white linen

You guys getting sick of these yet? I hope not. But I may be taking a break after this one!

As part of the Presser Foot sew-along, I chose a beautiful white linen men’s shirt from Goodwill. It was just asking to be a breezy sleeveless dress.
I cut the pattern slightly different than the Shirt Dress Tutorial, using only one pattern piece (no sleeves and I extended/reshaped the shoulder strap area):
I wanted the dress to be as light and flowy as possible; cool on a hot summer day. But it still needed something at the waist without feeling tight or stuffy. So I made a simple tie that strings through the sides of the dress and stays secure with a loop in the front of the dress:
The buttons on the original shirt were boring, so I removed them and brightened it up with these little green ones. They have the sweetest embossed star-like shape.
Thanks Presser Foot for letting me host this month! If you want to join-in, there’s still time. And for those of you currently sewing….can’t wait to see what you come up with. Happy Sewing.

  1. 1) Maggie Jensen

    Thanks for sharing so much information. It gave me a lot of inspiration


  2. I’m trying out this tutorial today! The white linen one you did is my favorite. You blog is inspiring. It’s reminded me that a little exploration is great and following a “pattern” isn’t always necessary. (Which can be applicable in many other facets of life too.) Thanks!

  3. 3) Rockige

    Wow, i wish i could make such clothes. Maybe i am talented enough to learn it within the next few years

  4. 4) Krista

    Attempting this and I’m wandering if the neckline & sleeve casings are done the same as your dress shirt tutorial? I love the dress & can’t wait to see one of hubby’s shirts as a dress for our toddler!

    • 5) Dana

      Hi Krista….I don’t have a tutorial for this version….but I just sort of cut a tank style armhole, and folded the raw edges under and under to create a casing. It was so long ago that I don’t remember all the specifics, but I was just sort of making it up as I went šŸ™‚

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