winner, popcorn? and summer summertime

1. Congrats to the winner of the Reinvention Book GIVEAWAY!
#322 – Rocio Estrada, who said “Love it!”

2. What do you do with leftover popcorn?  You know…that huge bag I bought at the Poppy Festival?  I just can’t bring myself to throw it away cause surely there’s something interesting to do.  A recipe?  A craft?  Maybe just toss it in the can…. 

3. Summer is here in Texas!  Owen’s school ended last week and Lucy’s last day is this Thursday.   I’m quickly realizing how impossible it’s going to be to finish book projects with all 3 kids at home.   So I’m taking this week off to do as much as I can.   Then when June 11 rolls around (my project deadline), we can spend a little more time doing this….

3 cheers for summer!
We’re excited to soak you up.
Okay.  See you in a week….

  1. 1) Pamela

    You’re blog + coffee = great way to start my morning before the kiddies wake up 🙂 Thanks for your awesomeness Dana!

    • 2) Pamela

      Duh…YOUR 🙂 It’s a little early or me still..ha

  2. Use the popcorn to make bird garlands to hang in the trees. x

    • 4) Pamela

      Love this idea!

  3. I can’t believe you even asked #2. Especially since that looks like Kettle Corn. Here’s WHAT TO DO: eat the entire contents for lunch. Yup, that’s what I do! It can be our little secret (Clara won’t tell) 🙂

  4. 6) LeAnn

    Sketch some simple “naked” trees and let the kids glue the popcorn all over the branches. Don’t forget to sing “Popcorn Popping.” 🙂

  5. Wish I loved summer in Texas that much. I’m going to give it another chance this year, I think. At least it is already way better than last time around…

  6. 9) Rocio Estrada

    Hello….your blog is the 1st one on my “blog list” and I was ESTATIC when I saw my name as the winner!!!! I never win anything…looks like my luck has changed! What a way to start my day…work is a ghost town due to the NATO protesters in Chicago and I seriously yelled out loud when I saw my name. Thank you Dana!

  7. 10) bdaiss

    What is this “leftover popcorn” of which you speak? I’ve never heard of such a thing. : ) Enjoy your week!

  8. oh my gosh, school is ending too quick! and good thing your deadline is coming up, then you’ll have plenty of time to play afterwards! 🙂

  9. 12) Vicky

    I like turning leftover popcorn into caramel corn. Totally gives it new life. 🙂

  10. The kettle corn guy at out local art festival said if you put it in the freezer, it will keep fresh.
    We tried it, and it really works! Takes just a short time to get back to room temp, and stays nice and crunchy.
    We love kettle corn because my son who is allergic to a bunch of things, can actually eat it, so we usually buy a big bag and never can finish it (as tempting as it is)

  11. Beautiful pictures! You really do an amazing job with your pictures and all the vibrant colors. That last one looks very familiar, Newport maybe? My family is there often.

  12. 15) darci

    Dont know what leftover popcorn is and my dd isn’t out of school until June 27!

  13. 17) Paula

    I save left over popcorn/stale bread in the freezer and save it for a day feeding the ducks at the pond. The kids find throwing popcorn so much easier than little (or sometimes too big) bread pieces.

  14. 18) Shay

    OK, crazy question, but are those wire hangers for the hot dogs in the fire place? Great idea. Sounds a little funny, but tutorial please? We love our fire pit and that looks perfect for the summer BBQ’s for Hotdogs and Smores!


    • 19) Laura

      They are not wire hangers, we have the same ones, from Mal Wart or other big box stores… perfect for marshmallows.

  15. 20) Sarah K.

    Oh, how fun! Enjoy this last week working, and then enjoy some SUMMER! We’re down to three weeks left for students, four for teachers, and let me tell you, I’m counting the days! Today we had what felt like monsoons in Seattle – bring on the sunshine! I’m ready for summer!

  16. 22) fern

    Good luck with the left over popcorn…You could make a garland out of it? Hope you have a very productive week! 🙂

  17. 23) Jen

    Make leftover popcorn into a popcorn cake… kind of like a giant rice krispie treat you make in a bundt pan, with melty marshmallow and butter (or I use coconut oil). Mix in some broken pretzels and a few m&m’s, and you’ve got a party!

  18. 24) RebeccaMac

    Ditto to the garland for the birds. My kids love stringing popcorn. I make a slip knot near the needle so the thread doesn’t keep slipping off and use blunt needles or those plastic ones.

  19. 25) iHeartQuilting

    My 8 year old isn’t finished school until June 15th. How nice you get an early start there! Enjoy!

    As for the popcorn, have a give-a-way, LOL. I love caramel corn and kettle corn, and It never goes to waste here. But it does always go to ‘waist’, mine in particular.

  20. 26) Laura

    My in-laws microwave leftover popcorn and claim it’s better than fresh. I haven’t tried it yet — I never have any leftovers!

  21. 27) Karen

    Seriously? Three kids at home and you have left over popcorn! Love the happy pics on your post today! Happy summer in Texas for me, too.

  22. 28) dana

    Just saw a cute towel witha pillow roll up on a blog and thought you should do a tutorial for it cause the ones out there really stink and I love all of your tuturorial instructions because are so thorough.

    Thanks for considering this.

  23. Dana, Your pictures are always so gorgeous. They make me want to get outside to unleash my own inner photographer. Who else can make a bag of popcorn frameworthy? I know it’s not the equipment, it’s your artistic eye that makes the shots so good. Still, a good camera probably helps. Would you mind sharing the type of camera you use? Thanks and have a great summer.

  24. Grind up the popcorn and use it as breading for chicken or fish. Yum.

  25. 32) Leslie

    Make popcorn cake! It’s like rice krispie treats only with popcorn and m&m’s and peanuts. Can’t go wrong with that!

  26. AMEN. I can’t wait….our summer starts next week 🙂

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