Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!
We had family in town which was nice, relaxing, lots of free baby-holding and date night opportunities, good conversation, and a bit of this as well:
So, nothing else to share today….except for two winners from the Vintage Pearl Giveaway!
I’m so happy you love their shop too.
Here you go:
#817 – Stacey Cote, who said: I have had my eye on this shop for months. We had our second child last year and would love to have a mama necklace with my babies names on it! I’d be delighted to win!
#842 – Christy, who said: So cute, would make a perfect gift!

Congrats! I’ll contact the winners with more info.
Have a great Monday.

  1. lucky girls, although i got a better gift…your book in the mail today! i LOVE it already! so…when are you going to write another. seriously it is great! and your a great writer.

  2. 2) Christy

    Wow! Never thought I’d win! Thanks for hosting the giveaway Dana and thank you to The Vintage Pearl for their generosity. I can’t wait to start shopping!

  3. i just love everything about your site, your ideas and everything BUT can you fix your blog so we can read the whole thing from google reader its so anoying to click to see the whole stuff, everyone knows google reader is a common place where your fans read you, please? pretty please?

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