Wrap it Up!

Just a few more days till Christmas!
I hope you’re wrapping up the shopping, the making, the baking, and gifting.
I’m 3/4 of the way done.  The goal is to NOT be doing any of that on Christmas Eve….at 11pm….which is what has happened in the past.  I’ve vowed to be better.

Resolution for 12/24: to be sitting on the couch at 10pm, watching something Christmas-y with Casey (which may or may not be Die Hardif Casey is choosing)

If you’re still wrapping gifts too, I thought I’d share a few more bins I made this week, to use as gift boxes!

This was a fun thing I discovered when designing the Hold It Bin PatternTHE box totally works for gifts!

YESSSS. And even better….you can use the box to hold a fancy gift, OR, the box can be the gift itself. Fill it with something simple, or just a note that says, “love you friend!”

The boxes are great for socks, and ties, goodies, books, staplers, slippers, art supplies, you name it.
And I’m tooootally digging these boxes in vinyl. Ahhhh. Mustard vinyl?!
I couldn’t stand it so I made one in rose gold too (Heart eyes. Heart eyes).
I’ll have to share the details of that one in another post.

Of course it’s fun to wrap your box in paper too.
This little one is for Clara…with some fuzzy slippers inside.
She’s kitty crazy.

Now toss your gifts inside, and tie a bow on it.

If you need a bow-tying refresher, here’s my go-to method.
Hit the play button below and enjoy….

Happy early Christmas friends!

So if Santa brings you fabric…we’ve gotcha binned.

  1. 1) Anna

    Love how the boxes turned out! The color combinations are beautiful.

  2. 2) Montse

    Hi! Would you make a video of this cutie boxes? Hope so!
    Happy happy Christmas to all your family. ????

  3. 3) Petra

    You have been super busy! As usual your photos and ideas are brilliant. Happy Christmas from Melbourne 😀

  4. 4) Bridgit

    We open up the fabric cupboards and wrap most of our gifts in whatever fabric we can find. Thanks for the bow tutorial!

    • 5) Dana

      Awesome idea! Love it!

  5. 6) Julie

    Hi Dana, Merry Christmas! I just bought the pattern and am excited to make lidded boxes! Love that idea 🙂 Your pattern is so thorough but I have one question. What kind of felt is used for the boxes? Is it craft felt or a thicker felt? I’m guessing a thicker felt…but I’d like to be sure. Thank you.

  6. 8) DeB

    Happy New Year! Love the rose gold vinyl! Your fabrics are always so beautiful. I think I need to go fabric shopping with you. Where do you find all these great fabrics? I need to get started now making a whole bunch of these for next Christmas.

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