lady, Nature’s Heirloom made Recycled Grocery Totes too. I am loving the brown bag for bread. I need to find me some colored plastic bags like that.
And who said the bags were just for groceries? Jessica from Happy Together had the brilliant idea of making them into GIFT bags. Very clever. Check out the cute felt embellishments she added as tags. The LOVE sack with the heart charm is so great for the holiday!
Okay, this is probably the one item I get emailed about randomly and I never have enough info to provide you guys (other than what was in the original blog post). The Baby Basket. I made it on a whim and can’t really explain how I did it. Maybe I need to do a real tutorial on it? But Chris from Pickup Some Creativity figured it out! And she did it so well. That vintage baby doll really finishes the picture. Um….maybe Chris will have more tips to give us? :)…..
or for further inspiration, look at the cute polka dot one created by Marnae at Powell Family. Even their real baby can fit in there. Adorable. And those canvas straps are a brilliant idea.
And lastly, one of my favorite photos in the flickr group. I was so happy when So Very Loquacious posted her snowflakes because I’m so intrigued by that room! I just want to step inside and see all those paintings. And that cool exposed beam? What a fun house. Beautiful sparkly snowflakes to compliment it. Looks like she used Foam Core, so they’re a bit stronger:
And that’s a YOU made it roundup! Keep up-loading your photos (especially if you have any boy stuff. Something fun about Boys will be announced very soon!) Now back to patterns and tutorials….

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