So I was flipping through my stack of sewing books today and noticed this image on the side of the Lotta Jansdotter book, Simple Sewing for Baby.

And I just about had a heart attack.
Yikes. And sorry Lotta!
Looking familiar?
My husband and I often have the discussion about blogging, and sharing ideas, and people coming up with similar takes at the same time, and blah blah blah. Just as in writing, there really are only so many original clothing construction ideas floating around so it’s all in the way you present it; your take.
Of course, when two people both choose the same fabric for the same garment, that’s a little funny.

So let me just say this. I’m a bit embarrassed and truly hope you don’t think I was trying to rip off Lotta’s idea and imagery. It’s been a year since I flipped through her book. I love her style and takes. But my pattern and ideas were honestly organic and created by my own two hands and mathematics. I’m probably over-dramatizing it all. But I just want you to know that my stuff comes from my heart. Yes, I’m inspired by other people. But sometimes, we really do come up with similar things. And it’s okay to share that! If you’ve created a tutorial that’s similar to someone else, why not share it with your readers as well! Of course, plagiarizing and stealing is wrong. But when we all live in the same trendy world, it’s likely that we’ll stumble on similar ideas. Okay, I’ll stop rambling.

Sorry Lotta.
Love your stuff. And apparently, we both love black gingham.

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