yellow table. blue bonnets.

I’ve been reviving furniture lately.
So I’m pleased to introduce our new and improved yellow coffee table:
with a bunch of beautiful wild flowers sitting on top. Few things are prettier (and yummy smelling) to me. Our house is now full of cups like this. I just pick them from the side of the road. Mmmm. Simple and lovely.
But back to that table…..

I bought it at a garage sale when we first moved here. I didn’t think it would be our final table. But it was solid wood and only $3! So it was a good filler till we purchased what we wanted. I asked the lady selling it, “this is only 3 dollars? Is that right?”
“um…..” (quickly realizing she should have asked for more) “Yea, sure, 3 dollars.”

Here’s the BEFORE:
She had painted it black and it was scuffed everywhere. I hated the little step-down in the corners. Too southwestern to me.

Casey sawed off the corners and sanded the whole table down for me! Thank you my dear.
Then I stepped in for the painting. First I sprayed on a primer coat, then I sprayed the top with Behr brand Ultra Pure White Semi-gloss, and finally yellow paint for the legs. I finished off the top with a clear lacquer finish.
I really love the table more than I thought I would. For months I threw paint colors around in my brain. At one point I thought it should be orange….but it never felt quite right. Then one day we bought Yellow paint for another project (currently in progress) and the vision came together. YELLOW and white! And when I set those flowers on the table it all felt like, home.
And since one of you asked about the Texas Blue Bonnets, here’s a lovely site:
The Texas State flower is everywhere right now! I didn’t notice them until earlier this week when they simply exploded. You can’t drive anywhere without spotting the beautiful blue flower.
Of course they’re even more picturesque with wild deer prancing through the field:
Pleased to meet you little Blue Bonnet.
You compliment our yellow table just perfectly.

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