"we’re having salad"

I’m sure salad doesn’t sound appealing at 9 o’clock in the morning.
But whenever I’ve been on a bad-eating kick (like eating out for a week straight with my family in town and then porking out on Oreos and Doritos for 3 days at the beach) well, my body starts to crave what it needs. And all I want are some leafy greens. Maybe you’re feeling the same way today.

At our house “Salad” is a weekly meal. What? Your husband will eat salad? (or as my mine calls it, “chicky food”?) Yes! Cause it’s all about the treats inside and some crusty bread to go along. If I’m in a good mood, we throw bacon on top. But that’s a real special occasion.

Salad has become such a normal part of our meal rotation that all I have to say is:
and Casey knows that I’m talking about this:
Simple, tasty and a meal we both look forward to (me especially, since it involves no cooking). Of course there are a million ways to make a salad, but here’s the way we like it…

The salad base is made of Spinach leaves, chopped cabbage, and grated carrots.
I buy pre-washed spinach in a bag and pinch off the stems because I just don’t care for them. You can easily leave them on too.
Next, cut a few slices of green cabbage and chop it up. This gives the salad some crunch.
Place both in a bowl and add grated carrots.
Grating the carrots is key. I used to chop the carrots but then every salad bite had a big huge chunk–which made the carrot flavor overpowering. I noticed Chilis restaurant doing this with their house salads and I adopted the method.
Mix the three together and you have a salad base.
Now for the treats!
The real reason my husband likes Salad is the hard boiled egg. If a man can’t have meat, I guess an egg will do.
I always have a few boiled eggs in the fridge ready for salad night. Then we grab one egg per person and dice them up, with salt/pepper on top. Yum.
Next, chop up your favorite veggies. We usually go with cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers.
And finally, my other two favorite ingredients: sharp cheese and frozen sweet corn.
Then we top it with our preferred dressings. He likes Poppy Seed, I prefer Ranch (Light Ranch is pretty good but the Fat Free is very so-so), and sometimes we both like a homemade vinaigrette (vinegar, oil, salt/pepper, sugar).
And with a slice of La Brea Bakery Rosemary Bread (from Costco), our meal is ready to go!
It’s the perfect compliment to a Wednesday night episode of Modern Family.
Enjoy your veggies!


  1. 2) Ashley

    Yummy! I like the idea of adding cabbage. Thanks!

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