Winter Skirt

Hello friends and Happy New Year!
All week Lucy has been asking me questions about what a “new year” means, and if she’ll have a birthday next year like she does this year, and what is January? and is it close to December? (code for: when is Christmas coming again?!). I love their curious minds, absorbing info and hungry for more. The good news is, yes Lucy, you get to have a birthday every year! Woohoo! And she’s really in-luck, since her birthday is coming up in one month. She’ll be 5 and we’re planning an official party for the first time. The decorating wheels are already spinning in my head.

But in the mean time….how bout a new skirt?
I actually made this a couple months ago when I shared my silky circle skirt with dyed elastic. This is the tweedish version; twirly yet warmer for the winter.
The fabric is a synthetic (polyester) tweed-like fabric that caught my eye one day in the store. It had a beautiful drape and I had a feeling those woven lines would look great, cut on the bias. The color is blue underneath with specks of it peeking out on the white side. I simply serged around the hem and added the standard 3 inch polyester elastic on top.
Compared to the lightweight Charmeuse used for the other skirt, this fabric definitely adds more bulk to the waist.
I don’t care for that aspect. But it’s not that bad and doesn’t stop me from loving a pretty wool-like skirt in winter! I just need to find some winter shoes. I’m pretty sure Stacy London and Clinton would have something to say about my white shoes after Labor day….although it was 70 degrees here in TX the other day! (and now it’s back to 45).

And….I wish I could claim the blue shirt, but it’s from Forever 21, a few years ago.
This is the same Circle skirt I made for Lucy, with grown-up flair. These skirts are so easy. You can pump out 4 in no time. Other fabrics that work for this skirt: knit, cotton, satin, lightweight wools and wool blends, lightweight corduroy, and other fabrics you’re curious to try!
You’ll find the Circle Skirt and Dyeing Elastic tutorials in the photo here (and in the Tutorials link at the top of the blog):

I hope you have a great day going back to work, back to school, back to being mom, back to thinking up resolutions for the year, back to loving your kiddos, and of course…back to sewing.
Here’s to a productive 2011!

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